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Professional blogger by choice and tech savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing blogs.
AI Voice Search Virtual Assistance and future marketing

AI, Voice Search, and Virtual Assistants: The Future of Marketing

Yes, 2019 might be barely halfway over, but just like politicians and automotive model years, digital marketing pundits are always looking forward. One of...
UX Tips to Increase User Engagement

5 UX Tips to Increase User Engagement for Your Blog Website

There are a lot of blogging websites out there vying for user engagement. In fact, research suggests that there are 440 million blog websites...
Maximize online stock trading

5 Gadgets to Maximize Your Online Stock Trading

One of the most efficient ways of making extra money on the side online is to learn how to day trade stocks. Now, trading...
Deputy Rota Software Review

Deputy Rota Software Review – A Tool to Boost Productivity

Scheduling software is something every business needs. When equipped with it, a business can get the most out of their employees and boost profits....
Symbolic Link Guide for Linux

Symlinks Guide for Linux: Everything You Need To Know

No one will argue with the fact that modern tech is here to make our lives simple and stress-free. Every tool, application, and feature...
Smart Home Technology

Has Smart Home Technology Gone Too Far in 2019?

Smart home technology still feels like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the fact is, it’s real. Although it began with refrigerators, televisions,...
Digital Uttar Pradesh UPSWAN 2.0

Digital Uttar Pradesh Gets a Boost with UPSWAN 2.0

Thanks to a future-ready Uttar Pradesh State Wide Area Network 2.0 (UPSWAN 2.0) made in partnership with Airtel, citizens in Uttar Pradesh can now...
5G Technology Revolution

5G Technology: What to Expect from The Latest Telecom Tech

Gearing Up for The Next Round of Network Revolution With 5G Technology The ability to download a full movie in a matter of seconds. This...
business blogging benefits

How Can You Benefit from a Blog for Your Business?

It is only natural for business owners to want to enjoy success, but actually achieving that goal can be a challenge. Many businesses find...
Key to Success in IT industry

People: The Oft-Overlooked Key to Success in IT

If you've been in IT long enough, you've definitely heard the hype surrounding a new piece of technology or software that's set to revolutionize...
How to take full advantage of WordPress?

How to Take Advantage of WordPress for Your Website?

As far as content management systems (CMS) go, no one can beat WordPress. With an impressive 34% of all websites using it as their...
Certified Scrum Master training

Top 4 Things to Know Before You Take Up a CSM Training

The Agile method can be roughly defined as a predefined set of principles that are used to guide software development. Scrum is one of...
Scaled Agile Framework SAFe

Why is SAFe® Popular and Why Should Organizations Bet on It?

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a methodology for an Agile team to work on massive projects in a flexible way. It is one of...
Ad network vs Ad exchange

What is the Difference between Ad Network and Ad Exchange?

Online advertising has shown innovative paths to target millions and billions of users worldwide. Traditionally, TV and print channels were used for advertising. Today...
Boost WooCommerce business

How to Boost Your WooCommerce Shop?

Summer is here and while the beaches are packed, your website could use a traffic boost. Here are strategies that can help you increase...
Ways to smarten up your home

How to Make A Smart Home – 3 Basic Features to Start Off With

With an overwhelming number of technological trends, getting a smart home seems to be all the rage lately. An ideal smart home should own...
How to write SEO optimized text?

How to Write SEO Optimized Text?

For many, SEO copywriting is simply a part of the job. Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of most businesses, particularly those...
How does Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?

How Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?

Have you ever heard of the Amazon Fire TV Stick? Well, it is one of the newest devices from the Amazon Company, which is...
How to create a referral program

How to Create an Effective Referral Program for Your Business?

A referral program is a great way to generate leads and help grow your business. Today, building loyalty is necessary: referral programs help incentive...
SEO link building

Why Links Are the Best Way to Support a Blog?

Want to Improve Your Blog’s Performance? Build More Links- Few blogs are able to become successful all on their own, even with a fantastic...

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