Internet users need enough security to send encrypted data over network. Which helps the concept of developing VPN technology. Now a days millions of users are taking advantage of a VPN service like VyprVPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VyprVPN service has technological ability to enhance users’ privacy while they are connected to internet and sharing data with others.

Golden Frog is among top VPN service providers. It was founded in San Fransisco where the NSA was conducting surveillance on AT&T’s network to build tools that preserve user privacy over an open and secure internet. Golden Frog, GmbH is located in Switzerland and house all customer data only here. You can read more about Golden Frog here and what we offer to protect user privacy.

VyprVPN for every device

Hereunder are few key differentiators –

  1. To deliver fast and reliable connections company own engineers and manage VPN servers. Does not involve 3rd party companies to protect privacy from end to end.
  2. Company engineered VyprVPN service and write codes to deliver fastest VPN access along with highest level of security. Own network engineers regularly optimized global VPN network for speed and performance.
  3. As many ISPs throttle internet connections during streaming but VyprVPN makes streaming fastest as possible. You can check proof – how VyprVPN speeds up Verizon connection?
  4. User can choose VyprVPN application for different operating systems like – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Router.
  5. User can use multiple VPN protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and Chameleon to ensure encryption, speed and protection.
  6. Physical network and servers are located in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Middle East.
  7. Golden Frog solely developed zero-logging VyprDNS to increase user privacy and defeat censorship across the world.
  8. VyprVPN serving premium and high-quality products which includes 24/7/365 support through email and online chat.

Advantage & Benefits of using VyprVPN Service –

  1. Enhance Security – To keep your data secured and encrypted from evil coders.
  2. Complete Privacy – Users can ensure complete privacy to access both websites and web applications. Hide IP Software and proxies does not offer this feature.
  3. Remote Access – You have option to access VPN remotely from anywhere. Which often increase productivity with in a company.
  4. Exceptional Performance – Network bandwidth and efficiency can be generally increased.
  5. Access Blocked Content – Users can unblock website and bypass internet filters. VPN is more useful in those countries where most of internet content is on censorship.
  6. Share private data – If working in a group and need access to shared files for long time then VPN is for you.
  7. Custom IP Address – Those who are looking for IP address from specific country can use VPN.
  8. Wi-Fi Security – Those who use public Wi-Fi, anyone on the network, can easily spy on you. VPN can ensure privacy of web browsing session.
  9. Malware Protection – VyprVPN service can alert you for malicious sites and block them. It can block almost every phishing and spam sites that can infect your machine.
  10. Low Maintenance Costs – VPN has benefit of low maintenance cost because it does not require network setup and surveillance.


I believe VyprVPN service can be a perfect choice with best service and dedicated customer support.