People Finder Search Engines Use Variety of Search Strategies


Trying to find a person you have lost contact is a tedious job. There are several free or inexpensive search strategies. The challenge lies in understanding, which investigation method to follow to carry out a productive search. Internet is the best tool, which saves your time, exertion and exasperation.

People finder search engines

Check different search engines

Website search engines
Start checking common search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn or Ask. However, you will have to remember several things, when you check search engines.

  • Search engine retrieves information that is stored on the server databases, which can be stale.
  • Search engines often overlook websites because personal web pages are deliberately not submitted for indexing. So, SE’s fail to retrieve information displayed on personal web pages.
  • Even though search engines are vast it is anticipated that one search engine holds just 50% information published on WWW. Therefore, it is sensible to check on other engines too.
  • If you are aware of the country, you should check that countries search engine specific version.
  • Use smart search strategies like information snippets, quotation marks and Boolean search technique to increase your chances of locating someone particular.

Blog search engines
Blogs are getting popular rapidly among individuals. Blogs work like personal websites. Searching blog directories can be helpful because the person you are looking for can be found on their personal blog post or tagged in comments on guest blogs. You can make use of blog search engines to escalate your hunting speed.

E-mail search engines
If website and blog search engines prove fruitless because they may have, no site or blog listed. However, they may possibly be using e-mail services to communicate across the internet. Therefore, you can probably find their e-mail address using e-mail search directories. Search several major directories to maximize your possibilities of success.


  • User must be actively registered to appear on any kind of search engines
  • If someone posts on sites or on blogs, routinely their contact information and e-mail address is updated on servers, but such posts are frequently made under a fictitious name, while real information is kept confidential.

People finder search engines
People finder search engines are also popular as digital directories. They not affiliated with US government at any level. The information provided is extracted from variety of private, public and proprietary online record sources. Several people finder search engines like complete in-depth details, which would otherwise be impossible to find.

People finder search engines

Sources of in-depth search include a comprehensive background checks like:

  • Birth record
  • Divorce record
  • Marriage record
  • Court record
  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcy filing
  • Telephone directory (mobile & landline)
  • Reverse directory search (email address)

Even if these records are within public domain for everyone to see, it does not mean that you can access it easily.


  • Original records must be accurate and updated for productive results.
  • Certain states have rules and regulations regarding the access of information in public records. This makes it harder to find sensitive details that are held back purposely.

Bear in mind that people finder search engines do not guarantee that information presented is 100% error-free or updated currently. These sites do not have their own database.

You cannot add, modify or delete information maintained on variety of public records using these sites. Data uncovered has to be used responsibly and legally.

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