11 Incredible SEO Tips to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

Website traffic is the key to the success of any of the websites. It is required to attract more and more users to your website.

This is the era of technology. Humans are increasing their intellectual power using this technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making machines more intelligent. Both technologies are being used, and bringing legitimate traffic to a website has become a challenge.

You must target the right audience to sell your product or service. Understanding what people are looking for and how you can provide the same solution is required. How will you know where your target audience is? If your audience is somewhere, the next challenge is attracting them to your product or service. Do you know how to attract your audience?

We should be thankful for the Internet and search engines like Google, which help businesses achieve targeted traffic.

It is interesting to know that 93% of online businesses are successful all because of Google search. It may be surprising, but if a brand link ranks first, then there is only a 33% chance of being clicked.

Only the right digital marketing agency can help you rank your brand link at the first position in Google Search.

How to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

SEO tips to increase website traffic

It doesn’t matter whether you hire an SEO expert or practice SEO but learn the following incredible SEO tips. Implementing these tips can increase website traffic, which is important for online digital success.

1. Double Check Your On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is an old technique but still important. You must check whether your website or a page has been optimized for the desired keyword. Yoast calls this the “focus keyword.”

The focus keyword is the primary keyword you want to rank your website or blog post. You must double-check if your focus keyword is present in the title, article, permalink, alt tag of image, meta description, etc.

Keyword stuffing should be avoided. Don’t over-optimize your content. It may cause a Google penalty.

Learn about How to Write SEO Optimized Text.

You must use a long-tail keyword and its LSI. An experienced digital marketing agency will encourage you to use long-tail instead of short-tail keywords.

It is interesting that long-tail keyword search queries are increasing exponentially. You must practice White hat SEO and optimize your content more interactively. Keyword density is one of the important factors to consider while doing on-page optimization. Yoast recommends up to 2.5% keyword density, but other SEO experts recommend more than 4% or up to 10%. Google constantly denies the role of keyword density and will not tell whether it is a ranking signal.

We recommend the Yoast SEO premium plugin for a WordPress-based website. Yoast SEO is the best plugin for on-page SEO optimization and is also used for readability analysis.

2. Start Building Quality Backlinks

Never hire a cheap SEO agency. There is high competition. You must hire an SEO specialist with exceptional talent to build backlinks from high-ranking authority websites. If you can build backlinks like a ninja, you can write a success story in SEO.

Backlink building is important, but you must know where you are creating your link. A good backlink can help your website rank in search engines. On the other hand, some backlinks may be harmful to your website. These are called bad backlinks.

A backlink from high-authority websites is always considered a good backlink. I can provide a few names: Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, HuffPost, NYTimes, and so on.

To determine a website’s authority, you can use MOZ or Ahrefs. These provide a pretty good overview of a website’s authority.

A website with good domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) can be considered a high-authority website. When writing a blog guest post, you must consider its DA and PA. You can check a website’s DA and PA using the MOZ website (Paid) or a third-party Moz domain authority checker tool (Free). These tools help you get accurate data.

Building backlinks only for the website’s homepage did not work after the rollout of the fourth release of Google Penguin. Backlinks are required to build individual landing pages or blog posts.

Backlink monitoring is also critical to backlink building. You can track the backlink drop using Ahrefs and Moz. Ahrefs reports the backlink drop in real-time, while Moz also updates the drop and discovers backlinks at regular intervals.

Adding a backlink to a high-authority website can increase page traffic. But if traffic drops, you must check whether your backlink is there.

If your backlink is on that page, there is a chance of a Google penalty.

Focus on quality backlinks instead of the number of backlinks. Some traditional backlink-building techniques do not work. Update yourself and learn new methods of backlink building. You can use infographics, develop interesting widgets, use link-baiting tactics, send roundups, or do guest posting.

3. Implement the Right Link-building Strategies

SEO consists of several ways to build links for your websites, but not all will be effective simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the results-oriented ones to get quality backlinks to your website. The higher the quality of links, the higher your ranking on the search engines will be. Thus, focusing on your link-building tactics and working on them correctly to get the desired outcomes becomes all the more important.

4. Start Pitching for Guest Posts

I believe you are a smart webmaster.

Guest blogging is now quite popular. Everyone knows why it is so important. It can expose your website to more visitors and drive more targeted traffic, leading to more conversions.

Guest blogging is only allowed on legitimate websites. You can take advantage of their fan club and web traffic. You are only required to provide a quality guest post. Your article must be high-quality, useful, and interesting to its audience.

So, why are you waiting to start pitching bloggers in your niche?

If you can write an article assigned by the blog admin, it can save you money. Otherwise, you can hire a professional content writer and ask them to create an article for you. Some guest blogging websites may charge for writing a custom article and promoting your brand link. Such a blog post is known as a paid or sponsored post.

Your article should be unique and interactive. Add your brand link naturally to the article.

Are you looking for guest post opportunities? You can search on Google, or we will bring a list of websites where you can submit your guest posts.

5. Pay Special Attention to the Rank Brain Technology

Google always takes action against black hat SEO techniques. Finally, Google rolled out an algorithm called the Rank Brain. This algorithm uses AI and machine learning to crawl websites.

The Rank Brain helps Google to serve useful content to the respective audience. For a particular search query, Google Search always tries to show the best and most useful content.

Thus, to rank your website for a keyword, you must consider the user context. Google Search will only show your website or blog post as a search result for a particular query if your web page has relevant content.

Google monitors a landing page’s bounce and click-through rates to analyze whether its content is relevant to a particular search query.

Several tools, such as the Google Keyword Planner, KeywordTool, KWFinder, Keyword Revealer, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc., can be used to find relevant keywords to rank your website. Most of these tools suggest topics you should cover to make your website more relevant to your audience/visitors/readers.

Also, it is a must to update your content regularly. Stay up to date with the latest trends and changes to improve your website’s ranking for a keyword.

6. Tweet Your Post on Twitter at least 6 Times

Whether you write articles on your website or guest blog on a reputed website, tweet the post at least six times with relevant keywords and blog post links.

If you don’t know the importance of a particular tweet, you must read an interesting article published by Wisemetrics.

Wisemetrics tweet repetition performance

This graph is taken from a Wisemetrics blog post. It is clear that the tweet’s performance scale is gradually decreasing, but the second time, it is 87%, and the sixth time, it is almost 67%. Aren’t there enough good results? You can notice that the tweet’s performance is still above 50%.

Now, you can understand the importance of a retweet. It will increase targeted traffic to a website. You will be surprised, but the average lifespan of a single tweet is almost 24 minutes. Therefore, tweet at least six times to reach a broad audience and increase conversion.

You can schedule/reschedule tweets at specific times using CoSchedule, HootSuite, or similar tools. Fortunately, bulk uploading of tweets is now possible. If you are hiring an SEO agency, ask them for such tools.

7. Use the Keywords

Most of us lag in this area. We use several keywords at once, confusing the search spiders and visitors. This is the wrong way to do SEO and is of no use. On the other hand, try using one keyword on one page and creating unique and compelling content to attract people. In this way, you will get traffic, and people will show interest in your website, too.

8. Fresh Content

Updating the content of your website regularly will help optimize the website. This will not only help bring up the rank of a website but can also be helpful for internal linking. Everybody knows that Google loves fresh and unique content, so why not take advantage of this attribute and boost the rank of your website? So, work on your website content and ensure it is appealing enough to seek people’s attention. You can start your blog as well for better reachability.

9. Give Users a Great Experience

Before you consider increasing traffic, ensure that your visitors have a good experience using your website. You may need to reorganize or redesign the website to improve their experience. Make sure all the buttons work properly and that all pages are responsive. Post relevant content and keep your website updated, including your contact information. Use the right keywords and phrases that include your business’s physical location.

10. Use of Google Search Console

Complying with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is most important if you want higher website visibility over the search engines. Using the tools lets you know the sources from where the traffic is coming, what amount of traffic is achieved, which keywords are doing better, which pages are more popular, and lots more. An insight into your traffic can help modify SEO tactics and improve search results.

The way of doing SEO has changed a lot in the past few years. That is why you need to focus on new ways of doing SEO. There is no point in wasting time on old SEO techniques that will give results but not as expected. So, by staying updated with SEO Hacks, you will surely be able to incorporate many new things that are helpful for your website.

11. Newsletters

Your website should answer all your visitors’ questions about your business. However, people like to interact with people, not faceless institutions. Encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and leave their contact details. Use the website to collect their emails and send them newsletters. In addition, encourage them to leave comments or reviews if you engage them while on your site. Visitors are likely to revisit your website and share their experiences.

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