Why Is Education Important? Why Everyone Should Be Educated?

We live in a society. Schools, colleges, institutions, and universities are there to educate us. Why is education important, and what can it give us? Have you ever considered the importance of education?

Education is a vital element needed for human growth. No one can deny its importance. It has a significant role in shaping personalities and transforming students into future citizens of the country. Education is essential as it enables citizens to fulfill their necessities, i.e., food, shelter, and clothing.

It is not only required to earn a living by merely doing a job; instead, it is essential for the development of the mind, body, and soul.

When thinking about education, the first thing that comes to mind is knowledge. It makes you think about school, which plays a crucial role in imparting education and developing the minds of young ones. Earlier in your school years, you might have thought that education was a waste of time. Gradually, as you grow, you might realize the importance of education.

Before getting insights about the importance of education, let’s first understand what education is.

What is Education?

Why is education important

The term education is derived from the two Latin words Educare and Educere. Educare means to nourish or to bring up, while Educere means to lead out. Education is systematically gaining knowledge and skills and applying them to real-life situations. Randall V. Bass and J. W. Good’s Educare and Educere: Is a Balance Possible in the Educational System?

It cannot only be obtained from bookish knowledge but also gained through practical learning. Education helps in developing understanding. It brings creativity and innovation, too. Education helps make the person capable of expanding vision and thinking towards life and people. You may read our article on reasons to attend college for higher studies.

Someone has rightly said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” –John Dewey

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela

Why is Education Important?

1. Importance of Education in Life

Stable Life

If you are educated and receive a degree in your respective fields, no one can snatch your opportunities. Education is a tool that maintains stability in life. It paves the way for different opportunities in life, and your chances of getting selected increase. So, education is a must as it makes your life stable.


Education is necessary for all. It helps ensure equality by providing everyone with equal status and opportunities. If everyone has the same rights to education, the gaps between diverse social classes will be reduced.

Every citizen of our country will get equal rights and chances in their career. Therefore, education is needed for equality, whether it is social or gender equality.

Safety and Peace

A peaceful world is a requirement for all. Education not only helps personally but also helps people across the globe. If provided to all, it will make the world a better place where all citizens will remain safe and enjoy a peaceful life. It helps differentiate between right and wrong and opens people’s minds to think and act reasonably and smartly.

Smart Personality

Education plays a significant role in ensuring your personal and financial protection. Through education, you will learn to read and write. When you are educated, no one can mislead you, and you will become smart enough not to sign any false documents that can lead you into trouble.

2. Importance of Education for Career

Importance of education for career

Education is essential for a career as it opens the door to success. So, “Why is education important?”

Financial Security

This fact is known to all, and education provides financial security. A well-educated person will earn more than an illiterate one. It is an education only that develops your mind through the required skills that help you get good, higher-paid jobs.

Education makes you financially stable. Quality education, knowledge, and teachings will help you sustain a career and equip you with the necessary professional skills.


Everyone should become self-dependent. Self-dependency can be attained through education. Education helps you become financially independent and gives you the right to make your own decisions and choices accordingly.

A self-independent person relies only on himself. Only an educated and skilled person can become self-dependent; in today’s world, self-dependency is the need of the hour.

Achieve Your Dreams

If you are educated, then your dreams are not far from you. You can achieve those dreams if you have knowledge and understanding. It is only through education that you can make your dreams come true. However, hard and smart work plays a significant role.

Without hard work, you cannot achieve those. So, education, hard work, and smart work are complementary. They go hand in hand, and both are required to make your dreams come true.

3. Importance of Education in Society


Education is strongly required for a society to become productive. With the country’s increasing population, people’s needs and demands also increase. An effective workforce of knowledgeable people is required to fulfill the market demands of a growing population.

These experts provide the services needed in daily life. Therefore, education has a crucial role in increasing society’s productivity.

Healthy Relationships

Education has a great hand in establishing and maintaining relationships. It is an education through which people acquire values like honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, love, affection, brotherhood, etc.

These values inspire us to form connections with people and maintain strong relationships with them. Only education inculcates values and makes people better citizens of society.

Wealthy Life

If educated, he can fulfill his dreams and get a good job by getting paid. Through his salary, he can achieve all the needs and demands of his family. So, in this way, education helps eradicate poverty and makes a person fulfill his necessities and comforts.

Better Citizen

Education makes a person a better citizen. If a person is well-educated, he will not indulge in domestic violence or other crimes like theft. Education will help them become smart by allowing them to attain and apply knowledge in real life.

If people are educated, they will not practice violence, and also they will not become victims as they will be capable enough to fight against crime. It, in turn, establishes a healthy and loyal relationship.

Better Society

Education helps create better citizens and a better society. If people are not educated, they will indulge in wrong and harmful activities like superstition, domestic violence, poor health, theft, and lower living standards.

Education is a strong weapon that helps form a better society by creating equal opportunities for both men and women.

Innovative and Skilled Society

Education will enhance creativity and encourage innovation. If people are well equipped with skills and knowledge, they can easily work on different technologies.

It will also help them develop better ideas and solutions to various problems and gain knowledge of technologies.

4. Importance of Education in Personality Development

Importance of education in personality development


Education generates self-confidence. Confidence is vital for success in life, and education teaches that. You will be confident enough to express your thoughts and opinions on any platform if you are well-educated.

Your education will prove your knowledge in your field; if you are knowledgeable, you are automatically confident enough to speak wherever.

Optimistic Life

Education soothes the mind by removing all the negativity and inculcating positivity in minds. Through education, you can differentiate right from wrong by using all the values you achieved through it. Education connects the mind with the body. So, a healthy mind will lead to a healthy body and soul.

Personal Growth

Education improves personal growth. You might be wondering how? If you are educated, you will thirst to gain more knowledge and acquire more thought. This process of getting more will lead you towards success and transform you by increasing growth. You can’t even imagine what level of growth education provides.

Understand Yourself

Education helps develop your overall personality. If you are educated, you will learn more about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This SWOT process will shape your personality. You will also be able to find your talents and innate qualities.

5. Importance of Education for Nation

Education and national development are co-related.

Law and Order

Education helps establish law and order in the country and is responsible for development and growth. If you are well-educated, you become capable enough to serve the nation and develop a positive outlook. Education is a must to support and build a good political ideology.

Commerce and Trade

The country’s trade and commerce will increase if the citizens are well-educated. Education helps people become self-dependent and fulfill the required tasks. It boosts confidence and self-dependency. It teaches people to handle difficult tasks. A confident and self-dependent citizen can become a successful business owner to increase the standard of living.

Economic Growth

When people become educated and equipped with the required skills, they will flourish in the field of research. They will find innovative ways to increase economic growth. A more educated population will get more employment, which will increase the country’s economic development, too.

No Wars and Terrorism

The value of education must be known to all to lead a happy, safe, and peaceful life. People should actively participate in productive activities to learn to lead a peaceful life and avoid indulging in wars and terrorism. They should learn subjects that value education daily to become better citizens.

6. Importance of Education to Health

Education is the backbone of life. An educated person knows the value of life and how to care for one’s health. Knowledge will make you feel confident about yourself and enhance personal growth.

It will significantly affect mental health and physical well-being, too. Education will generate positivity all around. Education is responsible for increasing the number of years people live.

7. Importance of Education for Children

Importance of education for children

When it comes to our children, it is essential to learn “Why is education important?”.

Better Childhood

Education is responsible for children’s development from childhood, infancy, adolescence, and adulthood. It is needed in all aspects. Through it, children learn cognitive and social skills. They know how to live life for future growth. Education empowers children to explore their talents and interests.


From the beginning, children start developing goals for the future through education. This education makes them career-oriented, and they set their minds accordingly to achieve a particular goal.

8. Importance of Education for Worldwide Value

Peaceful Life

Education teaches the importance of peace by teaching the values of life. It teaches us sustainability and adaptability. Through education, we learn about our place and our responsibility towards humanity and life.

Moral and Aesthetic Values

Education teaches values, both moral and aesthetic. Values are taught not only in classrooms by teachers but everywhere in life, be it our homes from parents or society from peers and friends. Education imparts values, and values transform us into better human beings.

9. Importance of Education for Cognitive Development

Stay Up to Date

Through education, you remain informed about the outside world and its happenings. It makes you know about various kinds of people. Education also enables you to make correct decisions by choosing right and wrong. You will be aware of your capabilities, potential, and weaknesses through education.

Logical Ability

Education develops critical thinking and logical reasoning. It helps you act, think, and reason in complex situations or bad times. If you are uneducated, your chances of winning are low. Education makes you determined and focused and enables you to think logically in all aspects of life.

Never Distract

Education keeps you focused and concentrated. It helps you follow the right path and make life decisions.

Importance of education for cognitive development


Education means gaining skills and knowledge. If well-educated, you will become street-smart and gain the necessary life skills to survive. It helps you become a smart citizen. Through your skills and values, you learn to tackle different situations and express yourself in the best and most positive way.

10. Importance of Education for Freedom

Truly Live Your Life

If you have enough knowledge and skills, nobody can stop you from living according to your terms and conditions. If you are well-educated, you get the confidence to live your life to the fullest.

It also enables you to become a learner with each passing day. You can learn from various forms, whether from diverse people, experiences, newsletters, research, or magazines. In totality, if you become a learner, you can truly live your life in your own way.

Connecting People

Education removes all barriers between people, society, and nations. It has brought people closer together worldwide by developing strong bonds and connections.

For instance, a few online universities charge no tuition fee and give students from all backgrounds equal rights to receive an education. This is an excellent example of revolutionary education.

Therefore, education breaks all the barriers between people and helps establish harmonious relations by connecting them from various parts of the world.

You Become the Best

Education transforms you into your full potential. You learn about your interests and talents and become self-aware about becoming the best.

It helps you to establish your place in this world and feel a unique and complete version of yourself. So, you become your highest self just because of education, knowledge, and skills.


Education has become an essential part of life. It is important in all fields and aspects of life. It has its own needs and place in society or a nation. Education gets started at an early age and is a never-ending process. It continues until death.

So, I hope you might have understood the importance of education and the need to become educated.

Education transforms you and shapes your personality. It makes you feel like a bird. It also opens the door for your future success.

I hope you know “why is education important? and would not think it is just a waste of time. Be thankful to your parents who educated you to live your life and understand the diverse life situations.

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