How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

What is a Chip Bot, and how to use this bot on your Discord? We’ll answer all your questions in this article.

You can play music with Chip bot on Discord. The Chip bot commands are easy to learn and control the music player. You can use Chip music bot to queue soundtracks, search for songs, play and pause a song, replay the soundtrack, find lyrics, etc. Moreover, the Chip Discord bot has enough features to enjoy music with other Discordians while playing games or chatting.

Are you eager to know what a Chip bot can do for you on your Discord server? Then, read our article so that we can guide you further. Please don’t skip any part of this article to learn the Chip bot’s features.

How to use Chip bot on Discord

How to Add Chip Bot to Discord

Discord is not only for sending messages, video calling, or doing voice chats with your friends. In addition, you can use a music bot to enhance your experience of using Discord.

Chip bot allows playing music while using Discord with your friends. You can use other Discord music bots like Hydra, Pancake, etc., but some music bots like Octave got shut down with time. Therefore, you can pick Chip bot as their alternative.

Discord Chip bot commands let you automate tasks, and you enjoy the music without bothering you much. However, before getting more information about Chip music bot commands, learn how to add Chip bot to Discord.

Complete the following steps to invite Chip bot to Discord:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Tap the Invite Chip button.
  3. Select a server to allow Chip bot to access your Discord account and tap the Continue button.
  4. It needs all permissions, so tap the Authorize button without unticking any checkbox.
  5. Solve the captcha to add the Chip bot on your server.
  6. Go to your server and access General under text channels. You’ll see the message “Good to see you, Chip.”

Chip bot is a free music bot, but you can upgrade to the premium version. So you will get more advanced bot features if you go for the premium version.

The free version comes with basic commands that can enhance your music experience on your Discord server. The premium version is good for those who play music extensively and need more controls.

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

After adding Chip to your Discord, you can use it on your server. Play your favorite music while using Discord with other players. In addition, you can connect to a voice channel to enjoy music within your server.

Let’s see how using the Chip bot on the Discord app differs from the web version.

Using Chip On Discord App [Mobile]

The following steps are to play music using the Chip bot on your Discord app:

  1. Open the Discord app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left to exit a channel where you are in.
  3. Tap a server in which you’ve added the Chip bot.
  4. Long press the name of a voice channel.
  5. Tap the Open chat icon to start conversion.
  6. Enter /play command + song’s name or URL next to input (E.g., /play input Shape of you). Chip starts thinking…, and plays music from Spotify.
  7. The song will play shortly. Enjoy the music.

Using Chip on Discord App [Desktop]

Follow the steps given below to play music using the Chip bot on the web version of Discord:

  1. Open the Discord app on your computer.
  2. Select a server to which you’ve added the Chip bot. This list of servers is available in the left navigation menu.
  3. Connect to any voice channel.
  4. Tap the chat icon that appears after hovering over the voice channel’s name.
  5. Type /play [the song’s name or URL] into the text box (E.g., /play input perfect) and press the Enter or Return key.
  6. Chip searches the song to play or queue for you.

Main Chip Bot Commands

Chip bot commands are easy-to-remember. It uses the prefix “/” before every action name. For example, the following are the Chip commands you can use:

  • /play [song’s name or URL] – to play a soundtrack.
  • /pause – to pause the currently playing soundtrack.
  • /replay – to replay the current song.
  • /resume – to resume a paused song.
  • /loop current – to loop the current song.
  • /stop – to stop the currently playing soundtrack.
  • /lyrics – to get the lyrics of the currently playing song.
  • /search – to search for a song.
  • /autoplay – to enable autoplay mode. Chip adds recommended tracks to the queue.
  • /clear queue – to remove all the queued songs.
  • /queue list – to display the song’s queue page.
  • /skip – to skip the current song and move to the next track in the queue.
  • /forceskip – to forcefully skip a selected soundtrack.
  • /volume [value] – to increase or decrease the volume. E.g., /volume 120
  • /pitch [value] – to set the pitch in percentage. E.g., /pitch 120
  • /bassboost [value] – to set the bass boost in percentage. E.g., /bassboost 120

We haven’t listed all Chip bot commands that you can use on Discord. To learn more commands, you can visit the website:

Summing Up

Bots simplify our online experience. You can add the Chip bot to play and control music on Discord. Everybody who has joined your channel can enjoy music while messaging or chatting with other users.

This way, you can add and use the Chip bot for Discord. It will be a great addition to your server. Overall, make sure to have a good time and delight in your music experience on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invite Chip bot to voice channel?

You can use the invite link to add Chip bot to your voice channel.

How to play music with Chip bot on Discord?

You can use /play and other commands to play music with the Chip bot.

Where does Chip bot get music from?

Chip bot gets music from Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

Why is Chip bot offline?

Chip bot may be offline due to technical glitches, upgrades, and maintenance.

How to remove Chip bot from Discord?

You can use the kick commands to remove Chip bot from Discord.

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