Here is the Mothers day offer for you mother. You can give a perfect solution for iPhone device. If iPhone storage full? What’s her solution to solve the problem? Get a SD card, or delete photos or videos to free up storage? If you concerns about your iPhone storage, this article is right here for you.

You can use iMyfone Umate to clean massive storage for your iPhone without deleting photos or videos. iMyfone Umate used to be worthy of $29.95, but now here comes the giveaway news, iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner free of charge! How cheerful the news is.

Happy mothers day

The giveaway event for will be held from May 4th to May 10th for Mother’s Day. Everyone comes to the event page can get a FREE software license. No limit. All of you can be a winner!

Mothers Day Offer – Exclusive Giveaway

How to use iMyfone Umate to free up iPhone storage?

iMyfone is a computer based software to clean iPhone, iPad, iPod space.

Step 1. Run iMyfone Umate after downloading and installing this iPhone Cleaner on your PC (Mac version also available)

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with your PC. This iPhone Cleaner will read how much space has been released when I used it last time, the total storage of my iPhone, and how much storage has been used. Click the “Quick Scan” button.

Mothers Day - Umate iPhone Cleaner QS

This software will analysis the amount of storage which can be saved by scanning your iPhone. During this time you are required not to use your iPhone.

Mothers Day - Umate iPhone Cleaner Scan

Step 3. After the analysis, this iPhone Cleaner will tells how much space can be freed up in a very quick process. You can clean up junk and temp files, compress photos without quality loss, backup and delete large file and your unused apps.

Click “Clear” button of each part, iMyfone Umate will help save space for your iPhone.

Mothers Day - Umate iPhone Cleaner AD

After this process, it tells you how much extra space you’ve gained.

Mothers Day - Umate iPhone Cleaner RS

During the giveaway event, iMyfone also offers discount 65% off for its products. Catch this opportunity, for it will save you a big amount of money.

  • iMyfone Umate Family License: It lets you register the iPhone Cleaner on 2-5 PC and Mac. This software used to be $29.95 but now only costs $14.95! License lifetime valid and lifetime upgrade supported.

Note: The license of the iMyfone Umate for giveaway is also lifetime valid, but no lifetime upgrade supported. Besides, it is a personal license, which means it can be registered on 1 PC or Mac.

  • iMyfone D-back personal license: It helps rescue all your lost data like deleted text messages, photos, contacts from you iPhone. It originally sells at $69.95, but now only offers at $19.95. License lifetime valid and lifetime upgrade supported.

Get interested in it, just go to the giveaway event page, you will get a FREE iPhone Cleaner and will enjoy great benefits from the event. Happy Mothers Day, Again!