As the end of the year approaches and it gets closer to Christmas and New Year’s, many websites alter their design slightly to embrace the holidays. Some may even go so far as to incorporate a themed design, while others may simply include banners and seasonal content.

But why is it that so many websites use seasonal designs, and is it really that important for you to do so too?

Seasonal web design

Customer Engagement on an Emotional Level

The main reason why seasonal designs are so prevalent is due to the fact that it helps increase customer engagement by connecting with them through the shared enjoyment of the festivities. That connection is what customer engagement is all about.

It may be subtle, but it can be extremely strong at the same time because it will touch your visitors’ emotions – which is what successful marketing always attempts to do. If you’re skeptical, it is worth noting that this is why big brands, department stores, and even corporations all utilize seasonal designs of some kind, and it has proven to be effective time and time again.

What Sort of Seasonal Design is Best for a Website?

When it comes to creating a seasonal design for your website, there are a number of areas that you could look at. A good place to start would be the background, where replacing your regular background with a special Christmas background would start to set the tone.

On top of that you could also alter your website’s color scheme, include a banner with holiday wishes, change the header images on your social media, and even switch up your email stationary. Quite frankly there are tons of possibilities, but the important thing is that you’re seen to be making an effort to spread the holiday cheer.

Before you get started, you may want to look at other websites as a source of inspiration. Considering there are so many out there that have seasonal designs, you should be able to pull a couple of ideas from then and let your creativity do the rest.

If you are able to connect with your customers and engage them on an emotional level, you should find that it helps boost your traffic, sales, and other metrics considerably. Be sure to track them, and see for yourself just how powerful an effect a simple seasonal design could have.