How to Become an Air Hostess? Qualification, Training, Jobs and Salary

Many young graduates want to do air hostess/flight attendant jobs. The air hostess salary is very lucrative. So, they want to know how to become a flight attendant/air hostess. You can join an air hostess course to take air hostess training. Nowadays, this is a high profile profession in India. The air hostess profession is the dream of young girls.

This job is not limited to a handsome salary and traveling. Still, you meet people of different cultures, visit different destinations, have a chance to meet celebrities, politicians, business tycoons, and learn new-new things.

Air hostess job may seem easy, but it has many responsibilities at the airplane, not simply a job. The Air hostess need to greet every passenger, coordinate with security, take care of passengers, guide passengers about seating and safety, and much more. All passengers are not the same. If someone creates trouble, then the air hostess should remain patient and calm and politely handle that passenger.

How to Become a Flight Attendant/an Air Hostess?

Most people think the career of an air hostess is for girls only, but men can also join it as “Stewards”. An Air hostess can be promoted to a senior flight attendant and then head attendant. Their average career span on the flight is eight to ten years. Later they can do ground duties as a check hostess, ground hostess, management trainee, manager, and air hostess trainer.

If you want to make a career as an air hostess, flight attendant, cabin crew, steward, or stewardess, then your personality matters a lot. Education is important, but not as your personality.

How to become an air hostess

Air Hostess Qualifications/Eligibility

Eligibility or qualifications for flight attendant/air hostess in India:

Required Minimum Requirements
Education Graduate Degree or 10+2
Age 18–26 Years
Height Minimum 157.5cm, 5.16 inches, BMI Required
Eyesight Normal Vision, 6/6 or 6/24, Both Eyes
Language Proficient in English, Other Languages if Required
Medical Fitness Medically fit, No Mental Illness Record
Marital Status Unmarried or Married (Depends on the Airline)
Complexion Fair to a Clear Complexion
Passport Indian Passport

1. Education for Air Hostess Course

Candidates who have passed 10+2 can apply for air hostess jobs. This one is a recherché course to pursue after HSC. To do Post Graduate Air Hostess courses, the minimum educational qualification is graduate.

You can do an air hosted course after the 10th, but I recommend you to join this course after passing 10+2. The air hostess course after 12th is a far better option.

You must be proficient at reading, writing, and speaking- Hindi, English, and foreign languages.

2. Age and Marital Status

Air hostess academy decides the age limit that depends upon their policy. Generally, academies prefer candidates of age groups- 17 to 26 years.

Similarly, marital status depends on the academy’s policy. Mostly, unmarried girls are preferred, but some institutes are taking admission of married women also.

3. Physical Standards

Air hosted jobs are very particular about behavior and physical look. The minimum height of the girl should be 5.2″ or 157 cm. The body mass index is calculated. Thus, weight should be proportional to height. Skin color must be fair to clear complexion. Physical fit and an attractive physique are preferred.

4. Medical and Fitness

Candidates must be physically fit. They must not have a mental health condition. Eyesight must be 6/9. Some airlines allow concession.

Above is the qualification of an air hostess. If you want to pursue an air hostess course, then you must fulfill the above qualifications.

Behavioral Skills Required

If you fulfill educational, physical, or medical qualifications, you must have certain behavioral skills to do an air hostess job.

1. Pleasing Personality

A good look and pleasant voice are required. You must have friendly behavior with passengers. A friendly and social personality can be an air hostess.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

Command over language and communication skills is all required. You should know how to handle passengers on board and convince them if they are asking something.

3. Presence of Mind

In case of an emergency landing, an air hostess must be able to instruct inexperienced and panicked passengers on board. His/her willpower should be strong.

4. Team Work

An air hostess/steward should be a team player. A cabin crew comprises over 12-14 members and need to work in tandem.

5. Ready to Work for Hours

Flight delays due to bad weather or technical reasons are common, so your working hours may extend up to an extra 3 to 4 hours.

6. Positive Attitude

Lastly, an air hostess/steward must keep a positive attitude and ready to do all assigned jobs.

Responsibilities of an Air Hostess/ a Flight Attendant

Some responsibilities of a flight attendant/ an air hostess are as follows:

  • Greeting and leading passengers to their seats plus giving them instructions about flight rules.
  • Checking aircraft cleanliness, safety equipment, and whether all meals and stock are on board along with all seat pockets are up to date.
  • Conducting pre and post-flight checks.
  • Checking all passenger’s seat belts and ensuring all hand luggage is securely stored.
  • Serving meals, refreshments to passengers.
  • Making announcements on the pilot’s behalf and answering passenger’s inquiries during flight.
  • Preparing a flight report.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of passengers, along with providing proper information.
  • Managing onboard crises.
  • Providing medical care and advice.
  • Maintaining aircraft’s Cabin Systems.
  • Operating aircraft’s equipment and system.

We have listed some primary responsibilities, but we can’t list out all of them here. Sometimes it is the air hostess’s job to remain patient and calm while handling trouble making passenger. The presence of mind and a polite attitude is necessary during a crisis.

Air Hostess Recruitment Process

Airline companies recruit candidates through a written exam, followed by a group discussion and an interview.

Air hostess jobs

Written Exam

The Written test is based on aptitude and reasoning. The question paper has multiple choice objective questions. Thus, to crack the written exam, you need good preparation.

Group Discussion (GD)

The next stage is a group discussion, in which your presence of mind, communication skills, teamwork, leadership quality, attitude, etc., are tested. Therefore, you must know how to prepare for group discussion, which needs lots of practice.


Your overall personality is judged in the interview. After selection, you get the training for the next six months.

Air Hostess Courses

Those who are passionate about pursuing flight attendant/air hostess/steward careers have some choices based on educational qualifications.

Three types of air hostess courses are available.

– Certificate Course
– Diploma Course
– Degree Course

Hereunder are details of the air hostess course.

1. Certificate Course

The certificate course is offered to 10+2 passed candidates. Commonly the air hostess training period is 6 to 12 months, but a few fast track courses are for 3 months only.

List of certificate courses-

  • Air Hostess Management
  • Air Hostess Training
  • Airlines Hospitality
  • Aviation Customer Service
  • Aviation Management and Hospitality
  • Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant
  • Night Rating
  • Aviation Management
  • Air Hostess/Flight Purser
  • Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management
  • Hospitality Travel and Customer Service
  • International Airlines and Travel Management
  • Air Ticketing and Tourism
  • Airport Ground Management
  • Air RT/Radio Flight Officer
  • International Air Cargo
  • Certificate Course in Fare Ticketing Virgin Atlantic/GTMC Courses
  • Certificate Courses in Personality Development
  • Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety
  • Private Pilot Training
  • Commercial Pilot Training

2. Diploma Course

HSC (10+2) passed candidates can pursue a diploma course. But you can join a Post Graduate Diploma after completing graduation. These are of 1-year length, same as certificate air hostess training period.

List of diploma/PG diploma course-

  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Training
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Airport Management & Customer Care
  • Diploma in Airlines Management
  • Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew Services
  • Diploma in Airlines and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service
  • Diploma in Air Cargo Practices and Documentation
  • Diploma in Professional Ground Staff Services
  • Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training with On-job Training
  • Diploma in Ground Handling and Cargo Management

3. Degree Course

After completing your 10+2, you can join a 3-year air hostess degree course.

List of degree courses-

  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Bachelor of Science (Air Hostess Training)
  • Bachelor of Science (Aviation)
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  • BBA (Aviation)

To get better career prospects, you need to a 3-year degree course.

4. Master or Post Graduate Courses

  • MBA (Aviation)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • PG Diploma in Airport Ground Services
  • PG Diploma In Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service

Air Hostess Training Institute/Academy

How to become an air hostess, flight attendant, or steward

If you want to make a career as an air hostess/steward, then you can take admission here:

  • Air Hostess Academy, Pune, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Mumbai
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess, New Delhi, and Mumbai
  • Rai University, Ahmedabad.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  • Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai
  • Avalon Academy, Dehradun
  • Universal Airhostess Academy, Chennai
  • Jet Airways Training Academy, Mumbai
  • PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai, and Bangalore
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and Ghaziabad
  • Institute For Personality, Etiquette, & Grooming (IPEG India)

Above are the best training institute across India.

Air Hostess Training Fees

The air hostess course fee depends upon the training institute. You can ask for fee details directly to an air hostess academy.

Air Hostess Recruitment Companies

After completing air hostess training in India, you can be hired by any of the following airlines.

1. Air India
2. Alliance Air
3. Go Air
4. Gulf Air
5. Indian Airlines
6. Indigo
7. Jet Airways
8. Lufthansa
9. Singapore Airlines
10. Air Sahara/Sahara Airlines
11. British Airways
12. Qantas Airlines
13. Delta Airlines
14. United Air
15. Cathay Pacific
16. Tata
17. Mahindra & Mahindra

Air Hostess Salary

Air hostess salary is different from every airline company. Generally, the salary of an air hostess may vary from Rs 20,000 to Rs 80,000 per month. Domestic airlines pay up to Rs 40,000/month, and international airlines pay up to Rs 80,000/month, depending upon your work experience. Whereas luxurious international airlines pay 1-2 lakh per month to senior air hostesses.

There are more perks like- discounts on flight tickets, medical insurance, and retirement benefits.

Air Hostess Job for Male

As I told you earlier, males can also join the aircrew. The same article applies to men similarly as it applies to women.

If someone has a question about how to become an air hostess, flight attendant, or steward, share this article with him or her.


      • Hello sir… I am a PharmD student I would like to become an air hostess. Is there any necessity of doing graduation in air hostess course, or any degree is eligible for the written exam? How can I apply for the job?

        • A few courses require 10+2 while some other courses require graduation degree to get admission. If you are willing to become an air hostess, you must earn an air hostess training certificate/diploma/degree from an institute.

          • Good day Sir, I went for a course in Skye Aviation School, which was an Air Hostess that’s, was 2014 when I finished my training I realized the school was not recognized, please on that issue what can I do or how can u help me sir, and please is there anyways I can still become a cabin crew?

          • You must send a query to our training school to get help or just take help consultants in the same industry.

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      • If I want to join international airline as an air hostess what education is needed for that like 10+2 or graduation.

  1. Is an air hostess job only about serving people in the air like a glorified waitress? Has to be a perfect looking model? These are some of the most common myths we all have in our minds about being an air hostess. Well, people don’t understand that being a flight attendant is that they are a group of people who are responsible for 300-plus lives at 35000 feet!. They can become doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and bouncers, all rolled into one and can even deliver babies in mid-air. Survival training is one of the many skills in the cabin crew’s toolkit. They know how to create a shelter, gather food, find safe drinking water and attract help in the Arctic, jungle, rainforests, and deserts, bottom line- they are the person who there to take care of you and make sure you have a safe flight.

  2. I want to be a (international) air hostess and I wish to join Frankfinn institute….Is there any entrance exam and how should I prepare for that ?

    • Hello sir I just cleared my hsc examination s and I wish to become an air hostess although I don’t have any specific knowledge about the courses and training . It will be great if you will guide me.
      Thank you.

      • You should visit different air hostess training centers and talk with management. Don’t forget to take feedback from enrolled students and alumni.

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    I want to become a international air hostess so what should I do because my HSC result will come by June 1 week so what are the courses to do and how should I prepare for that.
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    • You must visit the best career counselor available in your area, if you can go to Delhi then it will be best.

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  7. Hello sir height is compulsory because my height is approx 5″. I am good in all but not in height ?. So what I do sir

  8. It’s really an informative article. Thanks for sharing this nice information. Aptech Aviation is a leading air hostess course in Chandigarh. They grow knowledge, behavior, mannerism, communication skills and the most striking part is attitude, their professional faculties put in each of the students who come at them with a desire of being something distinct in their life.

    • Hi sir, my self Nishu Nagotra and Kya aap BTA skty h ki m mp m kis State s air hostess ki training lu sirf frainfin ko chodkar or koi b institute.

      • You should choose a good training center. If you will take training from metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai, it will be fruitful. We can not endorse anyone but you should meet students of different air hostess training centers to take the right decision.

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    • Start researching Air hostess courses near you. Take the feedback from different students who joined them. Finally, select a good institute and approach them to know the admission process and other required criteria.

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    • You must go thru the minimum height criteria with an air hostess training center near you. It may differ from agency to agency.

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    • You may need to join the air hostess training institutes. We have mentioned a few of them in our article.

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    I’m in Ghana
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    • You may join [“Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy – GATA” {Private Mail Box, Kotoka International Airport (5,508.66 mi) Accra, Ghana PMB +233 30 255 0300}] or similar institutes.

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    • You should visit a training center to collect the right information. Perhaps, it will be possible to join the program.

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    Hope you reply to me soon.

    • English and Hindi should be your priority. For foreign flights, you may also learn Spanish, German, French, etc.

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    • Yes, it is required and preferred to complete your training before joining as an air hostess or steward.

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    • We have updated the article with the latest information for your answer. Please go through it.

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    • You should visit an institute or training center and meet a counselor there. The institute will guide you better.

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