It’s just been around a month since the Galaxy Note 4 was announced. The handset alongside the Galaxy Note Edge is hopefully going to be released very soon but Samsung Galaxy Note 5 not; with one phone already at the verge of popping up there’s another phone in the same range that is being developed inside Samsung’s R&D department. At least, that’s what is shown through the concept photo leaks that had recently started showing up across websites. Even though almost cent per cent of these are fan made, blend of imagination and not-so-legit hardware configuration and design ideas. Still, Samsung could definitely be gaining ideas from these concepts so we have decided to take some interest as well.

Samsung galaxy note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Very sorry to disappoint but the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not going to be released very soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is about to hit the market right now and Note 5 is still in the concepts phase. Studying Samsung’s regular smartphone release pattern we would like to assume that the release date would most probably be on September 2015. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had been released on September of 2014 and the previous ones had followed the same footprint. There’s no certain reason for the date to change by a bigger extent.

Build Quality

Metalic body is the new trendy and Samsung is in the now! The latest two metallic releases had been the proof to back up our logic. Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy Alpha was the first one to sport a metallic body made with aluminum, definitely more premium feel had been delivered through the brushed aluminum metal body that encages the phone. There are more visible metallic areas on the Galaxy Alpha than the Galaxy Note 4; but the feel of holding a precious device still stays there. Samsung Galaxy Note itself is an executive series and metal body build was long due for this series. There is no reason to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not have a metallic build!


That typical conversation comes back again. What is going to be the hardware and software configuration for Galaxy Note 5? Oh damn, how many times had this question been answered?

There hadn’t been any confirmed news on Galaxy Note 5 specifications. The most prominent and logical reason is – a concept can’t have a confirmed set of specs! Assessment from previous years’ specifications could help though.

Since the upcoming iteration of Android, the Android L is going to feature 64-bit desktop like architecture, we could place a bet on Galaxy Note 5 having the same capability. Multitasking and productivity will extend to a level that had never happened before. The other hardware would face relevant upgrades. For really being an adorable device to both executives and teens, Samsung need to upgrade their camera to some level that it is going to be unique. Point and shoot cameras are getting extinct and smartphones are occupying the space.

Water resistance and wireless charging will add so much to the charm. If Nicola Tesla was alive, he might have wanted a Galaxy Note 5 for sketching down his newest innovation ideas and then resting the device on the wireless charging pad after he’s done.

And that summarizes to the fact that we have to wait longer to know the specifications.


Concepts are cool because no restrictions are stopping you from expecting so much from a device. How much can the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 really fulfill – that’s the burning question right now. Time will say!