Today everybody want to stay safe i.e. don’t want to get hacked by cyber criminals. Nobody can deny the famous quote – “Precaution is better than cure.” So preventive measures should be considered before any problem occurs. Thus in present time everyone should think of cyber security first while having access to internet.

System security is a first step and it always counts whether you’re using computer or smartphone. Many of us want to keep themselves anonymous to protect personal information from other internet users, while browsing different websites, blogs, forums and marketplaces. Today almost every site is tracking user’s personal information and location to enhance user experience on their website. But in most of the cases it’s not safe to share personal information through IP address because it may a loophole for cyber criminals.

Every day we read in newspapers or hear in TV and radio news, cyber-crime is raising high and cyber world is victim of illegal activities of hackers and spammers. These cyber criminals are stealing someone’s personal information and using it in many ways to complete their ill will. So it’s better to keep safe your personal information over internet.

You can use a VPN software to protect yourself against such illegal activities. If I tell you the name of such VPN software, the first name comes in my mind is Hide My IP. It’s a veteran VPN software which uses OpenVPN technology to protect you. I believe it’s a powerful tool which facilitates number of features, you always want to use to make sure anonymity over internet.

HIDE MY IP – The VPN Software

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Using Hide My IP you can access blocked websites in your location and enjoy the experience of private web surfing. Along with that you can stay anonymous over internet and hide yourself from everyone. This way you prevent hackers to acquire your IP address. Hiding IP address from world means you can send anonymous email, and have encrypted internet connection.

We have found a large number of our users like to use Hide My IP for unblocking websites or avoiding censorship, as some countries block access to many websites, or some websites block access from outside a country or location.  For example, a user may have a Netflix account, and not be able to access their account while traveling on holiday.  With Hide My IP, they can gain full access to their Netflix account.

Hide My IP – the VPN Software, which uses most secure internet traffic encryption, is available for operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Android. All versions enable users to use many features like –

  1. Anonymous web surfing
  2. Access blocked sites
  3. Identity theft protection
  4. Encrypted internet connection
  5. Prevent spying on you
  6. Anonymous emailing
  7. Wi-Fi hotspots protection

You can download and use this software for free. Unlimited trial IP Locations are available. If you find this software useful and want to access ALL VPN locations for Lifetime, then you have to purchase a license key. Don’t worry about dissatisfaction! Hide My IP comes with 30 day money back guarantee.

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