Recently we have reviewed Rocket VPN Android App for you and now going to rolling out awesome features of Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault. As the name suggests, it is able to secure installed apps as well as photo gallery. Messages, Contacts, Gallery, WhatsApp, YouTube and other installed apps can be protected with PIN, Passwords or Pattern lock. Users can hide certain private pictures and videos in locked photo gallery.

Hexlock App Overview

Hexlock can see the following options under setting menu –

  1. Reset Passcode
  2. Fingerprint (Available for Android Marshmallow)
  3. Lock screen background
  4. Require Passcode
  5. Uninstall Prevention
  6. Auto-Activate
  7. Notify to lock new apps
  8. Remove Ads (Enjoy ad-free protection for Rs.10 only)

1. Automatic Lock

Free Hexlock app prevents unauthorized access using 6 available profiles and media vault. As app comes with 6 different profiles, these are to lock different app for different locations or purpose – like Work, Home, School, Party, Parent and Café.

Hexloack lock screen
Hexloack lock screen

Add different apps under 6 different profiles and use certain profiles for certain purpose to ensure your privacy. Users can swipe screen left and right to setup different profiles. At the bottom of screen user can the number of locked apps.

In-built Media vault can protect your private pictures and videos from unwanted users.

2. Auto-Activate

Users can automatically switch in between different profiles while connected to an internet connection and save data all the time.

Hexlock Auto Activate Profiles
Hexlock Auto Activate Profiles

3. Prevent Unauthorized Uninstall

Some users can willingly or unwillingly uninstall some important app installed your device. But, all apps protected with Hexlock can’t be uninstalled without admin access.

4. Fingerprint Unlock

Users those have Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above operating system can get access to this features and setup fingerprint lock for ultimate protection.

Fingerprint unlocking features
Fingerprint unlocking features

5. Performance

This app is of less than 7 MB size and performs flawlessly.

6. User Friendly UI

Hexlock comes with user friendly and fast UI. All available options are well accessible.

7. Media Vault

Private pictures and videos can be kept hidden inside media vault. As unlocking and uninstalling Hexlock is not permitted without admin privileges, so stay away of worries.

Hexlock media vault
Hexlock media vault

User can setup this feature under menu and media files to lock inside photo gallery.

8. Maintain Confidentiality

Hexlock app can protect social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter etc. Users can put them under chosen password.


  • Ensure and give control over privacy settings
  • Media vault to lock private pictures and videos
  • Six different profiles to lock apps
  • Fingerprint protection (Works only on Android Marshmallow OS)
  • Customizable Lockscreen
  • Prevent unauthorised apps uninstall


  • Half page advertisement on unlock screen
  • Only 4 digit PIN allowed. Request more advanced combinations.

Download Hexlock for Google Play Store


Fulfils user expectations and provides necessary security features. Over and above app locking, media vault is astonishing.  Fingerprint unlocking is most recent feature, available in a very few apps. More bio-metric advancement are expected to win the competition. Top Developer badge on Google Play Store give more advantage over other apps. No doubt, it is a ultimate solution for Android Smartphone users.