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Professional blogger by choice and tech savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing blogs.
Mobile Apps Are Made

Ever Wonder How Mobile Apps Are Made?

Apps are big business. In 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced there were 20 million registered developers on iOS who at that time had...
VideoProc - Video Processing Software

VideoProc Review: The Best 4K Video Editing Platform

VideoProc is one of the best and the most lightweight 4K video editor and MKV to MP4 video converter that you are ever going...
Social media analytics guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Automatic Social Media Analytics

Analyzing your performance on social media is crucial if you want to achieve your business goals quicker. However, social media managers are very often...
Making money with blogging

How Blogging Could Help You Make Money?

Blessed are the optimization, how to maneuver words, and use them to establish a point, or make a difference in the world. Words, hands...
Developer focused company

What Exactly Is a Developer-Focused Company?

Software development is a continuously growing and thriving industry with the top talent being highly sought by startups and enterprises of all sizes. Companies...
Ideas to start a blog

Top 10 Ideas for Starting a Blog

Hunting for the best ideas for starting a blog is quite a difficult task. A lot of people struggle to come with the right...
CEOs and Other Executives the Biggest Targets of Social Engineering

Why Are CEOs and Other Executives the Biggest Targets of Social Engineering?

CEOs and other executives are often the main targets of social engineering on Facebook. Social engineering basically means that hackers counterfeit a page to...
Winx DVD Ripper Platinum

Why You Should Prefer WinX DVD Ripper Platinum?

Do you want to ensure that your files are digitized in the best way? Well, in this day and age of improved technology, having...
Move your data off-site

Is it Time To Move Your Data Off-site?

For years, people have said that the customer is our most important asset. But, in this day and age, it’s more like the customers’...
Modern age restaurant technology

Bring Your Restaurant into the Modern Age with This New Technology

Most people probably associate restaurants with food simply, but it’s a business like any other and it’s a challenging one. Serving wonderful dishes in...
Top benefits of using VPN

Top 10 Benefits of Using VPN for Browsing

A massive 1/4th of ALL internet users accessed the internet via a VPN last month. And — despite the fact that VPN use is on the...
Website optimization trends

6 Website Optimization Trends for 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps the single-most-important marketing tool available to businesses of all sizes. In fact, 61% of all marketers ranked improving...
Blockchain could improve our political system

Blockchain Could Improve Our Political System, But…

There is one thing everyone can agree on about our political system: we could definitely do better. Most people think of their governments as...
Protect your privacy

4 Perfect Pointers for Protecting your Privacy

It’s become increasingly difficult (but thankfully not impossible) to retain your online privacy these days. Businesses, ISPs, hackers and governmental agencies are all competing...
Artificial intelligence in money lending

Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Art of Lending

The world of lending has already come a long way from the days when you could simply walk into a bank and get a...
Top WhatsApp Alternatives

Top 5 Alternatives to WhatsApp

The first thing which you download when you buy a new smartphone is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Currently, WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion active users...
Best local directories for marketing

What are the Best Local Directories for Local SEO Marketing in 2019?

Most consumers will search Google for what they need. However, for local services, more are looking at local business directories as well. Many local directories...
Technology impacts our daily lives

Ways Technology Impacts Our Daily Lives

Technological advancement has changed the way we do everything. It has played a prominent part in the development of almost all industries such as...
Make a multilingual blog and social media

It’s Time to Make Your Blog and Social Media Multilingual

Why limit yourself to one language for your valuable content? The most cost-effective way to expand your audience and reach new markets is to...
What is an API?

What is an API and How APIs Help to Improve Customer Service?

Without APIs, the digital world would be a different place. But the beauty of APIs is that so many people are completely unaware of...

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