Many times user face different corruption issues while restoring their backup files. The reason for corruption can be because of hardware problem, software problem, sudden power cut, any human error, abnormal shut down of the system when database is running and etc. Due to this user cannot access their files and this lead to data loss. So to get rid of this situation user can go for the third party situation that is BKF recovery software to recover damaged backup file, which is the highly used and most recommended tool becuase of its new and advanced features. And the most important advantage is that it provides free trial version before purchasing the full licensed version.

Recover Damaged Backup
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Recover Damaged Backup File with Troubleshooting Tools 

As every user keeps their backup for every important data which may include emails with important attachment, software, files, images, movies, music and etc. But sometimes these files also get damage due to any possibility like virus attack, malware, bugs, hardware issues, CRC error, software problem, sudden power loss while accessing the database or anything else then this may effect the backed up files and can make files inaccessible and corrupt. This type of environment can also lead to data loss.

Distinctive Characteristics of the Tool 

BKF Recovery Tool is feature rich software, offers following features:

  • Easily recover damaged backup file.
  • Quickly Recover Lost Backup File.
  • Efficient way to recover corrupt backup file.
  • Best way to recover deleted backup file.
  • Smoothly restore backup database.
  • Provides Different mode for scanning: Quick Mode, Deep Mode and Range Based Mode.
  • Give the option to save the repair file at preferred location.
  • Once file scanned then doesn’t required to be scanned again and again as the scanned file will be displayed automatically.
  • Provides the option to search and select only particular files for extracting. 

Working of Software…

Step 1: Run the software

BKF Recovery Tool Img 1

Step 2: Browse for the file which you want to be repaired.

BKF Recovery Tool Img 2

Step 3: SELECT the file and then Click on OPEN.

BKF Recovery Tool Img 3

BKF Recovery Tool Img 3A

Step 4: CHECK MARK on the file which you want to view.

BKF Recovery Tool Img 4

Step 5:  Select any of the options according to your suitability and CLICK on EXTRACT.

BKF Recovery Tool Img 5

This software is the best solution and doesnot require any technical expertise to run it. You should download  free trial version of this software to have an overlook and then you can step forward for the Full Licensed Version.