How to Claim a Facebook Page and take Ownership?


Unmanaged Facebook pages give troubles to business owners. Are you among them? Do you know how to claim a Facebook page and take ownership if it is created by someone else?

Facebook is a social media networking website that has billions of people. No doubt, now Facebook is definitely a good place for making business pages and popularizing. Millions of people have many things to share, and you can even find duplicate pages of your business or brand.

Your customers can come across these unmanaged Facebook pages of your business while searching for the original one. Notice that the page for what people have marked location is made when they checked in for that location.

You can merge and even claim other duplicate pages after you create an official Facebook business page. It makes sure your customers are still with you. Don’t worry, and you will also be able to merge existing likes and check-ins in a single place.

How to claim a Facebook page?

How does duplicate Facebook pages populate?

Now the question is how someone can create a duplicate Facebook page of your business when they are not the actual owners of the same page! In case you need to know how to claim Facebook page ownership if it belongs to your business name.

You can create a Facebook page for a particular business, brand, or service even when you do not own it. That’s where the problems arise. But this is valid for many reasons.

Despite the fact that Facebook is a network of billions of people, there are still many places where a particular page is not yet made. Therefore, whenever a Facebook user checks in to a particular place of which the Facebook page is not already made then automatically a page is being created for that place.

Sample duplicate Facebook pages

This is why anyone who does not even on the place can create a Facebook page, and that place may be anyone like offices, sports halls, pubs, restaurants, and many more.

However, Facebook has definitely offered a good solution to this problem- “how to claim a Facebook page that someone else has created”. As soon as you find such an unmanaged Facebook page, you can immediately report it without any hectic procedure. But the condition is, you should be the original person who owns it.

How to claim a Facebook page created by someone else?

I know you are eager to know how to claim Facebook page ownership to merge unmanaged Facebook pages to the verified one.

If you find an unmanaged Facebook page for your business, then you can follow the steps given below to claim to be the original owner:

Go to the unmanaged Facebook page of your business and find “Is this your business?” link on the top-right menu of the page.

Is this your business? Facebook option

After this, you will be told to continue with a few steps to claim that Facebook page. Carefully follow the screen instructions.

You need to add and verify basic information about your business, like the website, phone number, email, or address.

Methods to claim a Facebook page

You can merge duplicate Facebook pages into a Verified page. If you do not have an official page, then claim and verify a Facebook page with a phone call or documents.

You can claim an unmanaged Facebook page for your business to gain admin privileges. After successful verification, other people cannot be able to claim this Facebook page without your permission.

1. Verify by phone

You can use a business phone number to verify the ownership of a Facebook page.

Verify by phone Facebook page


2. Verify by documents

Another available option is documentation. If you want, you can verify your connection with the business by mentioning the business email id and by uploading the required documents.

Claim a Facebook page with documents

Important: You are supposed to upload the scanned copy of an original document that has the name and address of your business. It can be any document such as business tax file, business license, phone bill, electricity bill, etc. Once you are done with this process, click on the button which says submit.

3. Verify by email

You can verify through email is another option. This option may not be available in your country.

The email which you are supposed to select should be a business email address associated with the business domain name — an official email address used for doing business communications, e.g., [email protected]

Facebook page claim confirm email Facebook received claim request

Note that Facebook does not accept email addresses created with Gmail or Yahoo for this purpose. You must use your business email address to claim a Facebook page of your business.

So that’s it, now you’re an admin of the claimed Facebook business page and can manage it or can hire social media manager to do so. Please note that it may take a week for the officials of the page’s team to claim your request for the Facebook page and response for the same. Once Facebook accepts your request, no other person will be able to handle your page. He will not be able to manage a page without prior permission from you.

How to merge Facebook pages?

You already have claimed duplicate Facebook business pages. Now you can easily merge these unmanaged Facebook pages with the verified one. Whosoever like these Facebook pages will definitely be in association with the page which he/she likes the most.

Request to merge Facebook page

You can merge Facebook pages if they are related to a similar thing and have similar names. Also, the address mentioned in all these Facebook pages should be similar to each other to make sure that all these pages are of the same business association.

You cannot merge Facebook pages that do not have at least a single name elements common in them.

Read our step by step guide to merge Facebook pages

You can look out for more information on the official Facebook website as there is a detailed description of merging two or more Facebook pages.

I am not able to claim a duplicate Facebook page. What to do?

In case if you are not able to claim it, then follow the below-listed steps to report the same to Facebook.

Facebook: Give feedback or report this page

Click on “Pretends to be another business”.

Facebook: Give feedback on this page pretend to be another business

Select that real business which this page pretends to be.

Facebook: Pretends to be another business

Now Facebook will get to know about this, and they will do something.

Facebook: thanks for letting us know

Support & Help from Facebook

Handling and merging Facebook pages while being the admin can be a literally hectic task. You may have several queries and questions while operating these pages. Therefore for such problems, Facebook has a support team that offers a chat facility. You can find the chat option easily in the settings. You can share your problem with the experts, and they will help you to solve your problems.

Considering there are millions of Facebook users and maybe millions of Facebook pages, the support group may take a little while to respond to your queries, but patience is the key here. But recently, Facebook removed their chat support for some countries, so from now, one should depend on their support by reporting the issues and concerns.

How’s our guide on how to claim a Facebook page and after claiming how to merge Facebook pages, likes, and check-ins. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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