2017 has been a busy year for web design so far.  While every year the way we design web pages changes, this year seems to be moving at lightning speed.  Some of these changes are simple while others are complicated.  Below you will find three web design trends that are becoming huge in 2017.  Each of these trends should not be ignored, especially if you are serious about staying on top of your web design game.  So please make sure to check them out before you leave.  They just might help you build a better website.


Web design trends

Responsive Design

In 2017, most people surfing the internet will do so by smartphone.  This has dramatically changed the way web designers build sites.  In the last decade, website design companies have slowly caught onto this growing trend.  Now websites have to be mobile-friendly and responsive for anyone who visits.  Failure to design a responsive website will cost you browser ranking and your page to likely get lost in the crowd.   There are many different ways you can make your website responsive including having good backlinks and making sure each page loads quickly.  To learn more about responsive web design, please make sure to check out this link.

Super Simple Landing Pages

Landing pages these days don’t have to be complicated and contain loads of information.  In 2017, the trend has been to go simple.  By having simple landing pages, you will be able to get your message across without weighing the visitor down with unnecessary info.  These landing pages now serve as doorways that will lead guests to more important pages.  Landing pages should be easy to navigate and as we learned above, responsive.  Many people browse the internet using smart devices and require these pages to be simple and clean.  For more information on simple landing pages, please visit this helpful link.

Less Stock Photos for Business Websites

In the past, most web designers relied on stock photos to get their message across.  While stock photos are still used today, many designers are choosing to use more authentic photographs.  These photos are taken by a professional photographer and they often depict buildings, places, and people that are directly related to the business.  This gives visitors of the website a real view of the company they are dealing with instead of just some random photos of places and people.

These web design trends are just a few of the ways the world of web design has changed over the last few years.  With more people than ever using the internet, the way they surf the web has greatly influenced web design.  The websites of the future will have a more personal approach and will need to be simple and easy to navigate pages.  If you are new to web design, the trends above will help you understand the importance of responsive design. Remember, you are building websites for not only the search engines, but for the people that visit them as well.