How to Start a Freelancing Business While Working Full-Time

Freelancing is all the rage nowadays. Nothing is better than starting a freelance business while still holding down a day job. Do you want to know how to become a freelancer?

It is not like you are establishing a whole new business anyway. You are using the skills you have mastered to earn extra income outside your current work, a side gig if you will.

This is the best way to prepare for your next destination without sacrificing your stable income. If you want to know how to start freelancing properly, you are in the right place. I will share every detail about freelancing that you need to know.

How to be a freelancer?

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing means working independently for a legal entity you are not tied to. You’re most likely always on a need-to-know basis and do not have the usual benefits of working for a company, although you can work for several at a time.

Many third-party platforms allow freelancers and employers to meet each other and build their commitments. However, they sometimes cost you a hefty service fee from the employers’ money.

Another option is to build a website that represents your freelancing business. This is a good way to establish your own name in the industry. In the world of business, the brand is essential. You must develop a unique and catchy name for your business. You can check for domain names with Hostinger, GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap, Dynadot, PorkBun, etc.

Benefits of Freelancing

First, if you want to become a freelancer, you must understand the benefits of freelancing, which is currently on the rise.

More and more companies today prefer to hand in their jobs to freelancers rather than hire full-time employees, fueling this rise. By hiring freelancers, these companies do not have to spend any money on recruitment and training activities, which could be very costly.

Americans are becoming inclined towards an autonomous work culture, so they have chosen to freelance in recent years. The freelancing economy has grown humongous in the past couple of years.

Some incentives exist for freelancing; however, it’s not as gloomy as it glitters. Besides learning the best time management tips, it’s important to understand the freelancing work culture.

That being said, this could be a great time to start your own freelancing business. You could start to build your portfolio and pitch your potential clients. There are several benefits of freelancing that you may enjoy. Below are some of them:

Flexible Working Hours

This is one of the main benefits of freelancing. When working on a project, you can determine your working hours. However, do not get too carried away with this, as a job is still a job. You need to get it done within the agreed schedule somehow.

Work From Anywhere

Another huge benefit of freelancing is that you do not need to commute to any workplace to do the job, as everywhere could become your place. You could set up your room or do the job during your trips.

A Better Work-life Balance

You could have a better work-life balance through freelancing, as you can determine when and where to work. There is no one to push you too hard (well, except your clients when you delay their project for too long). Freelancing might be less stressful, which is good because you have one more reason to be happy.

Please Yourself

Many of us are talented and are born quite creative. If you belong to the category of creative people and desire to exhibit skills in a particular form, freelancing might help you, which a normal in-house job can never provide.

You are a UI/UX designer working with a big IT company. You might have an idea to implement that can benefit your career and the designing community, but implementing the idea is a problem because of the company’s confinements. So, how do you go about executing that idea? Freelancing is the answer.

Not only will you be able to execute your idea, but you will also be able to satisfy your soul. Besides, you can add extra skills to your portfolio, enhancing your career further.


Suppose you ask people whether they like to work from home or the office; 8 out of 10 will say home. One of the benefits of freelancing is that it allows you to work from home. Besides, there are many benefits to working from home. You can save on food, transportation costs, and other expenses.

Extra Money

I see many individuals on an everyday basis who cry about how low-income they are getting and often blame the system.

It’s true that without proper financial planning, you won’t survive in this costly world, and no amount will help you. However, what you can do is start working a bit extra. For people whose jobs are low-paying, they can make some extra money by freelancing.

They can use the extra time that usually goes to waste. They can find many freelancing jobs if they know how to use Google Advanced Search.

Freelancing offers a win-win situation. You can keep your in-house job and use the extra cash for your day-to-day expenses.

Many companies have begun preferring freelancers over full-timers to carry out their creative work.

Brings New Options

If you are an aspirant starting in the professional field, freelancing can set the platform for you. It helps you better your skills and explore different opportunities within your skill set. Candidates who work hard and smart can learn many new things by freelancing. They can also build their portfolios to grow their reach.

Progress might be slow initially. It’s not a rosy path, but as the post states, it isn’t easy to convince people of something you think is good for them. However, everyone will start accepting your ideas once your rapport is built.

Steps to Start A Freelancing Business

How to start a freelance business is the most asked question in the industry. Now that you have already learned about the perks and benefits of freelancing, I will provide you with steps that you could take to start your own freelancing business. These steps will serve as a guide for you to get through the initiation phase of establishing your career in freelancing. Once you have been through this phase, building your name and reputation as a freelancer will be much easier.

1. Determine Why You Want to Do This

You need to really understand why you are doing this in the first place. Is it because you have had enough office work? Or do you want to have that freedom of being a freelancer? This is important because, with the right goal in mind, you will be motivated to keep doing it, even if there are stumbling blocks.

2. Determine Your Niche and Target Clients

Working multiple jobs is great, but you need to decide which skill you want to really hone as a freelancer. This will help you in determining which market niche you want to target. It allows you to avoid wasting time pitching prospects uninterested in your service.

3. Build Yourself a Powerful Portfolio

A portfolio empowers you to build your reputation as a freelancer. That said, you would want to build a powerful portfolio that would amaze your potential clients. One of the best ways to do this is to build a website to display all your best works. Start by purchasing a domain and hosting at reliable places.

4. Start Pitching Yourself

Every big company starts with a small step. This is what you could do, too. Practice pitching yourself to your potential clients. You could tell all your strengths and how you could help them with their projects. Impress them with everything you’ve got, and do it continuously.


Building your own freelancing business while working full-time may sound complicated at first. To help you build your own freelancing business, you could adhere to the following steps:

  • Determine why you want to do this
  • Determine your niche and your target clients
  • Build yourself a powerful portfolio
  • Start pitching yourself

There are many benefits to having your own freelancing business. All you need to do is patiently build your reputation as a freelancer and maintain your employers’ trust. Happy freelancing!

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