Best Digital Tools for Tutors

21st-century learners have a much larger toolbox than their “pen and paper parents” when it comes to seeking additional assistance with their education—especially when utilizing the services of tutors.

Reaching out for help in school is something that does not come easily to students. They don’t want to be dubbed differently than their peers. However, tutors today have a gamut of options for assisting students beyond the normal limitations that walls and travel have imposed on their support in the past—here are a few tools. Today digital tools for tutors are available to make tuition classes more effective and result oriented.

Digital tools for tutors
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Tutors can literally build a cloud classroom using Google. By simply creating a shared Google Drive folder, tutors can provide students with a wealth of supplemental study materials. Using Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, tutors can supplement what students are doing in the classroom.

The accessibility of the Google Drive with the Google Drive app makes it easy to use on any device. This gives students the opportunity to access their supplemental study guides in the classroom.

Furthermore, tutors can meet with students using the Google Hangout feature. This again breaks down the travel and scheduling roadblocks that stood in the way of traditional tutoring. Kids can quickly chat with tutors and get help when they are struggling. This at the moment assistance can work wonders for retention.


Many times, students need help with time management, and providing assistance with breaking up large tasks can offer valuable insight to tutors.

Long-term projects need to be broken down so students can manage the work in small doses. Overload can shut struggling students down quickly.

Using iCal or any calendar app can help tutors break down a large task into small and manageable daily assignments.   Then, tutors can check for understanding along the way. When tasks are broken down, it can provide insight into areas where students may be struggling.



iDroo is a whiteboard that can broadcast in real time. This means of digital modeling is the ideal tool for modeling multistep math problems. It comes with a Skype add-on, so tutors can use the whiteboard to model for students while still speaking and communicating with them.

The fact that communication can be done in real time is what makes this 21st-century tutoring tool a great asset to tutors. The more that can be done in real time and on demand, the greater the students’ chances of retention and understanding.



Another great whiteboard tool that tutors can use is Scribblar. This tool combines the benefits of screen shooting with that of digital learning.

Scribblar allows students to capture the tutor’s notes for reference later. This means that notes can be printed or saved to the cloud for later access—especially in the classroom. The benefit of additional notes can certainly help students when they return to their classroom setting.



Tutoring, like schools, has to adapt to the students and the time. In the case of tutoring, technology has made it much more assessable and convenient because there are lots of digital tools for tutors. There is a wealth of opportunity for tutors now that time and location are no longer a factor in helping, and with the right tools, tutors can help any student grow simply by the use of WiFi!

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