Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE is the new and desired Samsung’s flagship. Mobile-pricebd has got one of them, and here it is the review express!

  1. Great camera in all conditions
  2. Stunning design
  3. Sharp, vibrant display
  1. Minor lag in TouchWiz
  2. Screen can be overly reflective


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specs


Here we have a smartphone with a beautiful design with a curved display and also curved on the back, are making it more ergonomic and confortable to hold. Like the S6 it has premium materials as aluminum frame and glass body. We are surprised with the new Samsung flagship because it keeps the usual Micro USB and does not use USB Type-C. The device also has a powerful speaker, the 3,5 mm headphone jack and, of course, the notifications led. At the top of the device includes a slot for the Nano-SIM and micro SD cards. The South Korean company returns to this feature, missing in the S6.

On the front, the HOME button with the fingerprint sensor. We can use it to unblock the phone or to make payments with Samsung Pay.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


It has a 5.5 inches Super Amoled display, Quad HD resolution (2560x 1440) and a 534 pixel density The biggest thing about AMOLED displays is that it doesn’t consume energy for displaying black pixels as they are turned off. This allows us to use the Always On display mode, which shows the time, the date and some notifications (always visible on the screen) with a very low power consumption. Excellent quality display: very bright, vivid colors and an exceptional sharpness.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE sound surprises: its 1.5W speaker has an excellent audio quality and a very high volume it’s a big improvement over the S6. Another big feature of the edge family is the Side menu with shortcuts to apps and direct access to our favorite contacts or news. We can customize this menu adding or removing some functions as we like. Galaxy S7 returns to the water and dust resistance, with IP68 certification we have no problem even if our phone drops into the water.



It comes with the latest Android version (6.0.1) and Touchwiz interface that works better than ever. The powerful Exynos 8890 processor (in Europe) the liquid cooling system and the 4 GB of RAM offer an incredible performance in this phone. There is no lag playing games with a really good gaming experience. In fact, the S7 shows all its potential with a score of 130,000 points in Antutu.

The S7 has a game launcher that allows us to block “back” and “menu” buttons, you can hide alerts notifications during the game and even record gameplays directly in your smartphone! The device has 32 GB of internal memory but 9 of them are used by the system, so we have 21 GB free for the user Anyways we also have expandable memory using a micro-SD card up to 200GB.

Samsung galaxy s7 edge


The camera is a big point in this S7, with an aperture f/1.7 and Dual Pixel technology we will capture great photos with lot of light even in low light conditions. It is a 12MP camera but this upgraded optics and sensor offer sharp and clear photos, even with zoom we will see better results than the S6, especially at night photos. The Optical Image Stabilization works pretty good, we can see the difference in this video comparison We can record videos up to 4K resolution and we can also record slow motion video at 240fps with nice results. The camera also has “Pro Mode” that allows us to change parameters like the shutter speed getting really bright photos even at night.

Front-facing 5.0 MP camera for sharp selfies even with low light conditions using the display like a flash.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also has a heart rate monitor and, attention to athletes now you can check your stress level and the oxygen saturation! It has a 3600mAh battery, larger and with a better performance than the S6 It has quick charge so we can charge the smartphone from 0 to 70% in thirty minutes With a qi standard charger we can also use wireless charging in the S7.


We can use the OTG adapter to conect some devices such as mouses, pendrives… and see the content of the pendrive in our phone Of course it has a full working NFC chip. The S7 has not MHL support, so to project the screen on TV we have to use wireless options like Miracast or Chromecast. The device has not FM radio.

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Its price is 819 €, and it can be found in stores like Amazon Concluding, a very good phone and a great bet for this 2016, whit a really beautiful design and a promising performance. Are you going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Let us know in the comments, we want to know it!