Have you ever been tired of managing multiple, separate cloud storage services? If you have multiple cloud storage accounts – Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other popular cloud services, this may lead to the nuisance of not being able to manage each of them efficiently. A cloud management online tool – MultCloud can help you to solve this problem. MultCloud is a free web-based focus that is designed to conduct your files opposite cloud storage accounts. In other words, it’s an online cloud storage manager, and it can mix all cloud storage services into one account. Using MultCloud will save you much time under the condition of uploading or downloading some files, sharing photos or files with friends.

Following are services supported by MultCloud:

Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SugarSync, OneDrive, Copy, BaiDu, FTP/SFTP, WebDav, Cubby, CloudMe, WEB.DE, MyDrive, Yandex, HiDrive .

Registration of MultCloud

Enter MultCloud official website, https://www.multcloud.com, click “Create an Account” in the middle of the page to start registering and activating in your email. Then sign in MultCloud to enter the main screen. It will ask you to select a cloud to add in the beginning.

MultCloud Cloud Storage Management
Account Management
With MultCloud you can put multiple cloud drives into one Free App for Managing Files across Cloud Drives as if it were the Windows Explorer. It comes with all-in-one files management, including upload, download, cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, search, and share and so on.

MultCloud Account Management

Free File Transfer

MultCloud 3.0 beta can move or transfer files form one cloud to another for better realizing the file transfer operation among multiple cloud drives without downloading to local. You can directly copy the files from one cloud drive to another, and this process will be accomplished online.

MultCloud File Transfer

Scheduled transfer

If you encounter that some files may need to backup regularly, for example, make a data transferring on the last day of every month. MultCloud supports scheduled transfer function. It allows you to set the daily, weekly or monthly in the specific time for data transmission.

MultCloud Schedule Transfer

You will receive an email notifications after the transfer is completed.

MultCloud Schedule Transfer Email

Still transfer even after power off

MultCloud uses the new background of transmission technology, making the files transfer doesn’t need to start the computer, that is to say, in the case of power off, MultCloud can also realize the transmission from a cloud drive to another. You only need to Copy and Paste, then MultCloud server will achieve everything for you.

Multi-server parallel transmission

In order to improve the data transmission speed and stability, MultCloud uses Multi-server parallel transmission technology, which makes the file transferring success rate increased by 200%. Under the multiple servers working at the same time, we also don’t have to worry about the server crashed and other anomalies. In a word, it gives you more at ease use.

Free to Use More Space

If you have registered five Dropbox accounts and each one has offered 2GB free space, you can use the free 10GB space conveniently with the help of MultCloud.


With MultCloud, users can manage all cloud drives in one platform easily, as a new force in cloud drive management field, AOMEI Tech has showed an excellent work. Despite a few disappointments with the software, overall, we really enjoyed MultCloud. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface. It supports most of the major cloud drive platforms as well as FTP. Best part of all, it’s completely free.