Android has become one of the most used operating systems because of an ever-growing use of Smartphone in recent years. A large majority of mobile phone users have got attracted to android phone versions and the evident reason for this rapid popularity is its user-friendly interface that is supported by a large number of handy apps for making user’s life easier. In the previous years, phones were decorated with some amazing free Android apps that can truly be valued addition for your phone. Though, many of most useful apps are premium ones, there are still some which can be used absolutely free.

Free Android Apps That’s No Comparison

Free Android Apps

1. ES File Explorer

Do you face trouble in finding your required documents from among different subfolders? ES File Explorer is just the right app for you! It is one of the oldest apps for Android and its functionality is consistently being improved to help users easily manage their files on Smartphone. Some of its features are:

  • Capable to support multiple languages, this amazing app can easily handle all photos, videos and zipped files.
  • It can also provide FTP support, cloud storage, and a lot more.
  • With its organized interface, you can easily search your required file from the bulk.
  • It also has an auto-cleaning option that removes junk files from your device.

Simple it’s good among free Android apps for the same purpose.

2. Zedge

Are you crazy about having a large collection of wallpapers, ringtones, customized icons etc.? How about if you can have all these for free? Well, it’s not a dream. Zedge is a wonderful freely available app for all Android phones.

  • With Zedge, you can obtain a great deal of exciting wallpapers, alarm tones, ringtones, notification tunes, and customized icons.
  • Besides above, this wonderful app also offers themed wallpapers and other products on occasions, such Valentine, Halloween etc. You can even share these contents via this app.

3. Google Drive

The compatibility of Google Drive with all devices (PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.) is the key feature of this useful application that makes it an all-time favorite for data storage and sharing.

  • With Google Drive, you can easily backup all your data for up to 15 GB for free
  • Whereas if you want to scan a document, you can surely do it with the device camera
  • This app also enables offline-viewing, making it easy-to-use throughout the day!

Most of the free Android apps are designed in this category but this is the one of the best.

4. Evernote

Be it preparing to-do lists, taking important notes, or organizing your documents, Evernote is a single application that caters all these requirements for you. You can even share your files via this app among your colleagues. Indeed you can consider it a modern workspace.

Besides, Evernote, there is another wonderful app known as Expensify. It is an app that really turns your Smartphone into a PC when you need to prepare a budget plan. Its user-friendly interface and offline compatibility makes it much easier to prepare your expense reports wherever you want!

5. Google Play Music

Though, there are several music playing apps readily available in Android Playstore, this amazing app is the ultimate solution for smooth streaming as well as for downloading desired tracks as required. You can also upload up to 50,000 music tracks for online streaming for free.

Final Words

When talking about free Android apps and their usefulness, it is a tricky thing to rate them over one another. The apps mentioned above are not the ONLY best apps because there are numerous others that might have similar features but these ones are absolutely free to use and this is the main reason to have been discussed here in this post.

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