The internet has enabled such connectivity across the globe and it is advisable to utilize this platform as a business owner. Running any kind of business today requires some form of web presence. Through a company website, customers can know more about the products available, employees can communicate and even have business systems operated online. In order to be able to utilize this platform, you need two important services – web design and web hosting.

Quality web design plus hosting

#1 Web design

There are over nine hundred million websites on the internet today. Many of them offering similar information and services, which begs the question how does one stand out. In order to be relevant and outdo your competitors, you need to find a web design that is tailored to your brand and unique enough for your potential clients to choose it over any other website.

Web designers are professionals who create the templates and layouts for a webpage. They come up with concepts of how to organize the different pages in the website, the color schemes and the design of the content to be places in the webpage. With a well-designed webpage, you can attract many clients and this will help to generate larger revenue for your business. Some of the essential features of web design include:

#2 A road map

A website should have a combination of aesthetical appeal as well as practical use. Mapping out how the website will work is essential before integrating other design features. The website design should favour easy customer navigation and search engine optimization for higher ranking in search engines. Search engines such as Google not only consider the website content but also the structure.

#3 Business information

The website may not be able to hold all the information about your business and remain attractive to readers. It is important to be brief while giving crucial information in order to maintain the interest of people visiting the site. Most people will navigate away from pages with huge blocks of information that will probably take ages to read. Crucial business information includes the services available, the location of the business and the contact information. You can put more information in the inner pages of the site but make sure the customers can see what they are looking for from the minute they open the site.

#4 Navigation

Your website structure should have the support of clear navigation. Give logical names for the different pages on the site so people do not waste much time looking for it. Although these pages names have been in use quite often, the simplicity yields amazing results. They include:

  • Home
  • About the company
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Blog
  • Did you know
  • Catalogue

By naming the pages clearly, customers can navigate effortlessly through the website and this generates more business.

#5 Security

Many internet users are often concerned about their security when they browse the internet. People know there are various spyware and viruses all over the internet. Your website design should also make security a priority, especially when your customers have to give personal information online. You can secure your website with an SSL security to encrypt the communication between the website and the customer.

#6 Social Media

Social media is also a great way to generate a buzz about your business and direct more traffic to your site. You can include share buttons for popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Tumbler among others.

#7 Mobile Version

Many people often access the internet from mobile devices such as tabs and phones. Therefore, a website should have a mobile ready version that can serve these mobile users. The mobile ready version should possess the same qualities and features as the web version but in a more mobile friendly template.

#8 Web hosting

Once the website design has taken shape, and the website is internet ready, it needs uploading on the internet. Service providers offer hosting services that allow websites to be accessible through the World Wide Web. The hosting service provides maintenance for the websites on its servers. There are various types of website hosting services:

  • Free web hosting: free web hosting has limited services and is suitable for websites such as personal blogs.
  • Shared web hosting: this type of hosting has basic services. The server resources are shared among many other websites.
  • Virtual dedicated server: a single server can divide into virtual servers and the server resources shared among these virtual servers. This type of server allows the customer to patch and maintain the server independently.
  • Dedicated hosting: dedicated hosting is ideal for business that needs to create a unique identity on the web. Dedicated hosting gives you full control of the web server.
  • Cloud hosting: this type of hosting allows different computers on the cloud to access and share information so that in case a single piece of hardware sustains damage, other computers can access the same information.
  • Home server: you can also use a home server to host one or more websites through a broadband connection using a single machine.

#9 Good hosting

A good host should provide technical assistance and maintenance on a 24/7 basis. You should choose mainstream providers when it comes to hosting to guarantee that your website will be in working order most if not all of the time. Website downtime can lead to many losses for your business especially if exclusively online based. Not having good hosting can also affect your rankings on search engines since the webpage loading speed is also part of the algorithms used in ranking web pages.

The website reliability depends on the availability of the website on the internet. This is referred to as uptime. However, there are scheduled downtime periods for maintenance on a yearly basis by the hosting service.

In order to run a successful website, you should work with reputable web design and hosting companies. Check out the review of top hosting companies to find the best hosting services. The internet is a great platform through which you can generate more business and get more clients but only if you have the right support team on your side.