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What is a docker image

Defining Docker Images for Developers in 2021

Docker is one of the world’s most popular application deployment platforms. It’s used for everything from developing applications, testing them, and deploying them. Docker...
How to change Twitter username

How to Change Twitter Handle or Username – A Step-by-Step Guide

Every Twitter account needs updating at some point. You can change your profile picture, header image, bio, website, and display plus username. Are you,...
What is a Twitter handle

What is a Twitter Handle or Username? How to Pick A Twitter Handle?

A Twitter handle is the name that you need to register yourself on this platform. It is also known as a username and starts...
How to create a Twitter account

How to Create a Twitter Account on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Twitter is gaining popularity for the last few years. Generally, people use this platform to share their thoughts, participate in a debate, start a...
The most common cloud security challenges

10 Most Common Security Challenges For Cloud Services

With the incredible advancement in technology, most businesses now depend on cloud-based services. Lower expenses, application scalability, automatic software updates, and the fact that...
Benefits of workers' compensation attorney

Why Should You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Workplace injuries are unfortunate and can cause havoc to the employees. It can create stress in their minds, and they might be out of...
How to make employees productive in the workplace using technology

5 Technologies to Make Employees Productive in the Workplace

For any business to succeed, its employees have to be productive in the workplace. But increasing productivity wasn’t easy even when employees were in...
How to sign up for Twitter

How to Sign Up for Twitter and Complete Your Profile

Twitter is another popular social media platform, which is also renowned as a microblogging service. According to Statista, Twitter had around 192 million monetizable daily...
Useful distance learning resources

Top 5 Useful Distance Learning Resources

Distance learning refers to learning which does not necessarily need students to be physically present in class. With the ongoing pandemic, most schools have...
How to get traffic to your blog

Top SEO Trends to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in 2021

According to statistics, there are approximately three and a half billion searches on Google daily. Out of this huge number of searches, only 0.8%...
SEO changes 2021

10 Ways SEO Changed in 2021

Keeping your website at the top of its game requires knowledge of the SEO space. With every update to Google's algorithm, major or minor,...
How technology has changed our lives

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology has made our lives convenient and useful by changing the way we complete our daily life activities. Not only has it made everything...
Competitive analysis for content marketing

How to Use Competitive Analysis to Boost Content Marketing Strategy?

B2B marketing is so throat-cutting and edgy at times requiring planning to be done effectively. Unless you are selling similar products, companies are offering...
How to start a new career online

How to Start a New Career Online

If you’re feeling burned out, tired of your current position, or simply interested in finding something new, you’ll be interested in changing careers. It’s...
The pros and cons of cell phones

Top 20+ Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Our Lives

A research was published in Psychology Today (2014), which focuses on how people of different age groups – 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, and 50-68 – use...
Tips to protect your business from ransomware

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a significant threat for businesses across the globe. According to Datto, it costs businesses $75 billion a year. When ransomware enters the...
How to write a follow up email after no response

How to Write A Follow-up Email After No Response

Follow-up emails are quite hectic to structure, considering you already stated your need in the first email. However, they should, and it's okay to...
How to hide YouTube subscribers

How to Hide YouTube Subscribers – 2021

Have you seen a YouTube channel where no one can see the subscriber count? Of course, a few YouTube channels are hiding their subscriber...
Advantages of cloud storage

Want to Boost Your Business? Cloud Storage Could be the Answer

Whether you own a small business with just a couple of employees or you have thousands of people on the payroll, cloud storage is...
How to run a business from smartphone

How to Run a Business from Your Smartphone Completely

Not surprisingly, in the Age of Covid, there’s been a dramatic rise in the number of people who choose to work remotely. In fact,...

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