What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started?

Every one of us dreams of passive income, isn’t it? Earn money while you sleep sounds like a dream. With an affiliate marketing program, you have such an opportunity. All you need is to tell about different products and services, and for that, you will earn a commission.

Nowadays, there is a high level of competition for goods and services in new internet resources. Thus, it cannot be easy to attract new users and become popular. That is why, today, affiliate programs are helping to find new customers and earn money. Moreover, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing are the most popular e-commerce tools. Every day 16 % of all online orders are making thanks to them. In this article, I will help you understand an affiliate program, why you need it, and how it will help you make a profit.

Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting a business on the Internet. Many webmasters earn money with it. They post a unique link to another site on their online resource. When users follow this link and perform a certain action on the customer’s portal (register, buy something), the affiliate receives a cash reward.

The principle of cooperation is as follows. A platform negotiates cooperation with thematic portals, blogs, and YouTube channels oweners. The customer provides the webmaster with the necessary advertising materials and unique links. The partner publishes them on his resources. After that, he receives income if users click on his link and perform certain actions on the advertiser’s resource.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Growing So Rapidly?

Users increasingly use the Internet to make direct purchases: order groceries, call a taxi, buy a train ticket, buy new jeans, shoes, etc. Online stores are expanding their reach. Over 80 % of brands are already using the affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing uses many creative tools. For example, advertising on coupon sites (discounts in the form of coupons and promotional codes), cashback services (returning part of the purchase price), etc.

The basis of success is the advertiser’s interest in developing an affiliate program. In this case, a lot depends on the proposals made for webmasters.

It is important to consider the following components of the offer:

  • The amount of reward;
  • Offer conditions (characteristics and user segments, percentage of confirmed orders, the processing time of actions, and payment);
  • Fame and reputation of the advertiser.

Now, affiliate marketing is at the stage of active development and is the most popular among companies working in the field of e-commerce for B2C (food delivery, ordering tickets, taxis, etc.).

What are the Responsibilities of an Affiliate Manager?

Affiliate manager responsibilities

An affiliate manager has to fulfill a wide range of functional responsibilities. He should know how to advertise, how to sell, and be a user support specialist. In a word, the profession is universal in nature and requires constant development. It is necessary to improve affiliate programs based on the results of marketing research.

The main responsibilities of an affiliate manager are:

  • Create different types of promotion;
  • Individual support;
  • Search for new channels to attract traffic;
  • Counseling and support of partners;
  • Finding new webmasters-partners;
  • Analysis of advertising.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

The advantages of affiliate programs for webmasters are:

  1. A decent pay;
  2. No need to develop your own advertising concept. The advertiser provides banners, articles, keywords, and other materials;
  3. Passive earnings. Even when you are relaxing, users follow your link, thereby increasing your income;
  4. Distant work. To work with an affiliate program, you only need a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. Therefore, you can engage in affiliate activities from anywhere in the world.
  5. A new and popular profession;
  6. The possibility of continuous professional growth;
  7. Maintaining long-term interesting projects.
  8. Quick payback on time and money spent. You can obtain the first profit in a matter of days.
  9. A wide selection of affiliate programs. Now, there are thousands of good affiliate programs on the web.

The list of merits of affiliate marketing is large. The most important thing is that the person works for himself, which means that his income level will depend on creative efforts.

As for the disadvantages of affiliate marketing, there are such as:

  1. Low stability of earnings in the absence of experience.
  2. Several difficult factors influence profit to calculate in advance (the relevance of the product, advertising methods, etc.).
  3. Risks with paid methods of promoting an affiliate link.

The experience gained in the process of partnerships is invaluable. This knowledge will be very useful in the future. Perhaps you can create your own unique affiliate marketing scheme and make a fortune on it.

Common Affiliate Program Errors

  • Wrong choice of an affiliate program. It is important to trust your partner. To do this, read reviews about the affiliate program and evaluate the service of your potential partner.
  • Attracting inappropriate traffic. It is important to ensure that the product is advertised among potential buyers.
  • Promotion of an unfamiliar product. If you do not understand the advertised product and cannot roughly estimate its demand, then it is better to refuse such an affiliate program.

Professional Tips for New Affiliate Marketers

The following professional tips I have collected over time and consider them to be very helpful.

Create A Website Today

I see many people who want to join an affiliate program. But they are planning forever and looking for the perfect theme, which does not exist. They are wasting precious time that could be used to fill their website with great content and attract the first visitors. That’s why the first professional tip for you is not to wait too long and get started today.

Show Passion

I strongly recommend that new affiliates choose a theme for their site that they really find useful. Then, content creation is so much easier. Don’t sell. Recommend a product.

Offer Solutions

This point is closely related to the previous one. Instead of selling something, affiliates should offer solutions.

That’s why it’s important to listen to your own website visitors and find out what their problems are. And then you offer the products that solve their problems.

Good Content is Important

Good content is the alpha and omega of successful affiliate websites. Of course, you can also buy texts, but you will never get the quality and the style as if you wrote the content yourself.

Use Seasonal Highlights

Seasonal events are a great way to publish special content on your website. It might be Christmas gifts, information about spring cleaning, and much more. Use seasonal highlights to make your website look livelier and more accessible to visitors.

Tell Stories

Instead of theoretically writing about something and listing data, you should report how you used the products and what they brought you. Describing your own experience can make you really successful.

SEO is Important

Google is still the #1 traffic source for affiliates. So, you should take search engine optimization seriously. It is important to stick to the rules of Google and not to use unauthorized measures because that will sooner or later cause trouble with Google.

Learn from Your Mistakes

You cannot avoid making mistakes. Of course, you can learn how to avoid typical mistakes, but this will not work out. But that’s not bad. You usually learn much more from mistakes than from successes. It’s just important that you analyze and learn from your mistakes.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are indispensable and relevant. Therefore, you should be active on a platform and post content appropriate to your affiliate website. It’s advisable to learn social media marketing. You should be as active as possible and act naturally. Only then will people be interested in it.

Do Not Forget About the Call to Action

Build a variety of affiliate links, like a banner, and take care of a suitable place for a call to action button or something similar. Of course, you should not overdo it, but visitors should have several options to click on an affiliate link.

Analyze Your Success

Both the statistics of the own website and those of the partner programs offer a lot of potential for optimization and increased revenue. That’s why you should regularly analyze which content is well received, how the advertising material works, and so on. Only by analyzing how well something works can you improve it.

Learn affiliate marketing success formula.

Maintain Website

The website develops further, so it is necessary to maintain it. This may be outdated content that you should update. But even outdated advertising or missing updates need your attention. A well-functional and up-to-date website is very important for the trust of the readers.


Affiliate Marketing Trends That Are Worth Following

Affiliate marketing trends

The CPA market continues to evolve and adapt to regularly changing working conditions. Here, I have selected the top 7 trends for you.

Mobile Apps and Payments

A mobile phone is a powerful tool now. People are willing to spend money on the things they like actively. Applications installed on mobile devices interest their owners by default. So, it turns out that developers get the most loyal consumers who are ready to make purchases of relevant goods and services.

Voice Search

Siri and Google have already been developed to a decent level. In particular, Alice can interact with the user, answering direct questions and helping with routine tasks. We can expect that voice search will be one of the most important marketing methods soon.

Teaser Networks

Teaser networks will soon be able to compete seriously with more expensive sources of live transitions. Thanks to great moderation, more careful targeting, and relevant settings.

Visual Product Search

The technology, which began its journey in 2017 from the Pinterest network, is gradually spreading over the Internet. Recognizing things in photos and videos has enormous potential for development and distribution on the network. Almost everyone will want to buy a thing they see on the street with just one click.

Data-Driven Marketing

Today’s customers love to feel individualized with personalized offers rather than automated ones. By collecting and analyzing data, marketing firms can use it to determine their consumers and what they like. Using this information, they can create demographic and psychographic offers.

Native Ad

A native ad is an advertisement that looks and is perceived as user-generated or original content. It is not a novelty in the advertising market, but interest in it has increased over the past year. Active advertising takes into account the features of the site and user behavior on it. A user finds it where he usually searches for news or articles of interest to him.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a way to promote products and services through opinion leaders. An influencer can be a person and any group, brand, company, or even a place (for example, an interest club) that people trust on certain issues. The secret weapon of recommendation marketing is that it does not look like advertising.

Instagram shoutouts are working perfectly to reach millions of audiences.


Earnings on affiliate programs are the easiest way for beginners to make a profit on the Internet.

I think I clearly explained such an instrument as an affiliate program and discussed how it works. To follow the release of new articles, subscribe to blog updates.

If you still have questions or want to share your experience, write below in the comments.

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