How to Grow An Instagram Account Fast? 100% Working Tips

Social media is a realm in cyberspace where you have all the authority over your profile and how you represent yourself. But is that enough to get people to like you or follow you amid thousands of people trying to be loved and fanned through their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts?

It’s certainly not easy to get people to like you in the real world, let alone in cyberspace, where your profile has to speak for you, which requires people stumbling upon your profile through marketing or chance. These options are not very practical if you are a housewife or a student looking for your piece of the pie. How to grow an Instagram account?

Do you know the easiest options for growing an Instagram account and getting more followers, likes, and comments?

How to Grow An Instagram Account

Do you dream of being an Instagram glitterati? With all the filtered photos competing for space on Instagram, it is difficult to become famous on this social network. However, if you want to do social media marketing, you cannot afford to ignore Instagram. It is the time when you should look for real Instagram followers. This network is known for its more engaged participation and younger audience.

The average Instagram user is between 14 and 24 years old. This demographic segment gets excited very fast and loses interest just as quickly. If you want thousands of likes and flowers from this base, your content must be engaging and constant lest you become an overnight sensation. How can you do it?

It’s a real question— how to grow your Instagram? Regarding social competition and brand development, the numbers never lie. Therefore, it has become a trend to grow real Instagram followers. With over one billion real active users, it’s a well-loved social media platform. The talk about ‘buying’ followers is nothing new. Yet, many are unaware of the benefits and what a business should do.

Instagram’s early introduction as a fun application for kids has become a good product advertising, networking administration, and audience-building instrument for people and brands. It’s a standout amongst the most popular networking sites on the planet.

Despite all the scandals that have shaken the users’ trust in them, social networks remain one of the most important media for publishers and advertisers, not to mention influencers, to stay in touch with their followers and potential customers. This means that Instagram is one of the most important channels and will likely remain relevant in the coming years. Thus, building a good following on networks like Facebook and Instagram will continue to be an important goal for anyone hoping to make a living online.

Here are a few of the best tips on how to grow an Instagram account fast.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram?

You need to follow certain methods when trying to find success on Instagram. Like any social media, it is an ever-changing field, and the best possible advice you can learn is always to expect the unexpected and stay updated all the time. That is how you can stay ahead of your competition. Firstly, you need to know how Instagram works. Instagram is an app that is solely based on pictures and tags. You should always use tags relevant to your picture, or your content might get lost.

Millions of people use Instagram every day, and there is a chance your content might get lost on the search page. So, gaining more and more Instagram followers and likes is essential within the first few hours of posting it. Always post good quality content and stay relevant to your overall timeline for the color scheme and content theme. Instagram allows up to 30 tags at present, and you can always go to the tags and find more relevant tags to put in your post.

Also, you should like some random posts related to your tags. Chances are, half of them will probably return the favor, and in any case, new people will visit your timeline, and if they like what they see, they might decide to follow. It is how your community will grow. Also, Instagram allows video posting; previously, it was up to 15 seconds. However, now they have increased it to 1 minute, and you can use this feature to do various things. You can post trailer ads or mini-promotional videos to increase audience interest.

Also, many musicians have decided to promote their work on Instagram as it does not take as much work as on YouTube, and they can just post snippets of their music on Instagram. Still, Instagram is a site that endorses visual things, so your content must be primarily visually appealing. With good content and proper timing, you can expect constant growth in the number of your Instagram followers.

How to Grow An Instagram Account?

This inquiry is the only one you can answer, and before you can even start the procedure, it is essential to make sense of why you need real Instagram followers. The one broadly acknowledged motivation behind why a business or an individual must upgrade their brand image. With a vast social following come numerous advantages and openings, which we will discuss in the rundown below.

The more followers you have on the platform, the better. The tips below are intended to help swell your fan base and ensure as many people as possible see your imagery.

You may think about how to grow an Instagram account. Hereunder are a few ways.

1. Make the most of your bio

It’s one of the most important things on your Instagram profile. Do you want your bio to be the only link to your website homepage, now and forever? Well, you need to make sure that you update your bio at least weekly and remember to use that clickable link to drive traffic to your content.

2. Personalize your theme

Personalize your Instagram theme

Own your Instagram account by giving it a personalized touch of your interests, but don’t go overboard. Look around on Instagram. You will find that those doing very well on Instagram have created their identities through nice things such as sports, travel logs, food pictures, and even makeup. You have to find your calling and do something unique on Instagram.

3. Great content

Put content that gets attention out there. Instagram is more of a visual platform, so get your camera clicking on what you want to promote on Instagram if you get seen with a celebrity, even in danger of being labeled a groupie.

Go to exciting places and tell your fans about them. The more Instagram followers you have, the better, so post as much as you can, but avoid looking narcissistic.

4. Jump into it, show your presence

Search Instagram

Social media is all about appearance, and the better the presentation, the more people you touch, and the more people you feel, the better the exposure. Therefore, better exposure means more likes and follows for you. Once you have decided on your area of expertise to upload pictures, you can jump onto other people’s posts and show your presence.

Explore the Photos and People options through the search to get started.

5. Make a theme for your photos

Cool, so if you took after #1, individuals will generally begin to see your username and may look at your profile. Give them something to fall in love with! We’ve discovered that it truly creates a theme for your Instagram. Record a few words you need individuals to connect with your account. We trust individuals glean that it’s brilliant, artistic, and brimming with adoration. Which words would you use for your account? Once you’ve settled on a theme, attempt your hardest to stick to it.

6. Be consistent with your pictures

When a user first visits your Instagram feed, he or she doesn’t see a stream of your latest posts but a grid with all the latest pictures you have shared. If these photos share many things in common—colors, topics, frames, and such—they will give your feed an air of consistency and stability, making it more attractive and alluring to a potential follower.

7. Follow popular hashtags and trends


Hashtags are based on popular trends, which is also the smart use of Hashtags. If you use a too-generic Hashtag, such as “Love,” who would notice it or stumble upon your pictures through this hashtag? Maybe one out of a million, but if you start using trending Hashtags and post relevant content that complements your base theme, Bingo! You have the perfect recipe to get noticed and get popular.

Use hashtags to engage with your audience and potentially gain new followers when posting a new update. But not just any hashtags—use the ones relevant to your update’s topic. Tagging your photos with the top trending hashtags might bring you a few new visitors, but only using the appropriate hashtags with your update will help you turn them into followers.

It doesn’t mean that you need to avoid trending hashtags – on the contrary. Prepare relevant content for the trending topics in advance – think #blackfriday, #feelingthankful, or #christmas, for example – and post it with the appropriate hashtag when the right time comes.

Oh, and avoid banned hashtags.

8. Update often and consistently

The more often you update your Instagram feed, the more followers you’ll get – this is the conclusion the people behind Tailwind have reached after studying more than 100,000 Instagram accounts. According to their data, the profiles that post at least once a week – or more often – get way more likes and followers than those who post more infrequently.

Growing your posting frequency to at least once a day (or more) can help you grow your following faster than anything else.

9. Timing Matters

It’s not just about the theme, content, and hashtags but also how you play with timings. If you start using a hashtag for an event that was used five days ago, would it be of any good to you? Not, because there would be so much content based on that single hashtag that you would not be able to get your presence. Be smart and time your posts right.

Last but not least, let’s look at the best time of the day to post if you want to grow your Instagram following: when your followers are most active. You can find information about this right inside your Instagram app by tapping on your profile photo, tapping the “Instagram Insights” (bar chart) icon, then scrolling down to “Followers” and tapping “See more.”

This section will give you vital information about what times of day and what days of the week your followers are most active. You can then serve them with fresh content around this time of day. If you have a business profile (no Instagram Insights), you can use third-party tools like Iconosquare to access this information and find the right time to post an update.

10. Post questions

Questions intrigue curiosity, and when you start posting questions to other people, you intrigue their interest not just towards the question but the person posting it as well. 8 out of 10 times, they would also want to know the person or the profile posing the question, which means more views for your Instagram.

Drawing attention to questions is an easy and sophisticated way to do things on Instagram instead of going influenced over everyone and looking like a spammer.

11. Don’t leave other social media platforms out

It means cross-posting on Instagram and appearing on Facebook and Twitter. This way, you can capture and follow your fans on different social networks. Cross-sharing works wonders, as those who like your posts will eventually get on Instagram and follow you from there. It means more chances to grow your Instagram followers.

Link other social media accounts

Another key feature to take care of is extending your reach through other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba, and People know you there more than just your pictures, and they would give you more attention on these platforms because of your connection with them.

You have to go to the Linked Account settings page via the settings page on your Instagram and look for the best options to extend your network. To start networking, you will find all the available options on the Linked Accounts page.

12. Prove you are a guru

You appear wise on a topic, and you will get many followers. It works well, especially for personal products like skin creams, which you can easily show off by posting great-looking skin. Post and post, and soon, you will be considered an expert.

13. Encourage followers to take action

It does not sound simple. People are more likely to do something if you ask them. When it comes to sharing a quote or “Like” photos. You have to ask them to like, share, and comment, and if they do it, ask your followers to tag a friend as well!

14. Double-tap in return

Many Instagram users will like being appreciated. Take time to double-tap and comment. It might prompt the user to check you up and double-tap in return. Users will consider you a friend after 2 or 3 likes. With this method, you could get 20 or more Instagram followers daily.

15. Like photos in your niche

We suggest reviewing other people’s photos each night and liking 5-10 photos on someone’s account. It would also help if you leave a genuine comment and give them a follow. Doing so would not help you get your brand name out there and would not allow other users to find you. We suggest doing this primarily for users in your niche. How do you find users in your niche? You can check hashtags, or you can view and follow back the followers of your favorite Instagrammers.

16. Communication is the key

It is usual for any Instagram user to find a person who posts engaging things and likes. More often than not, such a person has numerous followers because of the great things that they post. Along these lines, it is fitting to attempt to talk with such a person and start a discussion that can invite his/her followers to click your profile to see the sort of things that you post. Subsequently, that would lead you to get more followers over the long haul.

17. Ask your other followers to follow you back

Whether you have a blog, Twitter, or Facebook, it doesn’t matter. It’s wrong to assume that your people are already following you on every platform. Well, they aren’t! Share a quick tweet and update your Facebook status, encouraging them to follow you on Instagram. It will reel in more followers than you think. So what are you waiting for? Get going to grow your Instagram. Happy Instagramming!

18. Use Instagram tools

There are very good tools for analyzing your performance on Instagram. Get more Instagram followers and likes using tools, and these will tell you who likes your posts and those you are following and following back, and many more trends.

19. Follow celebrities

Get followed by a celebrity, and you will be surprised how many fans believe you. It might not be easy, but by always liking their posts and making loads of faithful follower’s comments, they might feel obliged to follow you in return. It is an open endorsement, and you are good to go if you combine it with a picture.

20. Flow with the crowd

Do not forget the flow with the crowd. If there is a hot trend, jump on it, run with it, and engage those interested. This way, Instagram followers of others will love to follow you.

Top Benefits of Instagram Followers for A Brand or Personality

Social media works just like the normal world. It is just that the medium is the internet and virtual, but the effect is very much real. Therefore, having massive followers on Instagram also has many benefits, just like in the real world:

Become Famous

Lastly, becoming popular is the most important benefit of having more Instagram followers. Everybody wants to be seen and followed by others, whether it is one’s lifestyle or what they do or wear. One can be a person who is looked up to by many and takes inspiration from, and thus, one can increase one’s social value. You can create a brand identity, and don’t forget to avoid these branding mistakes to get success.

Promote A Cause

Everybody thinks of bringing certain changes in the world or a community, be it a social or environmental issue. However, that is possible only if one has many Instagram followers. More followers mean one can spread their word more widely. It helps reach more audiences; ultimately, action can be taken to bring that change. Do you know? How can I check who stalks my Instagram profile?

Earn Money

You have heard people are making money with Google. You can utilize Instagram for the same purpose. Having many followers means one can reach more people daily. It is the sole reason why many brands and companies look out for such Instagrammers. Every company wants to reach a specific targeted audience, so they can contact Instagram to promote their products. An influencer account can be an excellent place to get more sales, and one can get paid pretty well.

Market Your Product

If one is a business person with a small to medium-sized business, then Instagram has become the perfect platform to reach new clients and customers. Having a wide following of different types of people can be very useful. It is useful in creating a wide network for a business. Also, having many Instagram followers to flaunt on someone’s profile means the visitors will think the product is famous. Finally, their followers will show interest in a promoted product or service, and more sales can come this way. You learn about brand marketing.

What other methods are you using to grow your Instagram followers? Share your tips in a comment below.

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