Every technology enthusiast got impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S4, as it took the technology world by storm. Consumers were awed because it is powered by the special 1.9-GHz quad-core processor and many other exhilarating features. There is provision to use both the cameras altogether, enjoy the Airplay feature, and also run two apps simultaneously. If you are familiar with the simple ‘easy to do’ tips for creating shortcuts and various other functions, then you will surely experience a lot better.

Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Disable S Voice feature

disable s voice

The S voice is a competitor to Siri by Apple. It can carry out a variety of functions with the voice command. You can use it for performing the search function, routing to a specified location, getting a weather report, updating social status and many more functions. The feature of S Voice is at all times turned on. You might come across that your phone rapidly starts slowing down. For better convenience, it is better to turn off this feature.

  1. Start on the S Voice by pressing Home Button twice. In case the home screen is functional, tap the icon of S Voice.
  2. Tap the Settings button situated on the left side of the Home key.
  3. Uncheck the choice of Open via the Home key.

2. Animations

transition animation

Transition animations give the autonomy of moving amongst apps. It also gives freedom of moving from the home screen to an app. With the help of this feature, you can also exit an app and come back to home screen. These animations are conspicuous but it can make the performance of your phone a bit slow.

Application of the following steps can help you deal with this situation:

  1. Go to > Settings > Move tab positioned on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to look for the build number field, and then tap it multiple times.
  3. Scroll to search for window animation scale and turn it off.
  4. Go to transition animation scale located under developer options and turn it off.

3. Disable Light Effect feature

disable light feature

Light effect feature is presented on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4. You will observe when you tap the screen with your finger; it leaves a minute trace of light in the back. Unlocking the device spreads this light to the full-screen effect. If animation is enabled, then it takes a longer time to turn on the screen. But if the animation is turned off, the unlock screen takes very less time to enable the Home Screen.

Apply the following steps:

  1. Settings> Go to Menu and then choose My Device tab.
  2. You can also ‘Select’ the Lock Screen option, then Unlock Effect > None.

4. Camera apps Tips

camera app

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a high-quality camera with quicker shutterbug. It is desirable to create settings for lock screen shortcut to the Camera app, so as to facilitate quicker access by a swipe.

Consider and apply the following steps:

  1. Go to> Settings menu> My Device tab. You can also select the option of Lock Screen appearing at the beginning of the list.
  2. Lock screen menu, then Tap Shortcuts option.
  3. Switch on the Set Shortcuts option, turned off by default.

You can increase the momentum of Samsung Galaxy S4 in shot-to-shot times. You can make possible the feature of Best Photo, and it gives you a choice to capture capturing eight shots at one go. You can choose the best-captured pictures from the 8 shots. For this purpose:

  1. Go to the Camera app > Mode button, Move down to locate the best Photo.
  2. Press the shutter icon and capture eight images uninterruptedly.
  3. After getting 8 shots, choose the most excellent amid the existing options.
  4. Press on the picture, select it and tap to save it.

The above-given tips are easy to follow and if applied concurrently, they help in saving battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Keeping in view the convenience for all of the customers, >Fixithere has structured the Samsung customer support number in such a way that it offers maximum comfort and easy accessibility.