18 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go to College?

Should everyone go to college? Can you answer why you shouldn’t? After school, most parents want their children to go to college for higher studies. According to them, it is important to go to college to get a job; they want us to follow the tradition that is going through everywhere. But sometimes, it is not necessary to go to college only to get a good job.

Have you heard? College is a waste of time. College isn’t for everyone. The tradition of going to college and pursuing higher education is no longer in use and doesn’t work today due to technology. If you make the terrible mistake of pursuing a college, you will regret it at age. I will tell you some reasons why you shouldn’t go to college, and if you are a fresher, then this article will help you.

This article helps the students who are in doubt that should I go to college or not. So, the most probable answer is NO in different situations. Read the full article to explain why you shouldn’t go to college.

Why You Shouldn’t Go to College

Find the best reasons not to go to college and alternatives to college. What to do if college isn’t for you?

Why you shouldn't go to college

Waste of Time

For a bachelor’s degree, you must put at least three to four years of your life on hold to gain knowledge about the subjects. If you are impatient, then college is not for you because it needs a lot of focus, dedication, and, most importantly, “Time.” Time is money, and when you waste time, you waste money.

Life is too short to waste your time. Pursuing a college degree for three to four years may not be wise, as the world is changing within a fraction of a second. So, don’t waste your time in the world of imagination. Productively use those years, and success will be one step closer to you.

That’s why college is a waste of time.

Waste of Money

For an undergraduate program or bachelor’s degree, the average tuition fees per annum in the United States were estimated at $9,410 (in-state students), $23,890 (out-of-state students) for public universities, and $32,410 for private universities. So, can you think about spending that much money without any assurance of a job? Will it be the right decision?

No, never spend your money before you have earned it, and a wise person should have money in their hands. Think of something innovative and create it of your own. Do a startup and spend that tuition fees on it. In the era of technology, you can start an online business from home.

The Real World Situation is Different

Sometimes, it is too late to understand the real world outside; it is not a good sign for anyone. In the real world, you may have to work hard beyond your thinking and imagination. There may be a delay in knowing the actual ground once you go into the comfort zone of college. So much reality is out there; you will only know when you will come out of your comfort zone. Colleges only take exams and get the results, but the real exam is on the outskirts of the college campus.

What happens when you get into the real world? You realize that life does not allow you to make perfect records, no matter how hard you work or try. You will likely lose more than you win, and you can’t be perfect.

After completing a bachelor’s degree program, you leave college and enter the real world. You and your parents expect you will get a great profile and a high-paying job with the incentives and benefits. It may be your imaginary world, nothing else, because recruiters ask for practical knowledge, skills, and work experience. The situation is the same if you want to start your own business because without hands-on experience, subject knowledge, and expertise, how can you spend your money?

Not Interested in Studies

If you want to go to college with the mind of doing beer bongs, then you should consider dropping your idea of adopting a college education. Because maybe you are not serious about education. Wait for when you will become slightly serious about your education and earn a college degree.

A college needs lots of focus and dedication to complete a degree program because it leads to failure if you are not serious and focused. After investing time and money, it will be an act of insanity. So, invest the time only and only when you are serious; otherwise, it is enough reason why not to go to college.

Don’t Want to Follow the Crowd

Now, going to college comes in the status of the family. In some families, sending their children to top colleges for higher education is a tradition. They want their children to follow the same traditions. For example, parents force their children to take only science and technology because of lucrative career opportunities. Pursuing the same degree program and being admitted to one of the top colleges have become a prestige issue.

All these things go wrong for you sometimes because you don’t follow the crowd, and it can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. Keep your words, and your area of interest in front of your parents, tell them that you want to work on your area of interest and become a successful personality.

Parents should understand their children’s point of view. Everyone is different, and that’s why college isn’t for everyone.

Fewer Chances to Get A Job

Just think: You spent three to four years and your money, and now you are a graduate. Well, you get a degree, “A piece of paper can’t decide your future,” but you don’t get a job. How stressful is this, isn’t it? Actually, it is. But nowadays, after a bachelor’s, it is very hard to get a job even after you graduate and have good knowledge of your subjects.

According to a survey done by Career Builder, 32% of college students, the people who are working, reported that they never found a job related to their subjects studied at their college level. People who have graduated are unemployed and don’t get their dream jobs. After wasting that much time and money, too, you feel more stress, anxiety, and other family pressures. So, it’s better to avoid college and find alternatives to college.

Student Loan Debt

Education loans are now common in higher studies. If your financial condition is poor, you prefer to take the education loan for your graduation studies. If you cannot secure a scholarship, there will be high-interest rates, and the repayment duration will increase just to go to college. Isn’t one of the big reasons not to go to college?

According to Forbes, America now holds $1.56 trillion in student loan debt, more than home mortgages, credit cards, home loans, and car loans. The worst part is that 75% of this debt was collected from 2003 to 2011.

By the College Board, the average college tuition and fees per year range from $9,419-$32,410. If you take its total, the four-year college education costs you around $100,000-$160,000. Now that you know the total cost of your college education, are you ready to be in debt for years and want to start your future career with this? Think about it.

Don’t Know What to Do

The biggest truth is that most people, even those in their thirties and forties, can’t understand what I really want to do with my life even though having a college degree.

If you don’t know what you want to do with your future career after school, never go to college. If you have a family business, try to continue it instead of wasting your energy studying college. Gary Vaynerchuk, a Belarusian-American entrepreneur and author, said that “college is fake.” Nothing about college has anything to do with your professional career.

A College Degree is Not Required

Nowadays, so many top companies, especially in the technical fields, don’t require a bachelor’s degree for many positions. Thus, growth is not always about the degree in hand; sometimes, it depends on your skills and capability to cope with the things around you.

Will having a degree in hand help you find suitable employment? It is a theory that people have only taught you since high school. Then why college grades can’t find jobs? It is just because you have zero skill. If you don’t go to college and do not have a degree, then it is easy for you to work in the service industries like food, retail, and customer services. Here, you can cop with your career and life. You will learn many skills that you can teach others, like teamwork, efficiency, patience, and time management. The skills you will take with you for the rest of your working life.

College is Not A Priority

For many students, getting admission to the top colleges is their goal. However, new data from the National Student Clearinghouse reveals that college is not a priority anymore.

National Student Clearinghouse states that college admissions are decreasing. Admissions to colleges decreased by 1.3 percent in the fall of 2019. It is the eighth year that shows the decline in college admissions, and this is an alarming condition for colleges, too. It can be a reason for you not to go to college after knowing these trends around you.

College Education is Outdated

Most colleges don’t teach anything relevant to the current scenario. They don’t offer practical training or help in building the required skills. So, in that case, becoming a graduate from college is absolutely worthless. Thus, college is a waste of time and money.

When HR managers start recruitment, it becomes challenging to find qualified, skilled, and talented applicants who are recent graduates from the colleges. These entire freshers don’t have any skills, and their knowledge can’t be applied directly to the market. 

In that case, companies need to provide them with training, which is costly and impractical for most startups.

Industry Requirements will Change

It is one of the top reasons not to go to college because college degrees will be obsolete before graduation. It means the information you learn becomes outdated when your graduation is complete. I am saying that the conditions will seem like this only in the future.

Automation and artificial intelligence provide new opportunities for companies to explore, and challenges are coming in front of graduates from colleges and universities as they have been slower to acknowledge these things at their level.

We all are living in a world of media. Today, much content is available online, i.e., ready for free to watch, read, and listen. Specific skills and certifications are the challenges and are opposed to college degrees. That is why you shouldn’t go to college just to get a degree.

Apprenticeships are Job Oriented

You may take theoretical and practical classes at your school level; similarly, you will get these things in college, too. However, at the college level, they only give you theoretical knowledge, not practical knowledge, as they are not interested in giving practical ideas to students.

The apprenticeship helps you to work in practical ways, which makes you a skilled and experienced person in that field. So, it is not compulsory to go to college. There are so many training and apprenticeships available near you that are of interest to you apart from going to college.

About 60% of young adults are trained as apprentices in all the fields of their interest, from IT, construction, and manufacturing to banking jobs. Most apprenticeships lead to full-time jobs of their interest. This is one of the good reasons why college isn’t worth it.

Ideals Around You

You must know about the ideals and examples you want to follow or who you want to become, and, of course, yes. If you go through the business tycoons in the world around you, you will surely make yourself understand that you don’t need to go to college if you have something in you.

Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in 2004 during his sophomore year to work on Facebook full-time. Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, dropped his education to focus on building his company and many more Walt Disney, Dov Charney, Daniel Ek, etc.

Free Online Education

There are many new approaches to the education system that you can try on your own without going to college. You can pursue any higher education degree at home only. These education approaches are really easy to access and much more affordable than universities and colleges. There are so many innovations in online education. Grab it, and shape your future.

Online education is becoming popular among students. It is a leading platform where you can benefit from the digital world. An online learning platform known as Coursera offers thousands of programs and teaches important skills. Coursera is not alone: Edx, Khan Academy, Udacity, and UoPeople all provide online courses without paying a single penny. Many of the online courses are uploaded by professors from top schools like Havard. Taking a degree aside takes the opportunity to work over it.

Alternatives to College

Alternatives to college

After knowing why not to go to college, what to do if college isn’t for you. Are there any college alternatives? Here are the options other than college.

Become An Entrepreneur

What is better, being in business or being in a job? Does the business need a college degree? In the current scenario, so many people love to do a job, and some like to do their own business. You need a bachelor’s degree to work in an MNC company, where a business degree is not required. You can start the business in which you are interested. This era is the prime time to get into startups of your own.

You become the person who can hire others. You hold all their rights to work for you. Importantly, you hold their resignations and salaries. All these can make you much more responsible and will help you succeed in later years. “You can be your Boss.” Start a business; grow your product brands.

Build A Brand

If you are a creative person, then, as I told you previously, you are in the world of media, so go for it. If you are passionate about music, fashion, make-up, and gadgets, then there are many options for making dollars as a blogger or YouTuber. Get outside, do some research, and entertain others with your research. This is how you can value your own identity.

Education is not working because when you look at the present scenario, you find that only 27% of people actually get a job out of college that relates to what they study. – Tony Robbins

Learn Skills that Make Money

Attending college for education is worthless nowadays. So many education courses may match your interests and are cheap, too. Educate yourself with these short courses to enhance your skills.

These courses can lead to job opportunities and can help you earn money. Learn some professional skills using the free online education platforms discussed above. It can help you differentiate yourself from the crowd. Your vast and diverse skills allow you to provide value to different sectors.

You can learn –

You can learn different skills and start-up making money from home.

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