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Professional blogger by choice and tech savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing blogs.
WordPress Block Editor Gutenberg

How to Create a Blog Post with the WordPress Block Editor Gutenberg?

According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35.1% of all websites. That’s significant. To most, WordPress is nothing more than a blogging platform. However, when you...
Wood CNC Machine

CNC Cutting: What You Need to Know About the Service

CNC tools, popularly known as Computer Numerical Controlled machines, make good use of different software to operate automatically or in carrying out several functions....
Bogging - You need a LLC

Serious About Blogging? Then You Need An LLC

Blogging is a serious business. Not just in the sense that people put a lot of effort into their blogs, but in the sense...
Make money with a blog

Tips to Make Money with An Online Blog

When it comes to running an online blog, it’s now possible to make money from simply having space on the internet. Depending on how...
How to write engaging web content

How to Write Engaging Web Copy for Users & Google?

Chances are you don’t subscribe to any podcasts that bore you, or re-read books that lack any real plot. Similarly, no one forms a...
Setting up your software development career

How to Launch a Successful Software Development Career?

IT workers are in high demand, and this demand is only expected to grow. Though many companies are outsourcing to Latin America and other...
Log file viewer

How to Get the Best from A Log File Viewer?

What do you think about when you think about a log viewer? Do you experience a sense of panic, knowing that you are probably...
Blockchain adoption in the finance sector

The Current State of Blockchain Adoption in the Financial Sector

When Bitcoin’s white paper was released in 2008, many of us overlooked the very technology that powers the cryptocurrency: blockchain.  According to Fortunly, Fortunly, the launch...
Custom build personal computer

Custom Building Gaming PCs Made Easier

If there is one thing that every gamer desires it’s the uniqueness of the gaming equipment they own. It is a drive that has...
Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising On A Budget – Where to Spend Your Money?

Trends for the last several years have shown how increasingly brands and media buyers have been allocating their available marketing spend to digital. Where...
SEO Tips to Rank in Google

Expert SEO Tips That Will Help You Rank in Google

Are you using your SEO strategy effectively to rank well in Google? If not, then you shouldn’t be wondering why your business almost seems...
Outsource to a Latin American development company

What to Look for If You Outsource to a Latin American Development Company

Latin America has become a premier destination for software outsourcing, with many businesses in the United States and other countries turning to the region...
Tips for making money online

Tips for Making Money Online

Making money online is not only easier than ever, but there is now such an array of options to consider that earning on the...
Intelligent Automation to maximize ROI

Adopting Intelligent Automation to Maximize ROI

As anyone that has invested in any sort of artificial intelligence (AI) solution already knows, justifying the time and money needed for such a...
Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring and What NetBase Can Do for Your Company

To understand what social media monitoring is, one needs to define similar social media analytics terms and observe how they fit together. Social media intelligence...
Fonepaw Screen Recorder Review

FonePaw Screen Recorder: Easy but Powerful Screen Recording for Windows and Mac

Screen recording can keep the event of live-streaming, important points of a web meeting, elusive knowledge of the online class, exciting operation of gameplay...
StarzSoft PDF Wiz

PDF WIZ Review- Convert PDF Files With This Helpful Tool

The Portable Document Format or more popularly known as PDFs are the documents that have actually become quite popular these days. What we mean to...
SEO techniques in social media marketing

Effective SEO Techniques You Can Use in Social Media Marketing

SEO techniques are also important for marketing a product or service on social media. If you do not have knowledge or expertise in social...
Track anyone by email address

These Amazing Tricks Help You Track Anyone by Email Address

Over 14.5 million messages are indicated as junk  (or about 45 percent of a whole day's email stream) every day. Senders of junk messages...
Mobile Apps Are Made

Ever Wonder How Mobile Apps Are Made?

Apps are big business. In 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced there were 20 million registered developers on iOS who at that time had...

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