In an old fashion press conference, social networking giant Facebook has again shared a little about its new application with media professionals. As per the reports, this social network giant has created a special mobile application to cater public figures alike Twitter. Reportedly, this app will work on increasing the popularity of website among celebrities.

Facebook Social Networking Giant

Technically, this app is going to become a comfortable means of mass communication for public figures. For example, if a certain celebrity is passing a status message then the celebrity will be able to talk with all of their fans & followers via his or her mobile application. In this way, it seems like an amazing application, as it will help Facebook in catering the most untouched customer circle of its potential market. However, the unconventional rival of Facebook called Twitter is catering this customer circle since long.

Facebook Social Networking Giant

What’s Cooking Mr. Zuckerberg?

Well, it is hard to decipher that what is cooking in the creative mind of Mr. Zuckerberg. He enjoys the celebrity status for his strange behavior, Facebook’s success, and weird dressing sense of this social networking giant. However, this time this software genius has earned a sudden fame for its new and unique invention. From a category point of view, it is just a simple software application but when Zuckerberg does something then that turns out only stunning. Thus, the cyber world is anticipating for something big this time.

What is VIP App?

Facebook Social Networking Giant

In an interview, Facebook Spokesperson has answered that the company is engaged in testing of some mobile application to step its foot in public networking domain. In this statement, the spokesperson referred one word “Public Domain”. Now, this word simply implies that Facebook is trying to take a sneaky entry in the well-nourished domain of Twitter. In simple words, Facebook is trying to reclaim its status of biggest social networking site in the world. Since Twitter is ruling on this front. Thus, it was necessary for Facebook to mark its presence in the exclusive club of celebrities. However, it has allowed the features of celebrity page but celebs were not using Facebook directly. Thus, Mr. Zuckerberg is creating an exclusive mobile application app for public figures for monitoring the chatter of their fans and take part in case of necessity. Up to certain extents, the statements from company officials are depicting this application as a Facebook’s mobile version of Twitter.

Will It Go On iPhone?

Well, this is still a subject, a speculation that this application, created by Facebook will take place in iOS or not. Reportedly, the previous application called “Home” was not on iOS. As per the Mark Zuckerberg, “Apple is a very controlled environment and the way you work on these platforms is quite different”. This answer sufficed all the big bombardment of questions from journalists, available in the opening ceremony of Facebook “home” app. Therefore, it is tough to say that Facebook’s VIP will turn into iPhone Apps or not.

How Will It Affect Twitter?

It is really a big question to answer that how Twitter is going to face the impact of this application as someone is taking sneaky entry into its domain. As per the report of eMarketer, it has been proved that the social networking giant is working seriously to make the most from its mobile division, as traditional devices are giving good indications. From a financial point of view, Twitter has earned a land sliding victory over Facebook by earning $129.7 million in comparison to Facebook’s $72.7 million. At present, 60% of FB’s ad revenue comes from leading marketplace ads that do not show in mobile devices. Thus, it causes a direct loss in the overall earnings of this social networking giant. The trend of celebrity led social networking conversations has earned a value in last few years. Therefore, it was an inevitable requirement for this social networking giant to plunge into the ocean of celebrity networking. And. Facebook is eventually going in combat with Twitter by launching this app.

So, what is out in air is just speculations because Facebook has not said something about this application clearly. Therefore, this is the time to wait for the eventual launching ceremony of Facebook’s VIP Apps.