LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 is the latest version of the privacy app which makes a comeback with many more features as well as a fully revamped interface. It has an advanced privacy scanner which can check your home Wi-Fi network and can also help you lock your apps as well as your photos and videos. It also comes with a brand new, speed boost as well as some new app covers which will easily be able to fool people who are trying to access any locked apps in your phone.

It even has an added security feature in which it clicks a photo of anyone who is trying to gain access to secure content. There are many more interesting additions and updates to the app. Let’s take a look at all of them while we review LEO Privacy Guard 3.0. After downloading the app, you will be given a small intro and then be asked to choose between a pattern and a PIN code for securing your device as well as all your settings from any prying eyes.

Get the best of LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard

Privacy Scanner

The improved privacy scanner does a much better job as far as checking your device is concerned. It shows you all of the ways in which the app can help you and you can increase your Privacy Score by locking certain content like photos or apps.

The feature may just cause more fear and alarm in people than help them. It doesn’t really scan your device for any viruses. It simply searches your device to find out which features of the application you aren’t using.

LEO Privacy Guard

Wi-Fi Scanner

The Wi-Fi scanner is far more useful. It scans any network to determine if it’s encrypted.

Apps security

One of its main features obviously is being able to store apps behind PIN codes or patterns. This feature remains as secure and simple as it has been in the past.

App covers

There is a wide variety of themes to choose from as well which will allow you to spice things up whenever you want to. The app covers feature is quite handy as well. It provides fake errors so that your apps remain locked away more securely.


There are also some new features like the fingerprint sensor cover and the break in alert which are quite useful for regular users.

While adding new features is always welcomed in new apps, there are some features in this app which aren’t really welcome. This is quite disappointing since there’s lots of value in the free version of the app. Even though the developers do have to make money, advertising certainly shouldn’t have been the way for them to go.

All in all, this app is one of the best as far as the app and content locker niche is concerned. It performs well and has some really innovative app covers which make it one of the best applications to download from the app store. One complaint if at all is that they should change the name of the “Privacy Scanner” to something else since it doesn’t really scan for your privacy.