How to Enable HTTPS on A Blogger Blog Having Custom Domain?


How to migrate from HTTP to https on blogger blog with custom domains? or How to install SSL on Blogger? Do you have any question like this in your mind? It is a really good news for all those who use Google Blogger; now you can enable HTTPS on a Blogger blog having a custom domain. Enabling Blogger HTTPS means your blog have an SSL certificate. After you enable HTTPS on your blog; visitors and readers will access your blog on the HTTPS instead of HTTP. Before, this feature was limited to Blogspot sub-domain only. For custom domain owner getting SSL certificate for Blogger was a dream. This SSL certificate is powered by Let’s Encrypt.

First, you should learn about SSL certificate then I will tell you how to get HTTPS Blogger custom domain.

Enable Blogger HTTPS on A Blog with a Custom Domain

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is a short form of Secure Socket Layer that guarantees your website security. On the internet when a user sends personal information or does financial transaction then it is required to keep this personal data safe and secure. For this, we need an SSL Certificate which ensures personal data is encrypted between the user device and web server and won’t be accessible to the third person. Learn how it works.

If a website is secure with SSL certificate it has an HTTPS connection. When some site makes believe to have SSL certificate or web browser unable to validate certificate it shows warning as shown below.

Pretending ssl certificate https connection

Why Use A SSL Certificate / HTTPS?

Google has announced a website with HTTPS connection will rank better in SERP. It means your blog will be ahead of competitors. Before you enable Blogger HTTPS, must take of these things-

– You need to submit your blog to Google Search Console again. As your new blog URL is similar to Do not forget to remove the existing “Property” of this blog.

– You have to ensure all image URLs are starting with HTTPS. You have to cross check all old posts.

– All custom blog gadgets should be checked to have SSL connections. If third party blog gadget does not have HTTPS connection then remove it.

Blog traffic may down for some days because Google will reindex it. So you must submit your blog and sitemap in Google Search Console. Do not forget to do the same for other webmaster tools like Bing etc.

Steps to Enable HTTPS on A Blogger Blog with Custom Domain

1. Sign in to Blogger dashboard.

2. Pick a blog to enable HTTPS

Pick a blog to enable HTTPS

3. Go to Settings > Basic > HTTPS

Go to settings > basic > https

4. Go to HTTPS availability and select YES from Dropdown

Enable https availability YES

It may take a little longer to enable HTTPS. Refresh the web page.

5. Go to HTTPS redirect and select YES from Dropdown

Enable https redirect YES

This option ensures all of the visitors will see your blog on HTTPS connection.

Congrats! you have successfully enabled Blogger HTTPS on a blog with a custom domain. Share your experience while implementing SSL for Blogger custom domain. Do not forget to share your old and new posts with new HTTPS URLs.


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