Every year, new mobile phones are put on the market claiming to be better than anything that has been previously sold. With new features like more data storage, more powerful cameras, and larger displays, it can be difficult to decide which mobile you should buy. To help you, here are five of the best mobile phones for 2016 currently on the market.

Best mobile phones for 2016

Best mobile phones 2016

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is considered a worthy replacement for the Samsung Note 5 in 2016 because of its innovative features, including a fingerprint scanner. The Edge + has a large 5.7” screen that is .6” larger than 2015’s model. It also has a five-megapixel front camera, combined with a 16-megapixel back camera, which can snap a shot in only 0.7 seconds, and it is considered to be the most powerful mobile camera on the market.

4. OnePlus 2

Not many people have heard of the OnePlus 2 because its manufacturer isn’t as well-known as Samsung or Apple. However, it is a mobile with great features at a reasonable price. Some of the features it offers include the OxygenOS with an Android interface, a long battery life and you can purchase a 16GB or 64GB model. This is considered one of the best mid-range mobiles on the market, beating out competitors such as Huawei for the honour.

3. Nexus 6P

This is the first venture into the Nexus programme for Huawei, and its debut has been received with very positive reviews. The Nexus 6P offers a nice sized screen at 5.5” with good colour detail. It offers a very fast fingerprint scanner on the back of the mobile and its operating system, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is debuting as well. It also offers a great camera that allows you to take quick shots.

2. Apple iPhone 6S

This version of the iPhone offers better, faster features than its predecessors, including a pressure sensitivity feature called 3D Touch. It allows you to quickly navigate through your iPhone to move between features, open apps, and display them on-screen. Its camera features are fast, and it allows for 4K video capture and adding action stills to your photo gallery. The main drawback for many people will be the price of this mobile.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

These 2015 Samsung models are considered some of the best mobile phones on the market in terms of performance. Many of their features rival and surpass those of the iPhone, including their 16-megapixel camera, their sizeable 5.1” screens and the incredibly fast fingerprint scanner.

If you are looking for a mobile for the New Year, you should consider one of these top choices.

Protecting Your Phone

To protect the investment that you have in your mobile, you should consider taking out a mobile phone insurance policy. The insurance can protect you against accidental damage, water or other liquid damage to your mobile, it can extend the warranty on most mobiles and you may also be protected in case your mobile is stolen or lost.