How to Take a Social Media Break to Improve Mental Health?

Social media is an excellent way to connect with others. No one can deny that social media is an interesting platform to connect people worldwide, bringing friends together from any place at any time. It allows you to meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, and it will enable you to stay in touch with people you wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with otherwise. But, despite all the facts, social media can indeed harm mental health, leading to certain disorders like depression, anxiety, and much more if gone out of control.

Why are we not taking a break from social media, limiting our screen time, and taking a step towards real-life connection? We should spend some time with our families, who are thirsty for the love and affection they need.

Social media can breed comparison; for some, it can even become an addiction. It can be easy to get tied up in the drama that comes with social media. Social media breaks are a great way to ground yourself and remind yourself what matters in life. So, what can you do while you take a social media break to improve your mental health?

Social media break to improve mental health

Ways to Take Social Media Break

Nowadays, Social media detox has become necessary due to social media addictions. Let’s look at how taking a break from social media can help you improve your mental health.

Stay connected while disconnected

It’s essential to stay connected with others even when you’re disconnected from social media. You can step away from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook but talk to your friends via video chat, text, or phone.

COVID-19 has come with many challenges that impact mental health, and one of those challenges is social distancing. However, social distancing doesn’t have to mean not talking to people. For our emotional health, we need to connect with others and socialize. You can prioritize that and understand that social media isn’t the only way to connect with others from a distance.

A common reason people need to step away from social media is that it is a highlight reel and it is fake to some extent. You may see posts from your loved ones, but do you truly know what’s going on in their lives?

When you step away from social media, you can talk to people on a deeper level, get a sense of their feelings, and talk about what’s going on in their lives. That’s one of the many ways that taking a social media break is healthy; it can take you away from reality, and if you step away for a moment, you connect with reality again.

Delete social media apps from your phone

Most of us try disconnecting from social media, but we continuously check social media. This feeling disturbs them. In this situation, you must delete social media apps from your phone if you really want to take a social media break and avail its advantages. It is better to check your friends’ social media activities from your desktop at a decided time. It will help you avoid social media, but you won’t miss the essential things if you don’t want to leave your social media friends alone.

Track your social media time

A goal and a time limit for using your phone should be set. Many apps are there that can be downloaded to track the amount of usage. It is very important to set a time limit for your mental peace.

Discipline to use your phone

You should be disciplined about using your phone. You can prepare a timetable to pick up phone calls and check social media notifications. Also, you should not check your phone in certain areas or zones when you are at home or the office. These areas may be the kitchen, dining table, bedroom when you are going to sleep, etc. Similarly, you are sitting at your work desk, meeting room, etc., at the office.

Turn off Social media notifications

You would not believe it, but taking a break would be of great help. I do this. Turning off notifications would not hamper your other work, and you will not continuously check your phone again and again.

Mute your phone

Keeping your phone down when sitting with your loved ones or spending quality time with them is very important. Smartphones or social media cannot replace family and friends. It is quite annoying when people see you giving your phone top priority. Phone kills that love and respect, so the best way is to keep it out of reach. You can mute your phone or enable do not disturb option to stay with yourself and loved ones.

Do things the old-fashioned way

Taking a social media break means that you’ll have a certain amount of free time. This free space allows you to go back to basics and get back in touch with old hobbies or methods of communication. Have you ever thought that it would be fun to have a penpal? Letter writing is seemingly lost art, but it can be cathartic, and receiving letters in the mail is fun. You can write to your parents and grandparents or ask a friend if they want to write letters back and forth.

You can also engage in solo hobbies during a social media break. For example, you may have loved drawing when you were younger, but perhaps you haven’t had time to do it due to work or have been too distracted by technology.

During your social media break, get in touch with the things that you love to do. Remember, things that have nothing to do with what’s happening online. Doing something you enjoy is good for your mental health, and sometimes, social media takes up more time than we realize. We unintentionally distance ourselves from our hobbies. 

You may send a greeting card and gift to your family members or friends instead of writing “Happy birthday” on their social media. This will show your deep love and respect for your loved ones.

Spend quality time with your family

Social Media-free days are very important to set for taking healthy breaks. It can allow you to connect with your loved ones by spending quality time or engaging in some tasks or activities. Set either Sunday or the whole weekend according to your will.

Take time to quiet your mind

There’s something to be said for meditation and other relaxation practices. Meditation is shown to have a positive effect on mental health and mindset.

There are a lot of guided meditations out there that you can use to get started if you are new to meditation. Using your social media break to slow down and quiet your mind can benefit you in the long term.

If you integrate grounding exercises, meditation, or any other relaxing routine into your life while you’re off social media, you can continue that practice when you return to it.

As a result, you will find that your stress levels are better managed and that you feel more connected with your inner self. If meditation isn’t for you, that’s okay. There are many ways to learn how to manage your stress levels effectively, and one of them is to go to counseling.

Online counseling

Online counseling is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their mental health or work through any issues in their life. Maybe you’re trying to take a social media break and feel a little bit addicted to social media platforms.

Alternatively, a social media break might not be enough, and you might find that you’re still struggling or need someone to talk to when you feel alone. Whether you see someone in person or online, a mental health professional like a therapist or counselor will provide a safe space to open up about anything you’re going through. Search the network of online counselors at BetterHelp and find the perfect fit for you.

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