Top 10 Blogging Ideas for Starting a Blog

Before hunting for the best blogging ideas for starting a blog, it is quite difficult to answer this question: “What is a blog, blogging, and blogger?” Many people struggle to come up with the right blog ideas that they can work around to create a successful blog.

So, what should we do in this metaphorical scenario? Well, here are some of the brainstorming blog ideas for starting a blog.

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So, returning to our topic, let’s quickly get hands-on with some of the best blogging ideas for starting a blog.

Blogging ideas for starting a blog

Blogging Ideas for Starting a Blog

Here are the top ten list of blog ideas for starting a blog.

1. How-To Guides

The first blog idea featured on our list is How-To Guides or Tutorials. People generally hate reading instructions manually, so this idea can help readers find every solution.

The How-To Guide types of blogs usually depend on the niche audiences, curiosities, and some helpful answers.

2. Educational Blogs

Education blogs usually give knowledge according to the common questions that people ask. People usually search for Quora for the questions and then publish it on their blog to gain an audience.

3. Top Things To Do

These types of blogs usually summarize a top ten-do list before dying. For example, 25 restaurant dishes you eat before death, 50 cities you must visit, things you must buy before death, and more.

People love these blogs and like to explore things for future memories.

4. Create Ultimate Guide

Ultimate guides are usually surprising ways to attract traffic to a website. These types of blogs not only help websites get traffic from search engines but also help establish authority in a particular niche.

With this blog, one teaches his/her users about the tricks of trading, DIYs, and more.

5. Product Reviews & Experience

Creating a blog can be daunting. However, creating a blog based on opinions on a product or service you use is pretty easy. Many people earn money if there is an affiliate program for that particular product by reviewing it for its users.

Writing or publishing reviews on the blog show the company what a person thinks of them and how excellent the service is.

6. Interviews

Interview types of blogs are usually not popular among bloggers. So, it’s a great way to keep yourself away from the oceans of bloggers. Either one can set an interview on team members or else on industry experts to share the valuable knowledge from a professional.

7. Share Personal Blogs or Stories

People love to read the personal stories of others as they add valuable additions to the overall blog. Sharing personal stories gives readers a chance to relate themselves to one’s personal life. It can also enhance brand affinity.

However, learning how to tell a story is also an art; once a person masters it, he can improve the quality of his blog posts.

8. News Blog

Publishing breaking news on blogs interests users. However, to maintain the authority and trust of users, try not to manipulate the actual news. Instead, try to write about recent events. When it comes to breaking news, timing is the most important factor.

9. Productivity Tips & Tricks

Many of us want to do more and more work; however, it’s hard to stay motivated all the time. One can share the tools, tips, and tricks to keep a person motivated in the long run.

Share productivity tips on upcoming blogs and tell people how this product or service can work.

10. Infographics

Well, the word itself describes a lot of things. Infographics can help a blog post reach more people because of its visual content ability. The majority of people today have a plethora of facts and statistics about the niche and industry.

There are many sites or blogs that always look to improve the content for their users. Now, a person can hit them up with his creative, relevant, and accurate visual ideas to use on their sites to increase traffic.

Here is the complete guide on how to make an infographic.

Over to you!

Well, trendy topics might come and go. However, these blog topics mentioned above have always been trendy. It is being said that good writers can come up with great blog ideas, but great writers rely on their readers to come up with ideas for them.

Hopefully, all the blogging ideas can help people stay in the long run and keep excited people to create. For any queries or suggestions, comment below. Also, share your blogging experience with us.

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  1. Avatar photo
    Pete McPherson

    Interviews + how-to!

    This was essentially the entire idea behind my own brand (starting from a podcast, but I’ve done interviews in blog post format as well). Featuring other people naturally builds authority & social proof (plus they might share your posts as well!).

    That, combined with incredibly thorough how-to content. :)

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