What Does Swoop Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat is another social media app that people use to spend their leisure time and connect with other people from around the globe. After installing the Snapchat app on your mobile, you’ll love it like your first crush. It’s easy and simple to use and loaded with useful features. You can do private chats with your friends and also share pictures and videos on the platform. It has over 375 million daily active users. You may easily guess its popularity among other apps.

Once you start using Snapchat, you occasionally see the use of new slang on the platform. The slang “Swoop” confuses many people. They can’t guess the meaning behind it easily. The texting code “Swoop” means getting a ride from someone. Teenagers use the slang Swoop to ask someone to go somewhere.

So, let’s dive into the topic– What does Swoop mean on Snapchat? You’ll also learn how to use the slang word Swoop when chatting with somebody. Without wasting our time, we move to the topic.

What does Swoop mean on Snapchat

What Does Swoop Mean on Snapchat?

According to the Collins Dictionary, if someone says “swoop” while texting on Snapchat, it means picking someone up from a certain location. It also refers to getting someone from somewhere. The term Swoop is a verb, so add the suffix “-ed” to convey the meaning “someone picked you up.”

Still in a dilemma? How to use Swoop on Snapchat. So, I try to explain to you through examples.

Example 1:

Person 1: “Are you ready to attend a wedding reception with me?”

Person 2: “Why not! But I didn’t book the cab yet.”

Person 1: “No need to book a cab. I’ll swoop. Be ready. I am coming to your house.”

Person 2: “Thank you!”

Example 2:

Person 1: “Oh, Marry, I thought you won’t come today.”

Person 2: “I missed my train, but James swooped me here.”

Example 3: 

Person 1: “Are you coming or not? We have reached the cinema. The movie will start in the next 10 minutes.”

Person 2: “Alice promised to swoop today, but she is late. So I don’t think I will reach on time.”

Person 3: “Book a cab or ask your brother to get yourself swooped, or I won’t see the movie alone.”

There is no specific definition of Swoop. It’s slang that shortens the Snap conversation with your friends.

You may phrase Swoop in your sentences, which means picking somebody up from somewhere. This slang isn’t used in Snapchat’s stickers. When you search Snapchat, you find no relevant animation clip illustrating Swoop’s meaning of “to pick someone up.”

We are coming to the next part of our article and will show you another meaning of “Swoop.” Please don’t skip this part if you want to know more about it.

Another Meaning of Swoop on Snapchat

Swoop is also used to indicate “an object moving quickly down from the air.” Its sound resembles a bird or a person skydiving, passing through the air around you.

Especially the Spotlight section shows you the second meaning of Swoop. As you type and search “Swoop” in the Spotlight section, you see two hashtags, #swoop and #swooping.

When you browse posts under these hashtags, most results are related to skydiving.

I don’t get any information about why “Swoop” on Snapchat refers to picking someone up from somewhere. However, this interesting non-standard form of language (i.e., slang) is heavily used in texting on Snapchat.

I recommend you use the popular slang Swoop on other social media platforms or in your daily life and see how people react to it.


I hope you got the meaning and usage of the slang Swoop on Snapchat. Remember to share this article with your family and friends, so they can get more information on the slang “Swoop.” Please subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll bring more relevant articles related to social media to make your social media experience smooth.

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