Mouse pointer is spinning all the time and apps are quitting unexpectedly? Don’t worry, this problem is solved. Probably you have some problems with RAM on your Mac and low space makes the system work slow. There are two ways of fixing this problem. The first one is to update the hardware, which is costly and takes time; the second one is to install a proper cleaning app and observe quick improvements.

MacKeeper Memory Cleaner Review

Today I’ll review the new MacKeeper feature, Memory Cleaner, which is built into the MacKeeper app. This feature has been recently launched by MacKeeper and now it’s available both inside the Find & Fix tool and as a separate feature. It means that the cleaning and monitoring process has become much easier.

MacKeeper Memory Cleaner Review

Now MacKeeper includes 17 tools for cleaning, security, and optimization as well as the new tool that is no less simple in use than the other MacKeeper tools.

With the help of Memory Cleaner you can easy check the status of the RAM memory and clean it by clicking the “Clean Memory Quickly” button. All these tools are available in the Memory Status section.

MacKeeper Memory CleanerBesides, Memory Cleaner provides automatic scanning and cleaning for Mac RAM in the Advanced Settings section. In this section you may choose the limit of free memory for automatic cleanup ranging from 10% up to 100%. Moreover, two more cleaning options are available:

  • Basic Memory Cleanup: For soft and daily cleaning in the background, which releases up to 10% memory.
  • Advanced Memory Cleanup: Deep cleaning, which releases up to 30% memory.

MacKeeper Memory Cleaner Automatic CleanupMemory Cleaner will be particularly helpful if you use intensive apps, such as graphic designers and video editors. Besides, this app is necessary if you prefer using several apps at the same time: for example, use apps and listen music via steaming music services.

Memory Cleaner is simple, has easy-to-use interface, and doesn’t need any advanced knowledge to use it.

And at the final point I’d like to mention that with each upgrade of the Mac OS X your system requires more and more RAM space, so if you are planning to upgrade your system to Mac OS X El Capitan, Memory Cleaner is the best solution to make it work faster.