How Much Homework Is Just Right?

Students are not fond of doing homework.

They do not enjoy doing homework because it keeps them from having fun after school.

However, homework is part of the educational process that helps them learn better.

That is why it is difficult to judge when a student has too much homework.

Students spend an average of 6 hours in the classroom. After attending school for most of the day, they must attend some form of tutoring after to receive academic help with their lessons and homework.

homework overload

This could take up to another 4 hours of the student’s time that could have already been spent resting and doing other things that could help them unwind after school.

Without the aid of homework help, students are forced to study another extra 3- hours with their tutor because the after-school workload is just too heavy.

These are the reasons why some parents, who are conscious of their children’s situation, have been recently heard asking, “When is homework too much?”

This article will discuss the tell-tale signs of a student who has too much homework and needs help in dealing with it.

I’m Not Ready for School!

Have you ever found your child slumped over his work desk at night fast asleep with his laptop still on? The poor child fell asleep, trying to complete his homework for the day before dozing off. The next morning, the child refuses to go to school, protesting, “I’m not ready! I can’t do my homework! ” in between mouthfuls of cereal and gulps of milk? As the child home much homework, he got done the night before. If the answer is somewhere around 2 or 3, your child has too much homework. The tendency of children who are assigned too much extra work after school is to become burned out, as evidenced by the sleeping state at the study table.

I Don’t Have Time for That!

When you start finding that your child would rather do less to almost no extracurricular activities after school, the reason may be too much homework. Children have a great time when they do activities such as sports, arts, and music after school because it helps divert their attention from the stress of school and the demands of homework. However, if a child feels that grades in certain subjects are slipping or that homework is left undone on the days when after-school activities are done, the tendency will be to cancel enjoyment time in favor of further time for studies. This is a significant sign that the child is receiving too much homework and requires help in tackling the workload.

how much homework

Friends, What Friends?

The one favorite activity of kids after all the schoolwork and extracurricular activities are done is hanging out with their friends. Whether they hang out at the local mall or get together for a rousing video game session, maybe even if it is just to stream the latest Netflix original, these kids enjoy each other’s company. This is their after-school support group, where the only requirement is to let their hair down and hang loose. Once a child stops doing this in favor of homework, there is definitely a homework load problem.

I’ll Never Learn This!

When a student is overwhelmed with homework, even with tutoring help, the student will cry out in frustration about having to learn a subject. Most of the venting comes from the fact that a lesson seems particularly difficult to complete when there is a backlog of homework waiting to be completed for the next day. In these cases, a child will lash out, act out, and feel worthless. It is important to reassure the child, get the homework help that is needed, and talk to the teachers about adjusting the homework load for the class.

I’m Sick!

Doing too much homework can actually make a child manifest illness, such as headaches, nausea, and physical pain. The stress of the workload and the short amount of time before they have to go to bed to rest before tackling another school day can really get to a child. Too much homework leaves the child exhausted even after a night’s rest because of the worry that there was a piece of homework left undone or not done properly. If your child wakes up in the morning complaining of something physically ailing him or her, listen. Then look at the homework the child had to do the night before. The chances are that the homework is beginning to affect the child psychologically.

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Parents must understand the importance of balancing homework with the rest and relaxation time of the child. Sure, having a constant A+ student in the family is something to be proud of. Extra homework points will always help the student’s resume when applying to college. Learning to handle the stress of a full load of work never hurt anyone. However, when that load becomes too much to bear, a young student will crack under all the pressure and then fail miserably. Heed the warning signs. Don’t be ashamed to admit that your child needs help with their homework.

Parents do not have enough time after work to assist their children with homework either. Assignments and lessons are also far more complicated these days than our time in school. That is why professional help should be sought in lightening the homework load of a student. The warning signs of too much homework exist, but asking teachers to lessen the homework isn’t going to work. Less homework cannot be mandated by law. Students use the weekends to catch up on advanced homework due the next week instead. So, for the health and sanity of the students, they should not be afraid to tell their parents when they need homework help.

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