4 Other Tips for Boosting Your Blog

Tips for Boosting Your Blog- The quality of your content is essential for blog performance, there’s no arguing that. Does this mean that posting great content guarantees your success?

No, it doesn’t. If you want your blog to become popular, you need to not only fill it with the stuff readers will love but also make it stand out. In the world of online business, this means search engine optimization and clever digital marketing. Check out these simple but effective tips for boosting your blog that have nothing to do with the content.

Tips for boosting your blog

4 Tips for Boosting your Blog Right Now

1. Embrace guest posting (both ways)

Back in 2014, Matt Cutts of Google SEO (at the time) said that guest blogging is done. Well, now in 2018 guest posting is more popular than ever and Mr. Cutts doesn’t work for Google’s SEO division anymore. So you can see who won that round.

Both, inviting guest bloggers to post content on your website and publishing your pieces on other sites can be great for you. This boosts link building, which improves your SEO. It also attracts new traffic and if you are lucky to post on a popular site, it increases the visibility of your own page.

Overall, guest posting offers great opportunities for improving your blog’s visibility on the Web, which is any blogger’s goal. It also helps you fill your own page with content as guest contributions enable more frequent updates.

However, don’t forget that this strategy will be effective only if guest posts on your blog are of high quality.

2. Improve blog performance with better hosting

As a blogger, you aren’t likely to afford a dedicated server anytime soon, if ever. However, you can still get excellent website performance with the right kind of host. What you need is to study professional reviews and other relevant opinions that will help you determine the top web hosting. You’ll also need to measure the performance of your own website using tools, like Pingdom or GTmetrix.

To understand how important website loading speed and overall performance are, consider the fact that 40% of people will abandon a page if it takes 3+ seconds to load. With a good hosting service and optimization, your pages can load in under 2 seconds.

Note that content optimization is as important as the hosting itself. Those same performance measuring tools will point out the issues with your website and suggest fixes.

3. Add a store to your blog

Blogging is fantastic, but some extra income will never go amiss. Adding a small eCommerce store to your blog increases the website’s visibility for search engines, attracts new traffic, and gives you more income from sales.

As blogging is your main focus, the store doesn’t have to be big or fancy. You can sell simple merchandise with your logo (if you are popular enough already) or products that are relevant to the website’s theme. You can also turn it into a partnership deal by connecting with businesses in the niche your blog belongs to.

4. Make optimized posts for social media

Promoting your content on social media is a must by default. However, if you want them to really work on boosting your blog, you need to not only click on the Share button after publishing a new article. You need to create a series of optimized posts for every social media network you are using.

For Instagram, it will be an amazing (and optimized for format) visual with a very catchy but short description and a link. For Facebook, this will be another great image (optimized for different formats and sizes) with an informative short description. Tweets also benefit from visuals, but you’ll also need to include relevant hashtags and create a message that will invite users to share it. Doing this takes extra work, but it boosts the efficiency of your social media marketing tremendously.


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