Top 50+ Reasons to Go to College for Higher Studies

The most common questions that come into everyone’s mind after completing the high school diploma are-

  • Should I go to college?
  • Why go to college?
  • What should I go to college for
  • What should I study in college
  • Why is college important
  • What are the benefits of going to college
  • What are the reasons to go to college
  • Where should I go to college, etc.

Most of the students are messed up in such questions. Parents, counselors, teachers, friends, and blogs can help you.

The answer to these questions is Yes. There are hundreds of benefits of going to college for higher education. A significant benefit is getting a job, as most companies select college graduates.

You may find people around you talking about college as a waste of time and money. Ignore them! There are ample reasons to go to college, which justifies graduation from college as important.

Reasons to go to college

Reasons to Go to College

Earn Money

Earn money is the reason why is college important. College graduates earn more money as compared to people with a high school diploma. In the year 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that college graduates get a weekly wage of $1,473 as compared to people with a high school certificate with a weekly payment of just $858. A high-paying job can be secured only by going to college, which rewards high financial strength. The more money you have, the fewer problems in your life.

Job Security

There are many reasons to go to college, and job security is one of them. A job makes you feel secure for the future. Get a high-paying job after graduation to fulfill your expenses by paying bills on time and enjoying good food without any worries about a shortage of money. The unemployment rate for graduate students in America stands at 2.0%, while 3.8% for high school people, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is also noticed that during a recession period, college graduates secure their position without fear of losing their jobs.

Lower Unemployment Rates

People with a graduation degree are highly secure over job concerns, lowering the unemployment rate, which helps in the economic growth of the country. In a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in Sep 2019, the unemployment rate of college grads stands at a mere 2.2% while their counterparts, the high school diploma people, marked 4.1%. Hence, a college degree may protect you from unemployment.

Industrial Exposure

Industrial exposure is the top reason- why go to college. Many colleges provide internships, apprentices, and vocational training during break time. Interested students may complete their internship at prestigious companies across the globe for better growth.

Not Much Expensive

Leave behind imagining that colleges charge high fees. Colleges advertise their achievements to attract students and charge minimum fees as per government rules to enroll more students in their colleges. Knowing the fact that you may end up recovering the course fee after getting a good job after completing graduation, the course fee seems not much expensive either.


Many colleges reward scholarships to students who excel in studies or various contests. So, study more to earn those scholarships—an important achievement in managing your finances. You were searching, “why go to college.” The answer is to earn scholarships. They may reduce your expenses for completing college.

Better Career Opportunities

Colleges offer a vast range of courses to students in different fields to create their careers in those fields. People with a high school diploma have limited opportunities available to them. Making a bright career is every people’s objective, which can only be possible after attending college.

Expand Knowledge

Colleges provide you with advanced knowledge in your choice of subjects which will help you in the future. That knowledge would increase your critical thinking ability and exercise those in your desired field. A person with less knowledge stands at last in a queue during the placement process in a company. More knowledge means more chances of getting a high-paying job.

Analytical Ability

You need to be well organized in your thoughts. College improves your thinking ability skills. You need to put up your analytical thinking ability to overcome tasks.

Colleges allow you to enroll in a course without any restrictions and get a graduation degree from college. These courses enrich your analytical thinking to complex problems.

It makes companies select you for a particular post. College graduates stand at these benefits over high school diploma holders.

That’s why do people go to college. Many students know this but waste their time in thinking, should I go to college?

Professional Skills

Colleges encourage you to develop new professional skills, which makes you feel confident while entering the corporate world or any other sector. Colleges provide various skill development classes which you may attend without feeling shy and enrich those skills in your life either professionally or personally. High school diploma people don’t get these opportunities.

Communication Skills

Attending lectures, and asking your professor about doubts, completing assessments, group projects, giving presentations, these tasks help you improve your communication skills on a large scale. Communication is the most important factor in the workplace. In college, you can sharpen your communication skills for better prospects. High school diploma holders lack excellent communication skills when compared with college graduates.

Life Skills

When attending college, you have many responsibilities to manage together, from completing the course on time, spending time with your parents and friends, doing a job in a company, and spending time on your hobbies. You get to learn these life skills, and college is the starting line for you to learn life skills.

Public Speaking

In college, you will get several opportunities to speak at various events, conferences, and many more. You will get an opportunity to improve your speaking and communication skills. Another essential skill to inculcate while growing up. Speaking skills would last an entire life. You may need to give presentations in the office or attend meetings/conferences with professionals where strong speaking skills will boost your confidence.


In college, you will learn skills to debate over topics after knowing the in-depth facts. You may question the authorities over your issues and break down the problems with logical thinking. You may also collect facts and data which were unknown to you earlier.

Group Work

Working on a project requires a few people to form a group and work on specific tasks. It has been analyzed that working in collaboration with other people has higher successful completion of work. The group works may be projects, any curricular activity, or any sports organized in college. In the real world, also group work is highly important. Still thinking, should I go to college?

Project Completion

You may be required to complete assessments, create reports, and write a thesis. During these college years, you may be handed over more projects other than these, like organizing contests and events, hosting farewell parties, and many more. Effectively completing your projects on time is highly appreciable. These skills can be developed only when you attend college.

Research Work

During graduation, you get a chance to research some topics. Put in your best efforts in researching and create a research report which may even get published or may also get national acknowledgment. For people who want to know what should I go to college for, for them, the answer is research work. The proper research work can be learned in college.

Find A Mentor

During graduation, you are suggested to find a mentor who may guide you in the right direction and help you to excel. They will support you in any aspect and may provide you with a better solution for your issues, aiming for your bright future.

Learn from Experts

A college is a great place where you meet expert professors in a particular field. You gain knowledge from their broad experiences and advanced knowledge during their life in that field. They clear your doubts regarding any topics of the course. Get connected to them and know their experiences. Professors always share their experiences with the students. Spend some time with them; they are the passionate humans present on the planet Earth. Take advantage of college and gain advanced knowledge from them.

Healthy Competition

With more education, competition is increasing drastically among aspirants to secure high-paying jobs. With experience and education, people become more favorable to any employer, creating a competitive edge.


College also teaches you to be disciplined. With discipline, you can complete your course and excel in examinations facing various obstacles.

Meeting Diverse People

When somebody asks me– should I go to college or why go to college. I answer meeting diverse people to collect diverse ideas from diverse cultures.

Socializing is very important to stand in any circumstance in the real world. In college, you get to meet new people and get socialize with them developing personal development skills in your portfolio. These people may become friends for life and may help you grow in life.

Meeting new people belonging to different communities embarks you to gather new knowledge. They differ in their economic background and have different hobbies. Few may have different tastes in food and music, which you may get to know from them. You get a chance to experience diversity in college, which is fantastic. This experience will help you in the future while meeting people from across the globe.

Also, the advanced teaching materials provided in the college provide you with different ideas on different goals. These ideas will help you in achieving heights in the professional field.

Build A Professional Network

Building a professional network is important when you do a job or start your own business. In college, maintain a relationship with the faculty members and the students. You may require these connections in future work references. Such professional networks are beneficial when you advance in your career. If you are finding reasons to go to college, you can’t ignore this one.

You join alumni programs that help you grow during and after graduation. Stay connected to the other alumni from the college and other college professors, which will help you grow. Stay connected and help other students who have joined college recently by sharing your experiences and solutions to the problems you faced during your college days to help them survive better and excel in graduation.

Sometimes, alumni associations may be a more costly affair than social media. Create a college network on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Healthy and Happy Life

With good education comes a good high-paying job leading to a healthy lifestyle. Such people visit doctors less due to their healthy diet, which can only be affordable for such people. No worries in life about finances lead to living a happy life. According to the research report by Brookings Institution, adding education after high school the mortality rate gets reduced by 15 to 19% in deaths caused due to cancer and heart ailments. Another report by the Pew Research Centre Studies, graduate students are satisfied in their professional life, which comes down to 40% of high school diploma students.

High Standard of Living

An increase in the cost of courses at college is not an issue for most people. They know that higher education is essential for an excellent job. Despite the course, the fee is increasing, but it is slower than the income of high school people is decreasing drastically. People understand the importance of a degree to sustain themselves in life.

Getting a high-paying job improves your lifestyle. Graduates live a better life as compared to high school diploma holders. It is one of the obvious reasons due to their more exposure and experiences in the real and corporate world.


An excellent job with good pay enables you to be a homeowner. Owning a home is the dream of all people who have dreamed of owning a house since their college days. Most of the homeowners are college graduates. A report by Zillow, a real estate company, states that over 75% of house owners in the United States have at least completed their graduation from college.

Buy A Car

With a high-paying job, you get financially secure in buying a car or even two cars. Life is not just about earning a little to pay the necessary bills. Study hard, complete your graduation, and get a job to buy things you like. It may vary from cars to the latest electronic gadgets and many more things you dreamt of buying during your college days.

We all want a high standard of living, and it is one of the prominent reasons to go to college.

Be A Better Citizen

You can improve many lives around you just by completing college studies. Lumia Foundation released a report stating that a total of 40% of college grads volunteered themselves in a community in the past year while making the lowest of 17% by the high school diploma people. A good education makes you a better citizen.

Independent Life

You may be required to stay away from home. You may manage your finances of your own, living an independent life by staying on campus. You have to make your own decisions acting like a mature person at that time. Attending college may enrich these skills in your life. It is the first step towards achieving independence before entering into professional life and then future family responsibilities.

Time Management

Time management is one of the good reasons to go to college. Not all people with high school diplomas are great at time management skills. Attending college enriches you with time-management skills. At college, you learn how to manage time in attending classes and completing assessments before the deadline while participating in extracurricular activities organized inside the college campus. Excellent time management skills are beneficial for your entire life.

Become An Expert

In the course structure, you have many topics to cover and become an expert on any subject. You can take that topic as a major and attend various classes to gather advanced knowledge on that topic. After completion of the course, you may present those topics loud and clear.

Meet Your Life Partner (Maybe)

Not every student joins college to find their soul mate. But, in a study by Facebook, over 28% of married couples met at college for the first time. I got tired of reading about the academic benefits. College can be a source of a dating place along with studies.

Make New Friends

Friends are an important factor in your life other than your parents. These friendships last throughout your life. They may help you in solving your problems. When you talk about close ones, friends do take their position in that category. At later ages, college reunions are being organized to meet up with good old college friends recalling those memories collected during college days.

College Library

In college, you have access to the library situated within the college boundary, where you can explore study materials. You can concentrate on your studies in the library for its silent atmosphere. You may spend several hours getting involved in topics.

Computer Resource Center

Many colleges have computer labs that grant access to the students to the system pre-installed with advanced software. If you don’t have a laptop, no need to worry, just visit computer labs and complete desired work on college computers, and that’s for free.

Set An Example

Gain a good education from college and set an example to your children of the importance of attending college. To encourage your children, first, you must attend college, secure a high-paying job, and encourage them to follow your path.

Start A Tradition

Start a family tradition for attending college if your parents or ancestors went to college. Leave behind the old tradition of just completing high school and volunteer yourself to start a new tradition after knowing the many benefits of college. Create an original path for your coming generations so that they may get admission to colleges too. If you are thinking about the bright future of your family, a college degree is a must.

Learn New Languages

The scope of learning is invariable. You can study new languages in colleges while completing your education. College provides you with limitless opportunities to get a good job. Do you know the best way to learn a language?

Self Study

No private tutors are available for graduating students due to the vast range of subjects. You need to study on your own. You must be taking private tuition while in high school. But college teaches you to engage in self-study, and pass and excel in exams.

Test Your Commitment

Competing for graduation is not an easy task. College students get more respect due to their commitment and perseverance in completing various tasks.

Understanding Rules

For each course, there are a set of rules to follow. You need to follow those rules while completing your course, knowing the consequences to face while violating those rules. College teaches you how to follow the rules strictly without having a faceoff with the results. Following rules and regulations is an essential aspect of life that college teaches you.

Double Major

If you are not satisfied with one major, the college offers you to add another parallel major. It will add more credits to your resume to find a better job.

Discover Your Passion

With so many activities organized within the college campus, people get the option to follow their passion. People may be interested in singing, playing certain sports, dancing, horse riding, acting, and many more. Still, they don’t get the opportunity to follow their passion outside college due to various circumstances. College is a great place to follow their passion, along with their studies.

Become A Writer

Graduating from college requires you to write assessments and projects which improve your writing skills. It can lead you to become a writer. You need to create engaging content which may attract your professor to give good grades. Such good writers are invaluable.

Accommodation Arrangement

Planning to move outside the campus for accommodation, search for new accommodations available close to the college campus. You may prefer walking to college or riding a step-through e-bike. Fancy enough!

Start Fresh

It may sound cheesy, but there is nothing wrong with starting fresh in your life. Start in a new direction in which you want to be, leaving behind the older version of yourself which you were not meant to be.

Volunteering Work

You get a chance to volunteer in social work across the country. Many American colleges are engaged in social work, where you get an opportunity to learn and even earn your work. Sounds interesting!

Breakout of Your Shell

Moving from childhood to adulthood- this transition portrays your personality, what you were in school, and what changes you made in yourself during your college days. Enjoy your outgoing adventures in college if you were a backbencher in school. Study hard in college if you wish to study hard in school.


Colleges provide various programs for abroad studies, and you must take benefit from that. Travel to different countries and surround yourself with new opportunities. Develop excellent communication skills with the citizens of that country and gather knowledge about their culture and sustain yourself in that environment. Most employers in the United States prefer candidates with international experience over others.

Attend Sports & Events

You may attend football matches and other sports events which are at discount rates for the students. As a student, you end up saving money at season football matches where you less on student tickets as compared to the general tickets and watch a complete game like other visitors. 

Join Some Teams

You can join some teams in college to stay active even if you don’t play any sports. You can start playing from your college days.

Switch Fields

You have opportunities to switch in the fields of your work. People cannot stick to one job over their lifetime. It was a past phenomenon of doing one job over work life. With vast knowledge and exposure, you may easily switch to another field of interest.

Consumer Discounts

Colleges indulge in collaborating with many restaurants, theatres, and local attraction places, providing benefits in the form of discounts when they visit those places showing their college identity cards. Many online stores and retailers like Amazon and Apple store give discounts to college students.

Higher Expectations

Every parent expects their child to succeed in life. After completing graduation from college, you may stand up to their expectations by achieving a place in any organization. This expectation forces a student to think- should I go to college?

Leisure Times

Throwing parties or attending parties is not a bad idea. Moving from restrictions in childhood to an independent life in college, you have many options to enjoy your leisure time and collect memories that you will cherish forever. After completing graduation, you may start a job where you will not get much time for yourself. College life is considered the best to enjoy your leisure time.

Make A Memory

Why should people go to college? Of course, to make some memories. Memories collected during college days are the best memories to cherish throughout life as memories last forever. During farewell, most students get emotional, knowing the fact that they would miss their college days and those fun times.

Visit Museums

Many colleges have museums inside their campus, allowing their students to visit the museum and broaden their historical knowledge. Learn to appreciate what our ancestors have done and their experiences over their lifetime before you. As you know, history repeats itself.


Are you a fitness freak, an athlete, or have you ever wanted to go to the gym? Many colleges have in-campus gyms where you may do workouts for free. Exercises make you stay fit and healthy.


You can make your schedule by choosing morning or evening classes, depending upon your choice.

We will bring more reasons to go to college soon. If you have some suggestions comment box is open for you.

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