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A digital marketing scholar by choice and tech-savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing businesses and blogs.
What is DOCSIS technology

What is DOCSIS Technology and How It Works?

The internet signals transmit via telephone, twisted pair, coaxial, and fiber-optic cables. The choice of medium depends on the existing network infrastructure and financial...
Computer science jobs

Top 100 Computer Science Jobs with Highest Salary

Nowadays, computer science jobs are booming. More than 30% of graduates choose to study computer science. Advancement in technologies is taking a higher pace...
The Future of Chatbots for Business

Chatbots – Do They Change Only the Way We Use the Internet or Also...

Conversational AI and chatbots will be the next keywords everyone will search on Google to find out how they can integrate them into their...
Can you see who views your Facebook

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile, Story, Videos, and Page?

When you talk about social media, Facebook is the first name that comes to mind. The most commonly used platform by every person across...
What is content marketing

What is Content Marketing? How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

Years after Google declared it; content is still king. Sure, the ways to create, disseminate, and promote content have changed quite a bit in...
Audience engagement

What is Audience Engagement and How to Measure It?

Brands try to attract visitors and customers through different platforms, online and offline. Marketing helps build brand identity and awareness. Marketing teams try their...
Facebook stalking

What is Facebook Stalking? How to Find Facebook Stalkers?

Over 2.4 billion monthly active users use Facebook. So, the main question arises, is it safe to use Facebook? Facebook is a secure and...
Pros and cons of online school

Top 42 Pros and Cons of Online School

Online schools are a way of attending classes online consisting of virtual classes that students take at home or their leisure. Some online classes...
Passive income sources

Are There Any Real Sources of Passive Income?

You may have heard analysts or financial advisors touting the advantages of “passive income,” a model that allows you to make money without a...
Tips to improve audience engagement

How to Use Content Marketing to Improve Audience Engagement?

The digital marketing environment is very competitive. Every business and marketer is trying to grab people’s attention. And, people’s busy lifestyles and short attention...
How to decline a job offer

How to Decline a Job Offer? The Top 12 Dos and Don’ts

Declining a job happens all the time. As much as we constantly search for jobs, there could be a situation where although you’ve just...
Behind the wheel - safe driving for teens

Easy Ways to Secure Your Teen When They Are on the Move

One of the most critical moments in a young adult’s life is when they turn 18 and finally get the freedom that comes with...
Importance of branding in the digital age

What is the Importance of Brand Building in the Digital Age?

With the rapid advancement in digital technology, all over the world, businesses are leveraging the suitable digital channels and online platforms to reach out...
How to create a brand identity

How to Create A Brand Identity?

Are you struggling to get some conversions and leads for the business of yours? This might be due to a deeper problem that is...

10 Free Online Graphic Design Tools for Website or Social Media

The days of hiring professional designers may be coming to an end since we have had many open sources and freeware graphic design software...
Transforming from DevOps to DevSecOps

6 Steps to Transforming From DevOps to DevSecOps

DevSecOps is much like DevOps, but with security integrated from the beginning, and throughout your DevOps pipeline. It’s becoming increasingly common, as development companies...
Social media in the workplace

Social Media in the Workplace and Its Influence on Employee Productivity

Social media is the most common word everyone is aware of. People use social different social media platforms to share their thoughts, photos, and...
How to improve remote team collaboration

How Is Tech Improving Remote Team Collaboration?

Remote teams are becoming more popular, thanks to their increasing viability and more evident productivity benefits. But collaboration can still be a problem across... Review Review: The All-in-One Marketing Platform

If you’re trying to start or grow your online business, you’ve likely heard of some of the all-in-one marketing platforms. You’re probably familiar with...
Advertising Ideas - Optimizing Paid Ads

Advertising in 2020: Optimizing Paid Ads in the Age of Mindfulness

Businesses have been resorting to different approaches in building exposure throughout the course of the 21st Century, and their inventiveness and pragmatic approaches are...

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