The Common Features of Standard USB Type C Cables

Technology has made everything possible in the world today. It has added the element of convenience to our lives. With the globalization and introduction of technology in our daily life, we can communicate with people even if we are miles apart. Today we can watch movies on our mobile devices, unlike older times. Technology has given us ease and comfort.


USB cable types – USB Type C Vs A & B

While using our electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, we connect various cables to these devices. There are different types of cables available in the market. The majorly used cable is the USB type C. You might be wondering as to what is cable USB type C. It came as an advancement in the form of cables. The USB A and USB B were replaced by the coming of this type of USB cable, which had a big port as compared to USB B cables. The main advantage of this kind of cables is that it can be plugged into both hosts and devices both. The primary point of difference between this USB cable and other cables is that it has got an asymmetrical and round appearance. Further, it is a 24 pin USB connector. The 24 pin cable is slightly larger in the design having 8.4 by 2.6-millimeter port measuring.

However, it has got four power pairs, also known as ground pairs. The four pairs have got the super speed, and the other four sets have got super speed. If you want to connect a device that is old, then you have to connect the cable adapter on one end and the device on the other end. This way, you can easily replicate the cable type. This type of cable is popularly used in the market these days.

Powerhouse cables

These types of cables are known as the full package or powerhouse cables. The reason behind this is that they comprise a chip. This chip is used for the ID detection. The ID system works when the configuration of the vendor-defined messages and configuration channels take place. The method of ID detection that is used in the cable helps in identifying the vendor information, product details, giving out the USB signaling protocols, and establishing cable connectors.

Generally, these cables are available in lengths of 1 meter and 2 meters. These cables, when are used popularly, do not have the element of side pins, wires, and super speed cables. That is why the length of this cable does not come as handy. So, 4 meters of a USB cable is always preferred. The power wattage of the cables goes up to 5 A current but often cables with 3 A is used in this case. When you try to figure out this cable, you will get to know that the chip inbuilt in these type of cables, act as the cable detectors.


In a nutshell, these types of cables are the best cables that are doing the rounds in the market. Due to its various features, it is being appropriately used by the users and is fulfilling all their technological demands. Mentioned above are some of the best features of the cable, although they offer a lot more specifications than defined here.

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