A Guide to Become Successful on Instagram – Tips for Businesses


Social media is a booming space for marketers now a day. Even since the dawn of social media, it has gone through numerous changes. Still, one thing that remained constant is that it involved people, and all of its underlying principles depended on making people develop communities. It is the best prospect for businesses to finding new customers. Social giants like Facebook, Twitter have been there for a while, but there have been new additions too, like Snapchat and Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-sharing mobile application or app. Instagram has followed in the footsteps of its predecessors Facebook and Twitter are now caught up in their popularity. It has gained much popularity in very little time. Initially, Instagram was created so that people could add different filters to their clicked photos from their mobile phones and upload them. It was done to make the work of the ardent snapshooter easier. You can upload from Instagram too and can decide to share publicly with your followers or privately with your friends. The video-sharing feature, though is relatively quite new on Instagram.

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How Does Instagram Work?

Like any social media, Instagram has a theme, and you have to know and follow that to have success on Instagram. Firstly, since it is a photo-sharing app primarily, you need to click good pictures. They do not have to too artsy all the time, but make sure that they depict the theme of your business or timeline so that when people visit your timeline, they can get a clear idea about what your Instagram profile is. There can be different themes from food blogging, to nature photography and even poetry.

How to Get Followers on Instagram?

There are certain methods that you need to follow when trying to find success on Instagram. Like any social media, it is an ever-changing field, and the best possible advice you can learn is that always expect the unexpected and stay updated all the time. That is how you can stay ahead of your competition. Firstly, you need to know how Instagram works. Instagram is an app that is solely based on pictures and tags. You should always use relevant tags to your picture, or your content might get lost.

Millions of people use Instagram every day, and there is a chance your content might get lost on the search page. So it is essential to gain most likes and followers within the first few hours of posting it. Always try to post good quality content that is pictures and try staying relevant to your overall timeline with respect to the color scheme and content theme. Instagram allows up to 30 tags at present, and you can always go to the tags and find more relevant tags to put in your post.

Also, you should like some random posts related to your tags. Chances are, half of them will probably return the favor, and in any case, new people will visit your timeline, and if they like what they see, then they might decide to follow. It is how your community will grow. Also, Instagram at present allows video posting, and previously, it was up to 15 seconds. However, now they have increased it to 1 minute, and you can use this feature to do various things. You can post trailers or ads or mini promotional videos to increase audience interest.

Also, many musicians have decided to promote their work on Instagram as it does not take as much work as on YouTube, and they can just post snippets of their music on Instagram. Still, Instagram is a site that endorses visual things, so it is important that your content be primarily visually appealing. With good content and proper timing, you can expect constant growth in the number of your Instagram followers.

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SEO on Instagram

Like any other social media, Instagram also has a search engine connection, and it is beneficial if you make your content with search engine optimization so that they will not only appear on top of Instagram searches but also on Google search as well. Also, now Instagram allows a different profile set up for business owners. Moreover, you will have some extra features than the private personal accounts such as insight to your followers’ activity, which is a great advantage as you will know when they are most active and on what posts and then you can repeat that timing and similar content to gain more followers. Also, there are options to promote your content on Instagram. Not only that, but you can link your Facebook page with your Instagram business account and also provide a link to your website or an affiliate link that you would like to promote.

Affiliate Marketing with Instagram

You can use Instagram to monetize your work through affiliate marketing. Once you gain enough followers, you can expect that they will put their trust in you, and you can direct them to some products or links that you would want them to see. Moreover, most of them probably will. With the traffic going to the website with your given promotional ink, you will earn a hefty commission. You can endorse products on Instagram too with the photo-sharing facility and include promotional content in the caption. Just like any other social media, Instagram is based on community work and personal bonding. So always make sure to treat your followers with kindness and reply to them as much as you can. Slowly but gradually, they will begin to trust you and relate to you. Eventually, it is guaranteed that your Instagram followers will increase.

Do not indulge in apps that promise you to increase your Instagram followers as this opens up the chance of your account being hacked. Also, Instagram considers these types of activities unethical, and your account might get banned due to this.


In business profile mode, you do not have a choice, but in personal profile mode, you can decide to set the privacy of your profile to private or public. If you want to promote your content, then you should set it to the public as otherwise, the tags will not help your content show up in the search. Some hashtags might be more popular than others, and you probably need to do a little research before finding the right combination of tags to use on your photos and videos.


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