What Does YK Mean on Snapchat?

In the age of the internet and social media, millions of people are crazy about Snapchat. Unlike other social media platforms, it simplifies how people connect on the internet. You can send messages and snaps and react to their videos.

People who are engaged on Snapchat, what to convey their feelings without typing much, so various Internet slang originates on this platform. You are on the right page if you don’t know what YK means on Snapchat. The acronym YK stands for ‘You Know?’ or ‘You’re Kidding,’ depending on your conversation’s context.

In this post, you’ll learn the definition of YK and the use of YK on Snapchat in your conversations. Then, let’s explore much about slang YK in Snapchat conversations.

What does YK mean on Snapchat

What Does YK Mean on Snapchat?

Those actively engaged on social media platforms know that most Internet abbreviations originate from social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, etc. These abbreviations convey your message in a few letters instead of typing much. But your friends should be aware of these texting codes.

This post talks about a popular abbreviation, “YK,” used on Snapchat. The slang “YK” has more than one meaning. You need to understand the context before replying to it.

“You Know?” is the first meaning of “YK.” Often, people use it after finishing up their sentences. It is used to ask a question or take confirmation from someone. Alternatively, you can take it like a tag question because you say YK after completing a sentence.

“You’re Kidding!” is another meaning of “YK” on Snapchat. This affirmative sentence is used to refuse a statement. Like the first meaning, It is not any question. You can use this abbreviation generally to express a surprise after listening to a weird question or sentence.

Sometimes, YK also means “Young King.” The fans of American rapper YK Osiris (Osiris Jahkail Williams) use “YK” for him. The popular song “Worth it” by YK reached number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019.

Examples of “YK” on Snapchat Conversations

In this part, we have examples showing how you can use “YK” on Snapchat.

Example 1:

Person 1: “Maria has started a new business, YK?”

Person 2: “YK!”

The YK in the first person’s sentence means “You Know?” while the second person’s reply “YK!” means “You’re Kidding.” Thus, the first “YK?” is a question, while the second “YK!” denotes surprising news.

Example 2:

Person 1: “I can’t deny needy people, YK?”

Person 2: “Yes, I know. You are so kind-hearted.”

In this example, the second person is aware of how kind-hearted the first person is. The first person uses “You know?” to express her strong wish to care for needy people.

Synonym of “YK”

You can express the same feeling without saying, “You know?” and “You’re kidding.”

Let’s see what else can be used instead of “You know?”

The alternative terms for “You Know” can be “Right?”, “Understand?” or “See?” These can be used to ask a question or take confirmation from someone.


The first way: Eric got selected for a modeling assignment, you know?

The alternative way: Eric is doing a modeling assignment, right?

Let’s see how to express surprise or affirm something without saying, “You’re kidding.”

You can replace “You’re kidding with “No way!” or “Jeepers!” Other good options are “Really?”, “Seriously?”, “What a surprise!”, “You gotta kidding me!” or “You don’t say!”


The first way: “YK! Sophia can’t say that. I don’t believe you.”

The alternative way: “No way! Sophia can’t say that. I don’t believe you.”

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We can replace “You know?” or “You’re kidding!” with YK. For example, you can place “YK?” at the end of your sentence to make it interrogative. In contrast, you can use “YK!” at the beginning or end of the sentence to make it affirmative.

So, you’ve learned almost everything about “YK” and now can use the abbreviation when required. You can subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest updates, tips, and tricks about social media.

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