Yes, you read it right! We’re talking about the rumors about Sony Xperia Z5. It seems pretty insane but you believe it or not, the rumors have been surfacing on the web for past few days now, and interested tech freaks have already started making virtual image of the device about what could be there in this upcoming Sony device.

If you are one among many fans of Sony smartphones, then you better keep eye on rapidly pouring rumors to get an idea what the upcoming device from your favorite tech giant will bring in it.

sony xperia z5 concept

Sony Xperia Z5 Rumored Features

Starting with the rumors, the most rumored part, just like most of the times, is outer look of the device. The look of smartphones does matter and nowadays, makers take special care of this part. Well, the next era is going to be of high-end smartphones with premium look, so, going with most of rumors that have come so far, we expect Sony Xperia Z5 to come up with premium look. It will likely be thicker than its predecessors, and will have more angular sides. Since plastic in high-end highly priced smartphones is very cheap thing to get, so we don’t want to get that in Xperia Z5.

Talking about the display, the most recent rumors claim 5.5 inch screen size in the device. 4K screen resolution is what we expect to get in Xperia Z5. As per the rumor mill, Sony is looking forward to make Xperia Z5 a gaming device. To achieve that, company must have to deliver incredible display quality.

In the processor part, what the rumors surfaced so far claim is possible inclusion of 3.2GHz Octa Core 64bit Qualcomm processor in the device. This will surely take the processing part to new end. Again, to keep focus on gaming part, company will have to enrich the processor part. This rumored processor will surely deliver a smooth gaming experience to users.

For all photography enthusiasts out of you, the rumors are pretty cherish. They claim 30MP with G+ sensors and 10MP Secondary Camera with interesting features to enhance your photography experience.

In the storage part, what we know so far is 128GB internal storage in the device. We are yet to hear rumors claiming any different story. Nothing can be said if there would be option for memory expansion via microSD card or not.

4500 mAh is battery expected in Xperia Z5. This will deliver a long life to your device with just one-time-full charge.

Release Date and Price

There are no rumors so far regarding what could be release date of Sony Xperia Z5. Talking about the price, since the features are going to be very high, so price tag will be high likewise. Price tag of anywhere near $1000 is what we expect to happen with Sony Xperia Z5.

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