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The importance of security awareness

The Importance of Security Awareness as Many Organizations Maintain a Divided Workforce

Employee negligence is the leading cybersecurity risk to US businesses. Worse still, cyberattacks cost companies an average of $200,000 which can quickly put some...
Tips for blockchain technology implementation

10 Tips For A Successful Blockchain Technology Implementation

There's so much hype surrounding blockchain technology. However, all this is warranted as this technology has had a significant transformation in how business gets...
Investing in property remotely

How Technology Can Help You Invest in Property Remotely

Investing in rental property is one of the best ways to generate extra cash flow and eventually build wealth; over time, you’ll accrue significant...
How to get real estate investor leads

5 Ways to Collect Valuable Real Estate Investment Leads Online

Whether you’re buying, selling, or flipping homes, you need solid leads to make a reasonable profit. Though you can sell properties quickly by hiring...
eCommerce SEO tips

Top 5 SEO Tips for eCommerce

As a society, we’re coming out stronger in digital marketing after the pandemic. According to the UN, online shopping jumped to a USD 26.7...
Online fax services boost productivity

How Online Fax Services Boost Productivity

Due to the ubiquity of emails, many people believe that fax has become obsolete, especially in businesses. But in reality, it's still very much...
Money transfer companies

Top 5 Money Transfer Companies

The money transfer industry has experienced strong growth in the past few years. The digital sub-sector of the industry experienced exponential growth during the...
Social media competitive analysis

How To Conduct Social Media Competitive Analysis

Competition is inevitable for any business in any industry. Large and established firms also face competition, no matter their products or services. With so...
SoM- system on module

Understanding SoMs and How They Work

People invented technologies to make life easier. But who could think that they'll go so far and place a whole smart house "controller" in...
Benefits of online fax service

5 Benefits Of Online Fax Services

Sending and receiving fax can be done online even without the use of fax machines. This is one way to go about digitizing your...
Designing a business website

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Business Website

Running a business online means that many clients come to you because of what they see on your website. For this reason, how your...
Tech safety tips for kids

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Use Tech Safely

The internet is the glue that keeps many of us connected — particularly during a global pandemic. Children who may have never used the...
The benefits of native advertising

6 Benefits Of Native Advertising

Most consumers have one complaint in common, which is the too many ads that pop up when they're trying to read the content. When consumers...
Customer Acquisition or Retention

Which Is More Important: Customer Acquisition or Retention?

In the business world, marketers, salespeople, and major decision-makers need to carefully consider both customer acquisition and customer retention. Customer acquisition is the process...
How to make money with your car

5 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

If you’re looking for ways to make more money and not give up your day job, have you ever considered putting your car to...
Most common mistakes entrepreneurs make

Why Do Entrepreneurs Keep Making These Mistakes?

No entrepreneur sets out with the intention of messing up, yet that’s precisely what so many first-time founders end up doing. If you can...
How to create new Twitter account

How to Create A New Twitter Account on iPhone

Twitter is a microblogging platform where the users can create short content, famously known as Tweets. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is mainly...
How to change Twitter name or display name

How to Change Twitter Name or Display Name – A Step by Step Guide

Twitter is among other famous social media platforms, also known as a microblogging service to its users. In recent years, this social media handle...
What is a docker image

Defining Docker Images for Developers in 2021

Docker is one of the world’s most popular application deployment platforms. It’s used for everything from developing applications, testing them, and deploying them. Docker...
How to change Twitter username

How to Change Twitter Handle or Username – A Step-by-Step Guide

Every Twitter account needs updating at some point. You can change your profile picture, header image, bio, website, and display plus username. Are you,...

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