Online Casino Games: 3 Myths Debunked


Online gambling is a business that is surrounded by a lot of controversies today. It is a service accessible to people aged 18 or above (21 in many jurisdictions), which makes it similar to adult industries in the eyes of many, and involves real money stakes placed on games of chance, which makes it an unwanted type of activity for certain groups. But even where it’s legal, morally acceptable, and regulated, gambling in general – and online gambling in special – is seen as something undesirable by some. This is in part due to many misunderstandings and myths about online casinos and online casino games as a whole – some of which we’ll try to bust today.

Online casino games myths debunked

Myth #1: You can’t win at online casino games

Many people think casinos in general, and online casino games in special, are rigged so that the player has no chance of winning. This might be true in the long run – but not why you think. People can indeed win big with Red Flush progressive jackpot games and the numerous other games of chance that the Red Flush has for its players. Just take a look at the Red Flush’s “Winners’ Wall” and see for yourself.

Actually, some players win at casinos, and others lose – and the overall balance is always in the casino’s favor. Which is OK, since casinos are entertainment businesses, not charities – they have to generate profits in order to stay alive. They provide a service – and they expect to be paid in return, just like any other business.

Myth #2: Online casinos are not to be trusted

Yes, there were quite a few bad players in the global online gambling industry that had a massively detrimental effect on the reputation of the business as a whole. Actually, they were the exception from the rule. Gambling is one of the most heavily regulated businesses today, always in the visor of the authorities. They have to apply some of the strictest policies that refer to fairness, security, player privacy, and age verification in order to be able to provide their services online. Besides, they are legally obliged to obtain an operating license from the authorities of the countries where they want to provide their services (the Red Flush has a license issued in Malta, accepted by many countries in Europe and beyond).

Online casino games have to undergo bi-annual audits by third parties in order to keep their licenses, performed by independent industry groups.

Myth #3: Online casinos are addictive

No, they are not – and they have the science to prove it. In a 2011 study, Howard Shaffer and Ryan Martin, then staff members at Harvard’s Division on Addiction, pointed out that the prevalence of problem gambling has stayed constant for at least 35 years – but the first online casino was opened less than 25 years ago. In a separate study, researchers from the Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA) has proven that the legalization of online casinos in the state did not contribute to a rise in the number of pathological gamblers in the state.

While it would be a bit too much to say that online gambling is not addictive – it can be in the case of players prone to addiction in general – but it is far too casual to be a real problem.


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