How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Touching It?

Today, with the advent of technology, most of our information is online, and no matter how much someone says, our data is unsafe. You must have heard and known about the terms like hacking, ethical hacking, and spying. Years ago, people thought that only a super-intelligent human or a high-profile hacker could do things like that. Today, you can Google “how to hack a phone” to find information about hacking someone’s phone with just their number or without it.

But nowadays, hacking and spying have become easy. Sometimes, you don’t need the target person’s phone to do the same. A Clark School study by Michel Cukier suggests that a hacker attacks someone’s privacy every 39 seconds. On average, it is equivalent to 2,244 times a day.

Not everyone is aware of the hacking process, and it is illegal in most countries. Reading messages, tracking the location, or recording someone’s telephone conversation is all part of this.

How to hack someone's phone

Doing these activities without others’ consent and using the data to exploit the target person can land hackers in prison. This hacking guide will shed some light on how to hack someone’s phone. Our purpose is not to encourage this behavior but to make people aware of such activities.

Is it a boon or curse for parents? Should parents check their child’s phone, social media, emails, and texts?

How to Hack A Phone?

A smartphone is a smart device with many security features like face lock, fingerprint scan, pins, passwords, etc. These mobile phones have made it possible to use social media accounts and make online payments within a few minutes.

Still, they are one of the most unsafe devices used by almost everyone we meet. Due to so much dependence on these devices, people no longer take any security measures while using them.

This is why hacking smartphones, despite having security features, is an easy process.

Let’s see more on how to hack phones.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone?

The reasons for hacking someone’s phone can be anything. Sometimes, people do it out of concern, while other times, they do so to know if the other person is honest with them.

The reason to spy on anyone can be anything, and it is not limited only to spouses or lovers. Some parents hack their children’s phones to know what their kids are up to or if they are involved in any wrong activities.

But is it indeed possible to hack someone’s phone without touching it?

Yes, it is. There are many spy apps or software available in the market that make all this work easy. Some apps don’t need physical access to the target’s mobile whenever a hacker wants to check their messages or location.

How to Hack Somebody’s Phone?

Apart from using spying software or apps, there are many other ways. They are –

  • Sending links that carry a specific malware is one such way. This malware infects the target person’s device and copies all the data to the hacker’s system.
  • It is also possible to hack another person’s phone’s GPS by using spying tools and locating where they are.
  • Hackers also don’t need physical access to the device if the target person has shared the OTP (One-time password) with them. This process becomes more straightforward if people haven’t enabled a two-factor authentication (2-FA) method for their social media or online bank accounts.
  • Hacking is also possible when someone downloads unknown apps from unauthorized sites.

Almost everyone is online, but not everyone knows how to secure themselves. It gives a considerable advantage to hackers. They can take a tiny detail and access all the social media messages, phone galleries, and call logs of the target’s phone.

Yes, your WhatsApp or Snapchat are not secured from hackers.

Getting the real-time location update of the victim is also not a big task for them.

Do you want to fix a hacked Android phone in a few minutes? No technical expertise is required.

How to Hack into Someone’s Phone?

How to hack someone's phone remotely free

Anyone can get hold of others’ private information and data within a few minutes in today’s digital age. But how do these spy apps work, and how a hacker use them to hack into someone’s phone?

The process is nearly straight. Usually, the app’s manufacturers send instructions and an easy step-by-step guide for the buyer to install the software, including how they get notified of all the targeted phone activities.

These apps are often paid and gather the data, such as call logs, location, messages, etc., from the target’s phone and send them to the hacker’s account. They also keep updating the data so the buyer can know what the other person is doing at that moment.

Using apps isn’t the only way of doing this. A hacker can also hack into the phone once the target person has left his/her phone unattended.

The browser tracks our online activities and saves everything in the form of cookies. The only purpose for doing so is to make online searches user-friendly. However, hackers can use these cookies, including web history, to break into the target person’s phone.

Many people think using public Wi-Fi is safe. On the contrary, it is the most unsafe way of using the internet for data transfer, downloading, money transactions, or anything.

If the person using shared Wi-Fi doesn’t have a VPN (Virtual Private Network), their activities are noticeable to those using the same network, especially the hacker. Learn the pros and cons of VPN services.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely?

It may have seemed impossible to hack someone’s phone remotely one or two decades ago. But with some technological advancements, it has become possible now. Anyone can do so while sitting in the comfort of their home.

In this digital age, our personal information and data are no longer private. There are spy apps that allow people to hack someone’s phone remotely and operate in the background without their knowledge.

Did you ever wonder how to hack someone’s phone remotely free?

Usually, people use paid spy apps. The interested person can start with this process by visiting these apps’ official websites on the phone or laptop and choosing a subscription.

Some methods need physical access to the target person’s device, even for a few minutes.

The hacker uses the device to disable the 2-factor authentication system or other security protocols to break into the target person’s social media handles. Once the hackers know the passwords, they can check messages and online activities without the victim’s knowledge.

Some people keep passwords on their mobile phones. In contrast, others save them in the browsers so that they don’t have to enter login IDs and passwords again. It is also a flaw that hackers can use to get hold of another person’s IDs and passwords.

How to Hack Somebody’s Phone Using Spy Apps?

Many hackers today use spy apps to break into someone’s privacy. These apps work by running in the background and don’t have any icons. Hence, it is pretty difficult for the victims to discover if someone is tracking their phone activities.


Install the FamiSafe on your kid’s phone to track his activities.


  • Provides kids’ real-time location with location history and battery power on their phones.
  • Parents can hack into a phone and mark geofences as a safe area and receive notifications when the kid crosses it.
  • Block inappropriate apps and websites, plus track deleted browser history.
  • Track which apps are newly installed and how much time a kid spends on each app.
  • Parents can set the limit of time in which their kids can use a smartphone.
  • Sends alerts on parents’ devices on finding inappropriate content and suspicious texts on the kid’s phone.
Pros Cons
  • Allows access to multiple devices under one subscription plan
  • Multiple supporting platforms: Android, iOS, Kindle, macOS, Windows
  • YouTube video monitoring
  • Location tracking is only available on Android
  • Browser history tracking only on Android


Install mSpy on the phone and get all the information.


  • Tracking of incoming, outgoing, and deleted text messages, phone calls, and emails.
  • Provides access to the apps installed on the target’s phone and the control to block them.
  • Provides web monitoring feature to see the visited and bookmarked websites. It logs the typed keywords and blocks inappropriate websites.
  • Access to contact details (like phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses) and calendar schedules of the target phone.
  • GPS tracking along with social media monitoring (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Telegram).
  • View videos, photos, and other media files of the target devices.
Pros Cons
  • User-friendly setup and easy interface.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Available for multiple iOS and Android devices.
  • Difficult to use and update.
  • GPS location isn’t always accurate for hacking someone’s phone.
  • Works on limited devices.

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Highster Mobile

You can install the Highster Mobile app to monitor a kid’s phone and other devices.


  • Provides live tracking of incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and emails, along with a list of contacts.
  • Real-time location tracking and monitoring of media files with accurate timestamps.
  • Camera hacking to know what’s happening in the target person’s surroundings.
  • Receive alerts for entering inappropriate keywords on the web browser.
  • Social media monitoring (Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram) to know all the activities done on various platforms.
Pros Cons
  • Accepts one-time payment with lifetime free upgrades
  • Compatible with all the devices around the world
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It doesn’t support monthly payment
  • There are no free trial or demo versions to hack someone’s phone
  • No live chat, phone, or email support


You are required to install the Cocospy to get access to the phone.


  • Provides highly accurate GPS location tracking and alerts when the victim crosses the geofenced area
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages along with media files sent and received
  • Social media monitoring for tracking activities on Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram
  • Access to call history and contacts’ information, along with media files present on the target phone
  • View web browser history with timestamps and block inappropriate sites
Pros Cons
  • Tracking of both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  • SIM card tracker to get alerts on SIM change
  • No call recording or real-time screenshot feature
  • No free trial is available


You need access to the target device to install the Flexispy.


  • Provides phone call recording, interception, and environmental recording
  • Allows capturing photos and recording videos using a Spy camera
  • Deletes messages carrying inappropriate keywords before the target person can see it
  • Sends SMS alert when target person makes or receives a call
  • Allows capturing real-time screenshots of the application used on the target device
  • Allows remote controlling to turn certain features on/off, restart the phone, uninstall the app, etc.
Pros Cons
  • Provides free demo account
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Most advanced features are available
  • Requires some initial configurations
  • Some features need rooting
  • No website or mobile number-blocking feature

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Spyic helps to monitor a phone. Install on the target phone and monitor his phone.


  • Monitoring of sent and received messages and call logs to hack somebody’s phone.
  • Record phone calls along with access to phone contacts’ information.
  • Real-time location updates and alerts when the target crosses the geo-fenced area.
  • Monitoring social media activities and web browser history, including the previous search records.
  • Access to apps installed, calendar schedules, and multimedia files present on the target’s phone.
  • Keystroke logging to see all the keystrokes typed on apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Gmail, Evernote, Chrome, Gmail, etc.
Pros Cons
  • Great feature set with accessibility to multiple social media apps.
  • No rooting or jailbreaking is required to hack someone’s phone.
  • SIM tracker, keylogger, and geofencing tools.
  • Absent call recording and intercepting feature.
  • Doesn’t have a live phone or chat support.
  • Expensive.

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How to Hack a Phone Number?

How to hack a phone

You must be wondering if it is genuinely possible to hack a phone number. Well, it is, and even the process is straightforward. A person doesn’t have to be a high-end professional hacker or a part of a government organization to do this.

But how to hack someone’s phone with just their number?

A person can use any reliable spy software to track phone numbers. The internet market is full of such apps that can hack a smartphone using this process.

The hacker can also hack a phone number by sending a link carrying spyware or malware. Once the target person clicks on this link, the malware will collect the required information and send it to the hacker’s device.

The information can include anything from the IP address to the location of the victim’s mobile phone.

Read our blog to know the code to check if a phone is hacked.

Is It Possible to Hack a Phone Camera?

It may come as a surprise to some people when we say that hacking someone’s phone camera is possible. The hacker can get a real-time view of the surroundings of the person’s location and snap a pic or two.

Some people use this method to keep an eye on their kid’s activities. At the same time, others do it to find out about their spouse or lover’s honesty.

However it is considered breaching the privacy of others’ personal lives and is illegal in some countries. The hacker can get into legal complications or be sent to prison if the target person finds out about it.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Camera Using Another Phone?

As we discussed, the market is full of spy apps, and different ones may offer various features. Some software allows their customer to hack someone’s phone camera and give a good view of their surroundings.

The hacker sometimes attaches malware to specific apps or websites. When the target person clicks on the link or installs the app, the malware also starts working in the background. It gives away the root access of the target’s phone, including the camera.

Hacking someone’s phone camera is also possible when a person uses public Wi-Fi without a VPN.

Don’t know how to find out who hacked your cell phone, read our blog to fix it quickly.

How to Remotely Hack A Phone? (Summary)

Some people use spying apps and hacking methods to watch their children’s activity or check their mental health. However, hacking someone’s phone without their consent is illegal in some countries and can land the hacker in prison.

This hacking guide aims to inform our readers of how a hacker gets hold of someone’s device and misuses it. Have you ever faced hacking? Or hacked your kid’s device? Let us know through your comments.

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