Whatsapp is the number one cross platform communication application used by millions of people around the globe. As the number of smart phone users are increasing every minute so are the number of WhatsApp users. Whenever a person purchases a new mobile phone, the first thing he/she wants to do is download and install this wonderful cross platform communication app. Once this app is downloaded and installed, he/she then looks for a WhatsApp status as per his/her liking.

Get in touch with your friends

There are many benefits of using this wonderful applications, you get to make calls totally free of charge, you get to enjoy sending and receiving instant messages totally free of cost, you also can receive and send pictures and images totally free of cost whenever you want. It is not very hard to download and install this versatile cross platform application, you do not have to be a computer nerd to install it. Similarly it is quite easy to change the WhatsApp status as and when required there is no rocket science behind it.

Although this app did not get much attention in its initial stage of launching, but as people started using it and got familiar with various advantages, it grew in popularity. The introduction and the worldwide adoptability of the smart phones and smart devices was the turning point in the history of WhatsApp. There is not even a single smart phone or smart device user in this world that has not installed and used this wonderful app and benefited from its various features especially the WhatsApp status feature.

Once you start using this wonderful application, you will get used to it instantly, it offers you so much to get in touch with your friends and family members and the best part is that you do not have to spend a single penny to enjoy all these benefits. Whether your friends and family members live in the same city or live seven seas apart from your location, you can enjoy sharing text, images, and ideas with them anytime you want without spending any money. By simply changing your WhatsApp status you can convey your mode to all your friends and family members, you do not have to write a single word to share your feelings and thoughts. It is a great feature offered by this wonderful cross platform communication application. Try this wonderful app today and enjoy the great features it offers you.