If rumors are to be believed, after iPad Air and iPad Mini, Apple is up for something big and Apple’s next toy may arrive in the market with the name iPad Pro. Everyone is curious as to how the iPad Pro will look like. The upcoming device is reported to be a cross between iPad Air and Macbook Pro. Both devices saw success in the market. Apple is henceforth optimist that iPad Pro will also be a stellar success.

The tablet would be really big in size. Some sources reported it will measures 11.8 inches. Its width could be 7.9 inches and depth 7.7 mm. The approximate weight of the device could be 600 grams The tablet may have a display of 13 inches (12.9 inch to be precise) with a resolution of 4096 x 3072 pixels. The screen panel is huge so that the 4K display could be aptly accommodated. The iPad Pro may also release with 2K resolution. The 2K variant will have display resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.


The concept image of iPad Pro shows the tablet will run on two 64-bit A7 chipsets. Eye-tracking for verification and air gesture control are two essentials features to have. Without them, a smart device is incomplete. The iPad Pro is reported to have both as well as 4 powerful speakers at its corner. This will help the handset to render an improved sound performance.

The device will have 8MP camera, embedded inside the Apple logo. The camera will be paired with 3 FaceTime cameras with Full HD capacity. One of those three cameras will be at front top and two others will be located on the sides. Users could set 3D video calls and be seen from different angles.

The tablet’s user interface will be different from standard UI. Multitasking facility will be available so that users could be at ease while surfing through the handset. They will be able to use two applications at the same time. The screen will be split in two. The advanced UI will be supported by new set of durable accessories. The device will also get smart charging with a magnetic touch charger.

Experts are not sure about the release date of the device. Some sources held the year of release to be 2015. Others however didn’t subscribe to this. According to them, a fall launch of iPad Pro is most likely. Some analysts are of the opinion that some major chartbusters such as iPhone 6 is already slated to release in 2014. So, Apple may hold back iPad Pro’s release. More so because the market is not ready for a 12.9 inch panel. Also, iPad Pro will embed pressure sensor to the bezels, so the bezels will be hyper sensitive. There’s hardly any such device in the market now, so Apple will launch it after heavy promotion.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities was heard saying that Apple will not release iPad Pro before 2015. Actually, both iPad Air and Macbook Pro have still been seeing lucrative market. So, Apple will not want iPad Pro to be replacing them in terms of popularity. Rumors also have it the OS of iPad Pro will be a hybrid between Mac OS X and iOS and this year, Apple has the new iOS 8 to showcase.

So in all likelihood, the iPad Pro may not see the light of the day until 2015.