There are quite a few operating system (OS) providers in smart phone market. Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Blackberry are the most known of them. Different cell phone manufactures carry different mobile operating systems. For instance Nokia uses Windows provided by Microsoft for its smart phone devices and has also used Android provided by Google for some of its models. So in the modern world of smart devices, we usually differentiate between them on the basis of OS that they are carrying not on the basis of cell phone manufacturers.

The two key players or OS providers in cellular market are Apple and Google. Apple provides its users with iOS which is only available on Apple’s iPhones. On the contrary Google brings Android to its users, which is an open source software meaning that any cell phone manufacturer can use it as an OS for its devices. Moreover, they also have the luxury to customize the Android OS to some extent according to the needs and desires of their potential customers.

The rivalry among these two giants has been getting tense with every passing year since the introduction of iPhone and Google buying Android. The comparison between these top nudge OS providers is shown with some interesting facts by StealthLuck. Apparently, it seems that Google has its focus more towards attracting high volumes of sales as this can be the only reason why they have kept Android an open source software to date. Many cell phone manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and many others across the globe use Android as the basic OS for their devices. This in result increases the cumulative sales of Android hence increasing Google’s customers.

Apple, however on the other hand, appears to be more interested in increasing its profit’s to investment ratio and instead of focusing on attaining high volumes of sales, it is more focused towards creating loyal and satisfied customers. A study shows that almost 78% of iPhone’s users stick to the brand whereas in case of Android the percentage falls lower to almost 67%. Despite the fact that Apple prices its products way higher than what Android careers do. To add to the irony, Apple’s customer have to spend way more on App Store to buy all kinds of various applications as compared to what Android lovers pay at Google’s Play Store. Users perceive Apple more innovative than Google in general but what really pushes them to pay more for their selected handheld devices is the value associated with Apple’s products in terms of prestige, reliability, and more face value. If Google wants to win the race in creating more app revenue and generating greater ROI, it has to be more innovative and bring something extremely sophisticated when compared with an iPhone hoping that Apple may not bring an equally good product on the same time.

From a user’s perspective the OS, which fits to his/her needs and is helpful in getting the application which he/she is planning to use on the device, is better. Therefore, you need to make an analysis of what you actually want to do with your smart phone to make a better choice.