How To Add Pancake Bot to Discord

Gamers and YouTubers use the Discord Server to live-stream their gameplay, collaborate and chat with other players while playing games with them.

The Discord server is feature rich. The Pancake bot can bring more features to it. Using the bots with the Discord server can be hard sometimes. So, we are writing this article on how to add Pancake bot to Discord.

You can invite the Pancake bot to your Discord server and run commands to execute certain tasks. It’s required to add the prefix “p!” before every command.  Type a command with the prefix “p!” and press enter to run it.

You can play music, moderate the server, do role management, and run fun commands with the Pancake bot. So, it can be an alternative to the Octave bot.

So, let’s begin with our topic– how to add and use Pancake bot on your Discord server.

How to add Pancake Bot to Discord

How to Add Pancake Bot to Discord?

After inviting the Pancake bot to Discord to your Discord server, you can use it. So, learn how to add the Pancake bot to Discord. The steps to add the Pancake bot to Discord are straightforward. Anyone can complete them in a couple of minutes.

Simply follow the four steps given hereunder, and you are done.

Step #1: Visit the Pancake Bot Website

  • Open your favorite web browser on your computer.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • Hit the enter or return button on your keyboard.
  • The official website will open up.

Step #2: Invite the Pancake Bot

  • Now, look for the Invite Bot button. It is available next to the Get Support Button.
  • Click on the Invite Bot button to proceed to the next step.

Step #3: Select A Server

In this step, you authorize the Pancake bot to access your Discord account.

  • From the Add To Server drop-down, select a server.
  • And press the Continue button.

Step #4: Authorize

On the next page, you see all the check-boxes are ticked.

  • Keep them checked and click the Authorize button.
  • Often, it asks to complete a captcha. Follow the steps, and done!

How to Use Pancake Bot on Discord?

Till now, you learned how to add the Pancake bot to your discord server. So, let’s move to how to use the Pancake bot.

In this section, I will introduce you to various Pancake bot commands, so you can use the bot to perform various tasks.

Let’s dive deep into the topic.

Get The List Of Commands

To use the Pancake bot in your Discord server, you have to get the list of commands. This will save time and effort using the bot.

You can type “p!help” to see the list of all available Pancake commands. Simply use the prefix command to change the default prefix “p!.”

Music Commands

You can enjoy the music with the Pancake bot. It helps you to add music to your channel. As you enter the “p!join” command, the bot joins your voice channel.

The following are the music commands that you can use:

  • p!play – to play a song.
  • p!autoplay – to play a song you request, then automatically picks the next track relatively.
  • p!search – to search for a list of songs on Spotify.
  • p!pause – to pause the music playback.
  • p!resume – to resume the music playback.
  • p!join – to join your voice channel.
  • p!nowplaying – to show the currently playing song.
  • p!lyrics – to search for a favorite song with lyrics.
  • p!repeat – to play the same song once again.
  • p!skip – to skip the current song.
  • p!volume – to change the music volume.
  • p!bassboost – to change the bass boost level.
  • p!move – to move to the next song.
  • p!queue – to show the current song queue.
  • p!remove – to remove a song from the queue.
  • p!shuffle – to shuffle the music queue.
  • p!seek – to seek through a currently playing song.
  • p!stop – to stop the music, clear the queue, and disconnect from your server.

Images Commands

You can send a picture or meme to keep other users entertained on your channel.

The following are the commands you can use:

  • p!magik – to enhance an image.
  • p!darken – to darken an image.
  • p!brighten – to brighten an image.
  • p!saturate – to saturate an image.
  • p!invert – to invert an image.
  • p!grayscale – to grayscale an image.
  • p!implode – to implode an image.
  • p!explode – to explode an image.
  • p!sepia – to make an image sepia.
  • p!beautiful – to generate an image “oh this- this is beautiful.”
  • p!birb – to show random birb.
  • p!meme – to show a dank Reddit meme.
  • p!dog – to show a random dog picture.
  • p!cat – to show a random cat picture.
  • p!smile – to show a smiling picture.
  • p!blush – to show a blushing picture.
  • p!cry – to show a crying picture.

So, adding effects to images is simple with commands. You can use already shared images on your channel or use the external link to add effects to them. You can also share memes using meme commands and emotions using relevant commands.

Info Commands

You can run Info commands to see the user information through the Pancake bot.

The following are the commands you can use:

  • p!donate – to get your information on Pancake premium.
  • p!userinfo – to get various information about yourself and the specified user.
  • p!avatar – to get a bigger image of a user avatar.
  • p!roleinfo – to get more information on a role.
  • p!serverinfo – to get detailed information about your server.
  • p!stats – to see Pancake statistics.
  • p!ping – to see Pancake’s latency to Discord’s API.
  • p!invite – to see the URL to invite Pancake.

Moderation Commands

If you want, you can run moderation commands to moderate your channel.

  • p!warn – to give the warning to a specified user.
  • p!ban – to ban a user and clear their past messages.
  • p!softban – to softban a user from the server (including ban and unban). Remove a week of messages.
  • p!kick – to kick out a user from the server.
  • p!mute – to mute a user for a specified time.
  • p!duration – to change the duration of a mute or ban.
  • p!unban – to unban the specified user ID from the server.
  • p!vckick – to kick out a specified user from the voice channel.

Pancake also has more commands that you can use to manage your Discord server. You can follow this link – to get more about them.


You can use Discord’s exceptional feature to bring more fun and interactions to your server.

One of them is the Pancake Discord bot. Pancake is a multi-purpose discord bot, but anyone can use it without prior experience using its commands. You can play songs, share funny images, and moderate users on your voice channel.

It was all about how to add and use the Pancake bot on your server. Let us know how you find our guide, and remember to share it with your family and friends.

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