Designed by Big Data: Perfecting the Web User Experience


Big data may be an instrument that was only available to large corporations and big businesses a few years ago, but it is an instrument that has been helping startups and small businesses strive in today’s competitive market. By understanding the customers or viewers more, businesses have been able to construct the most suitable web user experience using UI elements and other design tools.

Data gathered from various sources is enabling businesses to find flaws in existing design and ways to fix them. Big data has allowed for better, more targeted refinement, too. It is a powerful tool to improve the whole web user experience.

Web user experience

All About the Web User Experience

The use of big data in web design is becoming more and more popular due to the increasing importance of web user experience. A few years ago, the focus of most websites was content; the better your content was, the better you were at attracting and retaining users. Today, positive user experience is the key to success.

Whether you’re selling products or sharing information, presenting users with the best user experience makes a huge difference. Instead of bouncing to another site, users are more likely to stay and browse more content when their experience of the site is satisfactory.

UX is even more important for online stores and landing pages. Conversion rates now depend highly on whether visitors love the user experience. Personalization takes the lead ahead of efficient content delivery. The simplest things such as making visitors feel welcomed now have the ability to boost conversion by as much as 80%.

More Data to Access

The increasing popularity of big data among small businesses and startups can be attributed to the wealth of data and various details that are now accessible. Data on existing visitors, for instance, can be processed to identify design elements that work and those that don’t. Insights on trends and the market, in general, are useful for fine-tuning the flow of a site and make interacting with it more pleasant for visitors.

The expertise behind big data analysis is growing with the market. Top universities such as Washington State University are making their online executive masters in business administration programs more accessible, producing qualified analysts and specialists with an online executive MBA and the right set of skills to harness the strength of big data. These degrees are much more specialized than traditional MBA programs.

Influencing the Future

Big data will play an even more important role in shaping the future of the World Wide Web. As more businesses use this approach to enhance the user experience, websites will become more user-oriented. You may even be using data-driven user interfaces without realizing. Fitbit, for example, organizes its control panel page based on the information users need and like the most. The selection of colors and the card-style interface are also used to accommodate the preferences of users.

It is an ongoing process that continues to get better. More data sources and pre-processed datasets are made available to small businesses and startups. It won’t be long before we start seeing the influence of big data on more websites and web UIs.


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