This year, Samsung went smaller on its latest Galaxy Alpha, while Apple went bigger on the new iPhone 6. Both devices have an interesting design, especially since we’re seeing a lot more metal on the outside. The Galaxy Alpha has the Samsung signature written all over it; and it’s not because it says Samsung on the back and front. The gizmo looks like a traditional Samsung smartphone, only it’s slimmer than Galaxy S5. Leaving aside the visual similarities, the new Galaxy Alpha is one of the few Samsung devices made with metal. The aluminum chassis makes the device a worthy competitor to the iPhone 6, which almost entirely covered in metal.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Hero Black

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. iPhone 6

Featuring a larger display, the new iPhone 6 is identical to its predecessor, the S5, from the front. Although it’s difficult to choose a winner as far as general appearance is concerned, some would say that the iPhone 6 feels smoother. The Galaxy Alpha looks pretty sleek as well, however, some reviewers mentioned it’s too thin. As for the iPhone 6, we love the new curved edges. Unfortunately, it is more sensitive and slippery than the Galaxy Alpha because of the full metal back. As opposite to iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is thinner, shorter and slimmer, as well as less heavy. Although in the end it’s all a matter of personal preference, we must admit that the Alpha feels a bit more compact.

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Hardware & performance

As for the general performance of these two devices, comparing the hardware may seem a bit difficult. Both Apple and Samsung have different approaches as far as inner implements are concerned. Apple for example, has decided to limit the RAM in the newest iPhone 6 to 1GB; the company could have added more, but they decided to keep the hardware under control and still offer users an incredible experience.

On the other hand, we have the Galaxy Alpha which has the octa-core Exynos, supported by 2GB of RAM. Both devices work fast and smooth, neither has difficulties with gaming or extended video sessions. And yet, tech gurus have agreed that there’s more lag and sketchy scrolling on Galaxy Alpha than on iPhone 6. That being said, Apple gets a few extra points on speed, and even if you don’t like the iOS, we must admit that the experience is smoother than with Touchwiz on Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Even though both devices have similar hardware and performance abilities, there’s still one element that sets them apart – the display. Both have 4.7 inch screens and nearly the same resolution. The things is, Apple decided to go a little further this time and enhance the 720p on the Retina Display. As for Galaxy Alpha, it looks like the Super AMOLED display is a lot deeper. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as natural as iPhone 6’s display because of the extra white hues.


In terms of software, things are clear – Samsung uses Android, Apple uses iOS. We can’t really say which of these operating systems is better because once again, it’s a matter of personal preferences. Galaxy Alpha runs the latest KitKat Android, as well as Touchwiz, while iPhone 6 runs on iOS 8. As for entertainment, the Google Play Store is just as diverse as the iTunes Storeas far as music, apps and movies are concerned. There’s one difference though – the Android is more accessible than iOS. Fortunately, iOS 8 is finally offering customers features that Android customers have been acquainted with for years like, widgets, app sharing and custom keyboards.


Ever since iPhone 6 was released,it attracted a lot of positive attention. Samsung has also had some pretty good cameras, although some depended on the shooting conditions. Galaxy Alpha comes with a 12MP camera, while iPhone 6’s camera has 8 MP. Both shoot excellent quality images. Even though Galaxy Alpha might catch better images, it’s not as fast as the iPhone, and that can be considered a downside.

Bottom line, the iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones currently available in the marketplace. We’re not saying that Galaxy Alpha is not high-tech, because it is; the device is not as expensive as the iPhone 6 which is an advantage. But let’s face it – Apple is unique and it has that extra something no other smartphone has.

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